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How in the blazes can Erdogan win with a majority? This is exactly the same scenario as Cameron earlier this year. ELECTIONS ARE BEING RIGGED & IT’S ALL FOR THE BENEFIT OF ONE NATION – ISRAEL!

In June this year Erdogan lost his majority. It was his biggest setback in 13 years. The fact this man has been in power all this time has long since had me thinking something doesn’t add up. So let’s examine a few details –   1) Turkey is an Islamic nation. 2) Yet for some reason it’s government sided with

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Friends of Israel — Enemies Inside the Gates by Anthony Lawson.

They just said in a report on RT that opposition media is being attacked by the treacherous Turkish government. Apparently the government doesn’t like criticism. WELL WHAT A SHAME! It’s not our fault the vast majority of them like to hold their hand out & are completely & utterly useless to boot! I mean how are we supposed to complain

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