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George Michael’s anti-war, anti-Bush/Blair song ‘SHOOT THE DOG’

Thanks to Sharon Lacey for sending this more appropriate longer version (13.43) of George Michael’s BBC interview in 2003 which features his anti-war, anti-Bush/Blair song ‘SHOOT THE DOG’. A lot of people asked me about this song which I didn’t even know existed. On Dec 30 I posted a short segment from this clip ‘When George Michael received no publicity.’ After

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When George Michael received no publicity

I know I’m perhaps laboring the point but as I said in my initial post regarding George Michael’s untimely death, I’m the inquisitive type yet I still feel somewhat bemused I never heard him talk about the plight of the Palestinians. Considering everyone I’ve ever known was aware of my feelings toward the Israeli/Palestinian problem & therefore, had they known

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