Have we gone mad? A woman who should be in jail for Committing Treason IS OUR HOME SECRETARY?

I mean this is the ticket. Short of making Al Capone the Pope, you could not have a more diabolical situation than this! Priti Patel committed Treason. She should have gone to jail! If it was you or me & of course, if any other country than Israel was involved, to this day we’d be eating porridge. The worst aspect of this debacle is a month or so ago I read an article which leaked the notion the hierarchy were concerned about the ever-increasing use of the word ‘TRAITOR!’ At the time, there was no way I could twig why there was more to this. Nevertheless, it did prompt me to say – ‘the one thing we must do is UTILISE THE WORD TRAITOR AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY!

When I first heard Patel was in line for this job I thought come on, this can’t be! At first I mused how Zionist Chutzpah is something off the Richter scale. Then I thought back to the ‘traitor’ piece & rapidly came to the conclusion this appointment was in the pipeline long ago. This is why they were worried about the use of the word traitor. It explains too why the Tories drag these ‘leadership contests’ out for it enables their Zionist controllers to secretly plan strategy so that they’re always two steps ahead of us. In the meantime, all this bollocks about anti-Semitism keeps our eye off the ball. It’s not simply to stifle wholly justifiable criticism of Israel but when something outrageous like this occurs, anyone voicing concern thinks twice.

However, for Jeremy Corbyn to be presented with such a golden opportunity to place the Tories on the back foot only to merely express his trepidation over the possibility of Patel ushering in the death sentence, (ironically a vote winner), tells me one thing – THE GREATEST CROOKS IN HISTORY ARE IN CHARGE. I’m convinced Corbyn has not only been threatened into adopting unpopular policies (ie the u-turn on Brexit which incidentally is the one policy which can win Boris votes) but also there are certain ‘issues’ JC has been barred from raising. I believe this is why he neglected to take the bull by the horns.

Paradoxically, some good has to come of this for what better way of demonstrating what I’ve been saying since 9/11 – WE ARE AN OCCUPIED TERRITORY! Our country is in the hands of people who will place Israel’s war-mongering ways & the NWO agenda interests before the people of this country. Yet, even though they can’t make it more obvious, I remain numb with shock because I just can’t get my head round this – A TRAITOR IS OUR HOME SECRETARY? This is what I wrote on Nov. 14 2017 word for word. Here’s the link for the original article.

While I’m glad Priti Patel lost her job, paradoxically I can’t help but feel the crux of the problem is the distinct likelihood…….. THIS IS ALL THAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!

I was wrong! You can actually be a spy & GET REWARDED LAVISHLY! Of course, the Zionist controlled media will make out nothing untoward has occurred. This is their Modus Operandi.

When high ranking officials secretly collude with a foreign nation, aren’t they looked upon as spies? In my eyes this woman is guilty of Treason, plain & simple. She should at the very least be facing a lengthy jail term. Here we have not just an MP but a cabinet minister committing this very crime yet she’s got away with a slap on the wrist! The Zionist controlled media have dutifully played down this treachery as if it was nothing. As a result, you can be sure, this outrage will soon be completely forgotten.

Of course it goes without saying the Israelis will escape admonishment. Time & again they’re caught red-handed breaking every law in the book & nothing ever happens. So, if you keep letting bank-robbers off Scot free, you can hardly expect them to stop robbing banks! What a crazy precedent the world has set – allowing this one country to by-pass laws which normally are rigidly enforced everywhere else. It’s a recipe for disaster. 

So no surprise the situation couldn’t be more grave. You see it’s not as if the problem is merely whether the Israelis will continue to bribe politicians from certain nations. The fact media control & their ungodly power & influence has rendered them above the law, it’s almost as if there’s a gravitational attraction for those who can live with selling their country down the Swanee – POLITICIANS ARE LITERALLY LINING UP TO GO CAP IN HAND TO THESE GARGANTUAN CROOKS! 

I’ve gone blue in the face saying it. Herein lies the problem. Sure, there are many other major issues like starvation, global warming etc. However, if we don’t sort this one out, then we’re living on borrowed time. Why aren’t we enforcing our laws on bribery & corruption? Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel should be banned, as should all special interest groups. Small wonder these vermin are now trying to initiate the unthinkable behind closed doors – pressuring our politicians to outlaw criticism of Israel & Zionists. People need to realise, these people will only stop when they’ve got it all!   

Mark Regev, as well as being the absolute scum of the earth, a few years ago I rated him ahead of Netanyahu & Blair as the greatest living liar! I stand by that! This man makes vermin riddled with carcinogenic tumors look like a delicacy. My only hope is people don’t let this go. If ever they wanted to show we have an Israeli government, that’s effectively unelected, governing us, well, they couldn’t have gone more out of their way. While nothing can happen to stop me voting for Jeremy Corbyn, I am utterly distraught he did not say how outraged he is of this appointment.

So what is this all about? I reckon this is very close to the mark – ‘Death of Free Speech: Criticizing Israel Will Land You in Prison.’

Israel-based meeting of Florida cabinet triggers scandal & suit –

In the original piece is an excellent article by Jonathan Cook. Read this for it confirms something the media will never say – the word is getting out regarding this wholly illegal practice of Zionist political coercion. People are speaking out. SO SHOULD YOU! 

Israel Lobby is Slowly Being Dragged Into the Light

Israel Lobby is Slowly Being Dragged Into the Light


  • Auntie Semite

    I’m convinced such satanic/zionist politicians and their ilk is a major reason God created Hellfire. For those jew, like epstein and net&yahoo that escape justice in this life, justice will come in the next in the form of eternity in Hellfire. #BDS


    $he is Boris’s $h….$h $hhabbos goy


    Will the virus of Zionism infecting the US government will be eliminated before the final war unfolds—a nuclear annihilation of all life on planet earth.

    The tentacles of the menace are buried deep and hooked into the centers of power and control. If the war on BDS demonstrates anything, it is that our “representatives” and the pro-Zionist marionette in the White House will react strenuously to any threat to the Zionist state, no matter how minor.

    A law passed in Florida and celebrated in Jerusalem makes it a crime to criticize Israel, denoting such as antisemitism. It also defines BDS in the most serious manner, akin to the manufactured threat of the Islamic State:

    Under the bill, the BDS movement is defined as a terrorist group no different than the KKK or ISIS, which has prompted some to question if criticism of the Jewish state could be mischaracterized as being anti-Semitic criticism of the Jewish people.

    According to one Democrat who voted for the bill, its passage is a “mitzvah,” that is to say a Hebrew moral deed as a commandment of faith.

    If this insanity continues, blogs like this one will no longer be allowed on the internet. All criticism of Israel and Zionism will be illegal, criminally punished as it now is in France and much of Europe, and the Constitution and the First Amendment will be once and for all a dead letter.

    • Yes indeed Ellie. They’re passing laws that criminals themselves would be proud of. However implementing them on a large scale is another story. It’s true to say they want to bring in such laws but I also believe they’ve been pushed into this through desperation. The next UK election I feel will be the key. How are they going to stop Corbyn. Every poll has him miles ahead. I just read a piece about UK mainstream media which stated categorically people are fed up with the incessant attacks on Corbyn.

  • Ted Duggan

    She really is a nasty piece of shit …Just like all the other Fascist Zionist Racist scumbags in The Tory party.

    Corrupt as hell ….for the past three months as a strategic adviser on a salary of £5,000 a month for five hours’ work – or £1,000 an hour.


  • Eileen Brophy

    This sort of thing has probably happened in the past too Michael and no one pointed out as you
    have done here. Tony Blair should have been put into prison ages ago, and just look at how he is
    living a free, wealthy, life.

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