GMMuk – 9/11 pt 2: WHO REALLY DID IT!

Here’s my video 9/11: Who Really Did It! I’m sorry it’s 28 minutes. I tried to cut it down as much as I could but as per usual, I went off in a tangent or two!




9/11 was a false flag event. That much is obvious. It involved the full cooperation of the Bush administration & the entire corporate media but the chief architects were Zionists & it was all done for the benefit of Israel. This I feel is the key to our problems. It is also my firm belief such evil has to be exposed no matter what the cost, for only when the world realises the truth can the current, dire predicament that mankind finds itself in, be slowly but surely turned around.



9/11 was for the purpose of creating Greater Israel. By blaming the Arab/Muslim world for this heinous act, the war on terror could be manufactured out of thin air. It is no surprise therefore, since 9/11, Arabs & Muslims have paid an enormous price & to this day continue to suffer horribly. Furthermore, European nations have as a result had to somehow cope with an influx of millions of refugees. This in turn is causing further strife. Divide & conquer is working an absolute treat. Needless to say – only one country has gained from all this mayhem – ISRAEL!


The real terrorists!


Here are the bullet points –


1) Going on about Dr Judy Wood
2) How Bin Laden & Muslims were fingered for 9/11
3) Bin Laden’s denial on Al-Jazeera
4) The lies of Jerome Hauer, Ehud Barak, Bill Kristol, Paul Bremmer
5) PNAC, Pearl Harbor & Japanese oil embargo
6) Oded Yinon – the plan for Greater Israel
7) Wesley Clark’s admission to take out 7 Arab/Muslim nations
8) Israel’s constant land theft
9) The Dancing Israelis there to document 9/11
10) Dov Zakheim & the missing $2.3 trillion



The real terrorist


Loss of land!


The real terrorist!


The real terrorists! (2)



  • Michael; Outstanding! Unlike your past printed words and occasional films; in the last two films “the Eye ‘sees’ the print but the Ear ‘feels’ the emotions”. Hearing you was what kept my ear tuned to every word even though seeing you speak (and move, and express yourself) added emotion, and kept my attention to the very end.

    I was age 9 in 1941, and I had 3 older bros. in that Pearl Harbor war you mentioned that struck a nerve. It wasn’t until I wrote my second book in 2009 – How The English Language Controls The World – that I composed the following line “U. S. A miracAlaskaJapanese”. We were a miracle for the Japanese and I explained that they were forced to attack us. So, a lot of what you are saying in this film I “hinted at”; MAINLY BECAUSE: If you recall, you were forced off FaceBook because you were being truthful and outspoken. Now you can tell it like is. I sent this to all my friends and insisted they log you in. Thanks for asking your followers to read my book. Peace

    • Thanks so much Jack. Receiving praise is naturally always pleasurable but receiving it from you more than puts the icing on the cake. In many ways I regard it a success being censored because I know the only thing Zionists deplore is the truth. There is no question they are the real terrorists & the problem for them is only one thing stands up to scrutiny & that is the truth! Thanks again old buddy.

  • Sue johnson

    Also, see the excellent documentary by Barbara Honegger “Behind the Smokescreen of 9/11” and the excellent work of Michael Collins Piper, sadly they killed him last year

  • kinky

    Thanks Michael,
    The two parts make a comprehensive article. I liked the parallels drawn between the alleged hijackers and actual perpetrators.

  • Dane Heald

    It never really occurred to me, or many others for that matter , Why ,over the years the words of Hitlers notorious speeches were very rarely translated to English . Whilst all the time being broadcast to propagandise us against him. So we ,the populace never got to interprate his passion and anger into our language .
    Im sure if we and the Americans were to listen and understand fully nowadays . we would get it . what he was in fact ,warning us against. .
    We now have zionist Israeli based control over social media and 90% of our mainstream media . (Inc and mainly our BBC news broadcasters ). We Now have world war 3 as a result of Khazarian Jewish zionist Banker families desire to dominate the entire planet .
    When the jews declared war on christian Germany in would we know that they would go on in europe and Russia to genocide 66million christians ,yet give the christians a lasting lament of the false 6 million of their losses?
    What a story we were told . and for almost 70yrs believed it. When the judaics declared war on Christian Germany and had christian armies fighting other christian armies ..where were the jewish armies of fighting men? where were their regiments and battalions being decimated ?
    What a clever game played upon us. 66 million Russians and European christians dead at their behest. And now… they rule the corporate and political world .AND NOW get the christians to fight the Muslims for them ..
    What a clever game .. WHAT A VERY CLEVER, HORRENDOUS, GAME….!!!!

    • Dane Heald

      * Judea declared war on germany 1933 ( typo error sorry)

    • Yes indeed Dane. It is truly amazing how they’ve managed to hoodwink so many people into believing they, the true aggressor, is the victim. This is the power of the media. Malcolm X hit the nail on the head when he said ‘the media is the most powerful entity on earth.’ Years ago I wrote an article about the Zionists Rothschilds & their plan to take over the world & in it I stated you’ve got to hand it to them how in just 250 years they have achieved so much. It is truly incredible being so evil yet forever managing to channel their skulduggery so effectively.

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  • The Truth Teller

    Great work whoever the writer is . If we continue spreading the truth of Jewish Extremism and their plan of ruling the world through acquiring oil rich part of Middle East we shall win and truth will reveal at last infront if the world!
    The greater threat to Jews is union of Muslim and Christian and if they continue following the true teaching of their religion that’s why they are introducing different sorts of inhuman habits in our culture like blue print, homosexuality, feminism, etc The whole media and international diplomacy is no more than judaic puppet!

    • My name’s Michael Aydinian & thank you. I think the word is being spread & paradoxically this is why I feel we are rushing to WW III. The Zionists do unfortunately possess control of everything that matters.

    • Is it ever possible for muslims/christians to somehow assimilate ?!
      That seems very doubtful,at least at the present time – the jews/zionists have yet again fooled the goyim into doing their bidding for them,by invading/bombing/destabilising the Middle East/North Africa.
      By so doing the christian West has effectively shot themselves in the foot – at the bidding of the zionists !
      So once again the goyim have been fooled,and the christians are now paying the price throughout Europe,with murders,suicide attacks,car rammings,rape,home invasions etc.
      There is a distinct message of hate towards christians,which is being introduced into Europe,by those migrants who hate us – it is directed at us Westerners,who these migrant muslims have perceived as having destroyed their lives – their way of thought is-“you destroyed our lives & now we’re going to destroy yours!”
      I have even seen a video of a muslim imam,who exhorted his followers to migration to Europe and the attack/plunder/murder of it’s citizens !
      With that in mind,how can there possibly be reconciliation between muslims & christians,bearing in mind that the West have been on the back of the muslims now for centuries ?!
      If these Western led attacks & destabilisation had never taken place,things might have been a lot different nowadays !

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