Frank De Martini: the 9/11 video every American should have seen.

WHAT KIND OF INVESTIGATION INTO 9/11 DOES NOT INCLUDE THIS VIDEO? ANSWER – ONE THAT’S NOT WORTH A BAR OF SOAP! This interview alone is virtually proof that not only was 9/11 an inside job but it clearly shows the complicity of the Zionist controlled media. Yet some idiot yesterday in an article referred to me as a conspiracy theorist. This is just a derogatory term that means nothing & only those who are thick or complicit use it. He also said my claims were “wild, unsubstantiated stuff.” His name is not worth mentioning. You decide for yourself. For starters: have you ever heard the name Frank De Martini or for that matter, Minoru Yamaski? 



To not once show this video is simply incomprehensible. Here is the Construction & Project manager of the Twin Towers, Frank De Martini who states categorically that the architect Minoru Yamaski built each Tower so that it would be able to absorb the impact of not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 simultaneous hits from Boeing 707’s, at the time the largest airliner in the world. The 707 was bigger than both the planes that hit the Towers. De Martini explains exactly why this was the case. The caption below shows exactly how the Tower was built.




What is so sad is Frank De Martini gave his life trying to save others. This brave man stayed in the North Tower having already seen the South Tower collapse. What a sad indictment of the Zionist controlled media to never mention these two men. And I don’t want to hear from any idiot saying ‘oh they were mentioned alright.’ They bloody well weren’t because the last thing the true perpetrators wanted to hear was what Minoru Yamasaki or any architect worth his salt would have had to say. Why do you think no one in the media ever asked how the hell could Yamasaki’s buildings collapse like a pack of cards due to plane fuel? Conspiracy theory my arse!


  • Nicky Nelson

    Excellent information!

  • Triuwida

    I like recommending the videos of Jonathan Cole, PE. He’s conducted numerous experiments that demonstrate how certain aspects of the building collapses of 9/11 just aren’t consistent with known/generally accepted scientific principles.

    And he does in language that’s easy to understand. Here’s two classics, in the beginning of the second video you see that stout structural steel framing being assembled:

  • brad

    Conspiracy Theorist? These fools without critical thinking skills think there are and have been no conspiracies, but in 1949 GM (actually a wholly owned subsidiary) was convicted of “a conspiracy to destroy the mass transit system of the United States of America”.

    General Smedley Darlington Butter, USMC ret – and the most decorated marine to that time figured out after he retired and had time to think – that the US Marines were used for over 30 years, to invade Central American countries, kill or depose their justly elected rulers and replace them with dictators who turned the citizens into peons, and made the United Fruit Company (Rockefeller financed) richer than sin.

    Then he testified in front of congress in the 30s about a consortium of businesses approaching him to raise 5,000 vets and take over the function of the federal govt.

    But these weren’t CONSPIRACIES – no. Nothing here. Move along.

    • This term Conspiracy theorist is merely another Zionist trick. More often than not it’s used by the media or those who are totally ignorant of the true facts. It’s as meaningless as being accused of anti-Semitism. These ‘terms’ are created by the media to hide Zionist controlled skulduggery for they’re used to deflect away wholly justifiable criticism so that there can never be any proper discussion or debate on highly contentious issues.
      Needless to say WWI should have ended in 1916. The Rothschilds managed to scupper a deal between the Germans & the British by promising the side they’d lent money to, the Allies, that their newspapers & political influence in America would see to it that America entered the war. Considering in excess of 90% of Americans were opposed to this & most of them were on the side of Germany, this gives you some idea of the power of the media. Cut a long story short – 320,000 US troops were killed or seriously wounded in WWI, all thanks to one Zionist family – the Rothschilds. Not only would the Rothschilds get Germany to foot the reparations bill, England had promised Palestine to the Zionists. So not only are American troops fighting for wars where they have no interest whatsoever, THEY’VE BEEN DOING IT FOR 100 YEARS!
      Both world wars were fought because the Rothschilds wanted to create Israel! What you say Brad is 100% correct. The Rockefeller’s are merely the American arm of the Rothschilds; the Oppenheimer’s & De Beers the African arm. This is how this one family has amassed almost half of the worlds wealth, anywhere between $300-500 TRILLION! In the process they have caused untold pain & suffering. None of this could have occurred had the media been free to report the truth. As Gilad Atzmon once said “JEWISH POWER IS THE ABILITY TO SILENCE DISCUSSION ON JEWISH POWER!”

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