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Gordon Bowden: Scams, Fraud & Money-laundering off the Richter Scale

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting some truly wonderful people. We linked up in London, Westminster, at the GLOBAL GROUP UK INVESTOR SHOW. It was a gathering of businesses trying to attract investors. Now I don’t what percentage were genuine or not. However, after listening to the irrepressible Gordon Bowden it was abundantly clear, several of these so-called businesses

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Gordon Bowden on Bombs, ‘Boiler Rooms’ Paedophiles & David (porky) Cameron.

I could not post this yesterday as my website was down so I posted it on FB. However, since this involves the greatest criminals in history I decided to repost it. We’re talking about blatant tax fraud & money laundering on a scale scarcely imaginable & it goes all the way to the top. How can such criminality occur under

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