George Michael’s anti-war, anti-Bush/Blair song ‘SHOOT THE DOG’

Thanks to Sharon Lacey for sending this more appropriate longer version (13.43) of George Michael’s BBC interview in 2003 which features his anti-war, anti-Bush/Blair song ‘SHOOT THE DOG’. A lot of people asked me about this song which I didn’t even know existed. On Dec 30 I posted a short segment from this clip ‘When George Michael received no publicity.’ After watching this I thought I had no option but to renege on my pledge not to post any more about GM. To be honest I’m glad because I realise now just how terribly this great man was treated.




What sickens me no end is Tim Sebastian’s attitude. He’s supposed to be a journalist & I used to think he was one of the best but for crying out loud, aren’t they supposed to be impartial? What we see typifies just how low the BBC & mainstream media has sunk. Sebastian goes out of his way for the war-mongers & in the process gives a peace activist a seriously hard time. Now why would he do this? There can only be one explanation – the media’s controlled by war-mongers & Sebastian knows he’d be fired if he did not do as he’s told.


Just to give you some idea how Zionists love to have their cake & eat it, incredibly Sebastian himself was lambasted recently for daring to ask the Israeli Education Minister perfectly reasonable questions. Glenn Beck had the gall to describe this “the most hostile interview I’ve ever seen.” For that I say, what a despicable, low-life, arse-crawling piece of shit you are Beck!





  • Ron Wright

    Makes me wonder why it takes his death for us to become aware of this side of his life. Wonder if this has anything to do with his death?

    • I’m now beginning to think they may have killed him. I’m not sure but it is amazing how they destroyed this good man’s character Ron.

      • Terry Davies

        was George Michael killed because songs he composed were deemed to realise greater profits when he was dead. he could no longer devalue the songs by comments etc Delvering a political message would also have been a real fear of the establishment. Ironically the political message will now be delivered in the songs which received no publicity when he was alive.

        • This I have no idea Terry. How does one second guess what murderers think? All I know is the media went out of their way to make his life a misery while giving zero publicity to the fact he was pro-Palestinian, anti-war & a very generous man to boot – 3 qualities, any one of which are admirable.

  • Claudia

    Glenn Beck and Noah Gallager are controlled shit puppets. I despise them.

    • Too right Claudia. I believe they are far worse than Nazi soldiers in the concentration camps. These people lie for war-mongers. Their actions have led to the death of millions but they have a choice. Nazi soldiers were never afforded that luxury.

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