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GMMuk – Countdown to WW III – Part iii – UK Lambs to the slaughter

I’m close to blowing a gasket because I know WW III is on the cards & as each day passes, we’re moving inexorably closer to it & IT’S ALL BASED ON LIES! Ages ago I said Zionists want to push America & Europe into a war against Russia for this is the only way they can eventually establish the one

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GMMuk – Countdown to WW III Part ii

Sorry for the delay folks. I now appreciate how important editing is. I’m learning & improving all the time. Some bullet points for my latest clip (14 mins) – BULLET POINTS: 1) TRUMP/HILLARY Though they are both bad, they are worlds apart 2) The media makes up any old bullshit regarding Trump but neglects to say anything regarding Hillary’s blatant shenanigans

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GMMuk – Countdown to WW III – Drone Assange

There is one upside to WW III – journalists, reporters & news presenters who’ve consistently lied through their back teeth at the behest of the Zionist bankster war-mongers, will perish in a nuclear war. Traitors deserve no less. Same can be said for all the Zionist censor-mongers on FB. You’ve been instrumental in seeing to it that this crazy woman

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