Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates by Anthony Lawson.

They just said in a report on RT that opposition media is being attacked by the treacherous Turkish government. Apparently the government doesn’t like criticism. WELL WHAT A SHAME! It’s not our fault the vast majority of them like to hold their hand out & are completely & utterly useless to boot! I mean how are we supposed to complain if we have a shit government?


In the case of Turkey, a Muslim country that’s in bed with Israel, doing all it can to destroy their Muslim brothers in Syria so that Israel can install yet another puppet there. Of course they don’t want anyone to say what a traitor Erdogan is & most importantly, if ever it became common knowledge that the vast majority of the Turkish people are seriously opposed to Erdogan’s pro Israeli stance. We can’t have that! That can never be mentioned!


Anti-govt - terrorist


But what made me laugh was the RT presenter saying Turkey is regarded as the worst European country when it comes to freedom of press. The worst? I thought where do these guys get their facts from. AT LEAST THEY’VE GOT AN OPPOSITION PRESS BECAUSE OVER HERE IN THE UK THERE’S NO OPPOSITION MEDIA! Think I’m wrong?


Can you imagine having a Prime Minister whose allegiance is to the very wealthiest people & Israel? Or a leader who for no good reason makes an enemy out of Russia; one that goes out his way to help Paedophiles & war criminals? One that breaks parliamentary rules any he time he likes & not one newspaper, not one, TV or radio station says a bad word about this piece of shit who likes sticking his credentials into the mouths of dead animals? WELL, WE’VE GOT EXACTLY THAT HERE!


Thankfully there are some journalists who say the whole truth & nothing but.  ANTHONY LAWSON is one of them. The first time I heard him I thought I was listening to JOHN PILGER, my all-time favorite journalist. Anyway ever since I’ve been a huge Anthony Lawson fan. His videos are short, sweet & in your face, just how I like it & this one is no exception. 



1) Julia Gillard – Zionist puppet traitor – bought & paid for & totally full of shit! 

2) Josh Frydenberg – Zionist puppet traitor – all I can say about this disgusting lump of lard is if a bus run him over, fate would have dealt mankind a shot in the arm! 

3) Jon Faine – Zionist puppet traitor – doesn’t deserve such a fortunate quick ending. He deserves to be waterboarded for 40 years! 


Lobbying is bribery


  • Anthony Lawson died on 8 January this year.

    A tribute from his son

  • sad american

    Everything comes NOT back to “It’s the Economy, Stupid”, but should come back to “It’s the Jews, Stupid”. Over and over again, the U.S./Australia/U.K and other white nations have the evidence in plain view and yet thru the Jewish controlled media, we are being told white is black and black is white. How many lies must we swallow before the people rise up en masse?

  • John McDonagh

    Sad American, valid point. However,:the people shall NEVER “rise up, en masse”.
    Not in the way that we both desire. I would suggest that we try to “educate” or inform others as to what’s actually happening. Good luck, my friend.

  • Linda

    I never knew their was a friends of Israel in Western Australia, but it doesn’t surprise me they run the whole country here. Like Monsanto, they still advertise roundup on the TV and it’s available everywhere, our Wheatbelt contains GMOs and no one makes a peep. I asked in Coles supermarket where all the organic fruit and veg section had gone and they told me everything had GMOs in it. You should see the grapes they import from California. They are the weirdest seedless grapes I have ever seen. This country has been taken over by the 145,000 Jews that are here.

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