GMMuk – Countdown to WW III – Drone Assange

There is one upside to WW III – journalists, reporters & news presenters who’ve consistently lied through their back teeth at the behest of the Zionist bankster war-mongers, will perish in a nuclear war. Traitors deserve no less. Same can be said for all the Zionist censor-mongers on FB. You’ve been instrumental in seeing to it that this crazy woman gets in. Think she’s going to find you a space in the underground bunkers? Dream on liars! By selling yourselves, you idiots have effectively signed you’re own death warrants. I’ll be thinking of you lot & the look on your faces when Hillary starts WW III.


Just listening to the blatant lies of Teresa May today regarding Syria was enough to make me heave. Quite how this repulsive woman has the gall to say Assad is bombing his own civilians when she knows it’s complete bullshit! Boy has she learned from Cameron – how to tell an absolute whopper & keep a straight face! The Syrian people are totally behind Assad. It’s the Western backed terrorists causing all the mayhem. The UK is violating the sovereignty of a country just because Israel wants regime change so that they can install a puppet ruler. This is the truth. Teresa May is as big a liar as Hillary Clinton.


And what of a man who but yearns to tell the truth? Bad enough Julian Assange has been under virtual house arrest for years. Now he gets to learn that Hillary wants to send a drone into the center of London in order to kill him. Forget about the scores of innocent folk that could well die as a result yet all this is because Assange just wants to tell the truth about this evil bitch!


Hillary Clinton considered drone attack on Julian Assange – report


Truther - Mega Liar



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