GMMuk – Countdown to WW III – Part iii – UK Lambs to the slaughter

I’m close to blowing a gasket because I know WW III is on the cards & as each day passes, we’re moving inexorably closer to it & IT’S ALL BASED ON LIES! Ages ago I said Zionists want to push America & Europe into a war against Russia for this is the only way they can eventually establish the one world government they crave. This is precisely what is occurring. Here’s my take (13 mins) on how the UK is being led into a confrontation that can only result in our annihilation.
Yet even though the UK public opposed direct military intervention in Syria & our MP’s voted accordingly, we now see our treacherous politicians saying we should have boots on the ground & our air-force should shoot down Russian planes. This effectively means we are heading for war with Russia! WHEN ARE PEOPLE GOING TO PUT 2 +2 TOGETHER, SO AS TO REALISE OUR POLITICIANS ARE BOUGHT & PAID FOR? Every single person in the UK should be up in arms about this.


Bullet points –
1) On the back of media lies, UK’s leaders are now pushing for confrontation with Russia!
2) Why are we tangling with Russia? Didn’t we say no to military intervention in Syria?


3) The way of the Zionist controlled media is not just to tell lies but to tell the biggest lie possible.
We had it with the 9/11 cover up; then we had the lies of Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith with Iraq’s imaginary WMD’s; then we had the baloney of bringing democracy to Libya followed by the bullshit of ISIS. We’ve had a plethora of Mossad false flags with the media dutifully riding shotgun. Now we’re being pounded with totally fabricated Zionist garbage over Russia. The liars are lying again! It’s the same old formula except this time we are lambs being led to the slaughter! Just one link of many regarding the lies about Russia –
British tabloids go into WWIII frenzy over reported pull-out of Russian officials’ relatives


Vlad the impaler


4) Cameron, May & Fallon should be taken, put up against the wall & shot!
5) The problem lies in the fact most of our MP’s have to swear allegiance to Israel.
6) We are backing ISIS. The Russians are fighting terrorism.
7) Trump on Fox telling the truth about the media & how the elections are rigged. (Check out the Trump interview)


Trump on Fox

(Check out this link regarding how Bernie Sanders was ripped off)
5 Million Uncounted Sanders Ballots Found On Clinton’s Email Server


5 Million Uncounted Sanders Ballots Found On Clinton’s Email Server

8) We need to overthrow our governments. We need to arrest every media baron.
9) We cannot allow a no-fly zone over Syria. No-fly zone over Syria means war with Russia.
10) BBC presenter Andrew Marr is one low-life lying piece of shit!
After watching the Andrew Marr show, even by the BBC’s appalling standards, this episode is as disgraceful as it can be. Bad enough we’ve got Marr & our traitor, war-mongering ‘defense’ secretary Fallon lying their arses off about Russia (44.15 mins), we also have to suffer the ignominy of Marr licking the arse of a man who should be in prison for child molestation – Kenneth Clarke.


A scumbag & a traitor


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