Getting Real News From Aleppo – Ron Paul Liberty Report featuring Vanessa Beeley

Wow. Ron Paul interviewing one of my favorites. Vanessa Beeley is just sensational. With the Zionists more desperate than ever to censor those who speak the truth, we need the best people out there. I’m so pleased Vanessa is getting some decent airplay. Not only is this lady brave as hell going to war-torn regions, getting right in the thick of it, when it comes to talking about her experiences on RT & on shows like this, she somehow manages to go through the card, almost effortlessly making every point she wants to make.


Yet it never looks like she’s trying to steal the show. She may do so but every presenter I’ve seen so far has been more than content to let her take the reins. What’s more, I feel she, like Mark Dankof, excels in delivery & tone, a quality I so wish I possessed. This is crucial when it comes to converting waverers & getting the not so clued up to think. No surprise either she was invited to meet President Assad.


If I had to pick the one topic where mainstream media has lied to the absolute max, Syria wins hands down! What’s so striking here is the truth is the exact opposite of what the media’s been telling us. All this bullshit about Assad killing his own people when he has no reason to & when the people themselves are desperate to escape to government held regions. All this tripe about the Russians & the White Helmet mercenary thugs. The media are being shown up for the liars they are & the good news is people aren’t holding back any more. Thanks to Dan John for sending me this video (27.30). This is what people need to see……



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