German police storm home of elderly woman who debated holocaust

Ursula Haverbeck has done nothing wrong. She has every right to express an opinion. The German authorities have no right to arrest her. As for those responsible for giving the order to arrest this woman – traitors plain & simple! They’re the ones who should be arrested for they have sold their country down the river to a bunch of liars. No one ever arrests Zionists when they say Israel should nuke Iran! WHAT’S WORSE? This lady’s opinion or Moshe Ya’alon’s desire to commit indiscriminate mass-murder by nuking Iran? No one tells Zionists to shut their traps when they say Palestinians are worse than animals! What I see is a very smart, brave lady. She’s as sharp as a razor. I’d believe her before Netanyahu or any Zionist in a heartbeat!

This is an outrage & every decent person should be up in arms & there’s good reason to be. Apart from showing our appreciation & support to Ursula Haverbeck, we simply have to make a stand because THE ZIONISTS WILL NOT STOP! They will continue to push the boat out, however unreasonable, to keep demanding more until we’ve given up our basic, fundamental rights to such an extent, they’ll be able to eliminate whoever they want. To become despotic lords of the planet where they & only they decide what’s right is precisely what they want. They will not blink if it comes to murdering a billion or more people. This is what I believe. What they’re doing to the Palestinians, they WILL do to all of us. All we have to do is give them enough rope to hang us. This is their ultimate goal.

Haven’t we suffered enough at the hands of these lunatic liars? This bullshit regarding the Holocaust has long since past being a joke. 70 years now & still going strong, incurring sympathy for the most barbaric regime & to the most deluded people on the planet! Don’t people realise there’s a massive price to pay for such stupidity? Any serious investigation into the Holocaust almost immediately shows we were told a pack of lies. Why should we believe scum like Netanyahu? He said Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction. He literally pushed America & the UK into this illegal war & he has the gall to tell the same lies about Iran. The Zionist controlled media simply specialises in telling lies. WHY SHOULD ANYONE BELIEVE ANYTHING ZIONISTS SAY? THEY ARE PATHOLOGICAL LIARS!

They might as well come & arrest me too because I believe the revised OFFICIAL figures of the ‘Holocaust’ – under 2 million died in the camps & many of them were Poles, Czechs, Gypsies etc. That’s OFFICIAL…… 6 million Jews DID NOT DIE IN THE HOLOCAUST! THAT’S OFFICIAL……. yet never have Zionists been made to answer for this. Never have they apologised to those jailed when they questioned the official narrative of the Holocaust. Now it should be abundantly clear, the likes of David Irving HAD EVERY RIGHT TO QUESTION THE HOLOCAUST.  Ultimately, anyone with any brains should know – if what we were told by Zionists was entirely true, what do they have to fear? Anyone trying to disprove facts will come up against a brick wall. They’ll end up making themselves look idiotic.

This is the crux of the problem. Anyone conducting any meaningful research soon discovers that everything this lady is saying is 100% correct. Yet we’re not talking about any Tom, Dick or Harry. We’re talking about respected historians who’ve willingly incurred the wrath of the insufferable Zionist lobbies simply because their quest to reveal the truth over-rides everything. The Zionists know if people en masse realise they’ve told everyone a pack of lies, their whole shocking edifice will come tumbling down to the extent Zionism will be looked upon as nothing less than a most virulent carcinogenic strain on mankind itself! Support this lady.

Zionism - the bane of mankind!

Zionism – the bane of mankind!

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