Gordon Bowden: Scams, Fraud & Money-laundering off the Richter Scale

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some truly wonderful people. We linked up in London, Westminster, at the GLOBAL GROUP UK INVESTOR SHOW. It was a gathering of businesses trying to attract investors. Now I don’t what percentage were genuine or not. However, after listening to the irrepressible Gordon Bowden it was abundantly clear, several of these so-called businesses were in fact bonafide scams, just like many of the charities that regularly advertise on TV. We were there to help Gordon & his pals throw a few spanners into the works by showing investors that they were being looked upon as proper saps! 

Now most of you know detail is not my strong-point. However, what was quite extraordinary was seeing the sheer level of data Gordon, Gareth Williams, John Paterson, Andy Devine & so many of these people I’d met for the first time, had at their fingertips. Mining companies that evidently struck pay dirt. ‘Come & invest with us please’…. yet all they really had was a massive hole in the ground! Companies with new drugs; new snack bars; new this; new that! ‘Here. Eat this shit to make you even more healthy!’ All of them saying one thing – ‘give us your wonga.’

What people need to realise is, it’s the same vermin & they want to suck every last tanner out of ordinary folk. So called charities paying their CEO millions while they beg their bollocks off, so little of the money donated ever reaching it’s rightful place. Look how FB, multi-billionaires, never stop asking people to cough up in order to increase their post reach. All I want to say to these bastards is ‘give it a rest with all your grovelling! If you’re so worried about my post reach, why the hell are you censoring the fuck out of me?’ All I know is if I had an aberration & was damn fool enough to fall for this crap, I’d feel the only way out is to do a Bungee jump without the rope!

Great shot Jo-anne….

It was a real shot in the arm knowing there’s a hell of a lot of people out there doing their utmost trying to expose skulduggery of the very highest order. It wasn’t long before my old pal Tim Iacono & I got stuck in with a smooth-talking blood-sucker who worked for the inappropriately named Highlands Natural Resources. Natural resources my arse! What we had in front of us was a Fracker. Well they nearly got the spelling right!

How these people have the front to stand up there & pump their pathetic schemes. That guy made me want to heave. I’m amazed folk believe they’re genuine. I suppose the will to make more money just over-rides all else. I mean, if one thinks about it, how can anyone want to invest their money in a company that specialises in Fracking? It’s already a miracle that the price of petroleum is kept artificially in the stratosphere. What don’t people understand about the undeniable fact THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A SHORTAGE OF OIL? The price therefore should be around $10 per barrel yet we all pay through the nose & every other orifice for bloody energy. They’re making untold billions & we’re the ones getting drilled! How people don’t realise the Fracking industry is a major scam is beyond me!

The truth is, the public is being well & truly fleeced from every conceivable angle & most people remain oblivious. Even investors who get creamed don’t realise they’re being taken for one almighty ride. Thanks everyone. You guys rock! Gordon Bowden, John Paterson, Tim Iacono, Andy Devine, Gareth Williams, Jo-anne Sollis, Peter Bromfeld, David Veitch, Mark Power, Zubia Cassiopeia, Sharon Chesterman, Mary Connors, Keith Salisbury, David Beaumont, Robert Williams, Hann Goodfellow, Audrey Arnot, Lilian Ritchie, Andrew Rowe.

Thanks to Gareth Williams for this: He posted this yesterday before I could finish my piece but all the information anyone needs is in the comments on this link….

‘So, after a very successful day of ruffling a few feathers at an investors conference we couldn’t resist a quick visit to 50 Broadway, London. This is the address that Ex Prime Minister Tony Blair moved his #Windrush Ventures Limited company from 788-790 Finchley Road, London to, and set up Firerush Ventures from, too.’



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