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National Cyber Security employee suspended after ‘revealing’ that “ISIS is a Zionist plot”

It’s the same old story. What a world we live in – discover the truth; you lose your job. Just the other day I read an article where the great Roger Waters of Pink Floyd & BDS fame lamentably declared ‘artists in America are scared shitless of saying the truth about Israel because they know it will destroy their careers.

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How in the blazes can Erdogan win with a majority? This is exactly the same scenario as Cameron earlier this year. ELECTIONS ARE BEING RIGGED & IT’S ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF ONE NATION – ISRAEL!

In June this year Erdogan lost his majority. It was his biggest setback in 13 years. The fact this man has been in power all this time has long since had me thinking something doesn’t add up. So let’s examine a few details –   1) Turkey is an Islamic nation. 2) Yet for some reason it’s government sided with

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Putin Is Morally & Intellectually Destroying the New World Order.

“Yes, I’m in the process of bringing NWO agents down to their lowest point. I’ve already exposed them for what they are really are: liars, thugs, gangsters, and blood suckers. They can’t refute that at all, therefore they are calling me names. If they continue to violate the moral law and order, then they won’t be too upset if I

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Russians to the Israelis: Back Off or Face War! Putin to NWO Agents: “You Can Go to Hell”

In a way the US & UK are shooting themselves in the foot by criticising Russia at every turn. Of course there will always be idiots who believe the media but the fact is Zionists have been pushed into a hole so that they really have no option but to get their puppets to show out like never before –

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Putin calls America’s Bluff over ISIS and the US government is caught in its own big lies by Preston James.

This is a fantastic article from Veterans Today. The band of mercenaries the media christened ISIS & our so-called elected representatives who had us believe this Islamic terrorist group was so terrible our fundamental rights had to be stripped away in order to protect us – well Obama & Cameron – you’re being found out fast. How does it feel?

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Former Cuba Leader Fidel Castro Says ‘Israel and US Fathered Isis’.

http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/former-cuba-leader-fidel-castro-says-israel-us-fathered-isis-1463843   I still have to pinch myself. I can understand why they got away with 9/11; how they managed to switch the attention to Iraq; even how they took Libya – the No.1 country in Africa & just reduced it to rubble. I can understand how they did all this but what I simply cannot get over is how

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