Hilary Benn is the reason I cancelled my membership to the Labour party

What Jeremy Corbyn has had to put up with is totally unacceptable. The media has blatantly twisted every story so as to portray him in a bad light yet in reality no leadership contest, both for Labour & Tory has ever been so clear-cut. Corbyn’s victory was massive yet the media continue their assault. The problem is I don’t think nearly enough of us realise how wrong this is & what a major dis-service the media is inflicting upon the people of this country. 


Then there are the disgraceful jibes by Cameron. How dare a British Prime Minister stoop so low as to accuse the leader of the opposition & those who support his anti-war stance as being terrorist sympathisers. This is an absolute outrage but what’s worse is how come, all of a sudden, there’s no accountability on what Cameron does or says? There has been no move to admonish Cameron’s disgraceful slurs & the media seemingly are encouraging this shameful behavior.


Frankly how Corbyn has managed to maintain his composure & remained dignified is astonishing. I however felt from day 1 he should have steamed into Cameron. All the ammunition was there & with Pig-gate presenting an unexpected opportunity for JC to pile on the pressure, I believe it was a mistake not to. Others at the time argued it was right for Corbyn not to lower himself but with Cameron’s blatant lies being coupled with a level of vindictiveness rarely ever seen, not that JC doesn’t possess backbone – I just feel he needed to show the British public he had some.


I will always support Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a good man who genuinely wants to serve the people of this country. He’s one of the few truly decent politicians. Moreover, I’ll go out on a limb & say anyone who doesn’t think so either has skewed judgement or is a blithering idiot who simply falls for media tripe. However, his decision to give Labour MP’s a free vote on the issue of bombing Syria was poor. Here, JC should have established his authority – BACK ME OR ELSE! Look what’s happened. After all the shit he’s had to take, his own foreign secretary stabs him in the back. 


For me this demands a question – why did Corbyn make Hilary Benn his foreign Secretary? We voted for JC knowing he’s a pacifist yet he appoints someone who’s diametrically opposed to his views on foreign affairs. Even though Benn’s speech over the need to bomb Syria was as disingenuous as it gets, this decision has proved to be a disaster. It was bad enough listening to that sickening cretin Benn. I felt my central nervous system was about to overload. I can’t remember a time when I wanted to punch someone so hard but the bad news was, it made Corbyn look weak.


When Corbyn first became leader I felt tactically he was not up to scratch. To be fair the media made his job almost impossible but in an article I wrote how I’d love to be one of his advisors. I even wrote to him & told him where he was going wrong & perhaps what he should do. Above all he had to be tough & the most important thing was letting everyone in his party know WHO WAS BOSS! He should have made it clear – IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT MY WAY, IT’S THE HIGHWAY! PISS OFF TO THE TORY PARTY! Look how Cameron treated David Davis, the man he cheated out of the leadership of the Tory party. He made sure he kicked Davis when he was down. This is politics. Mario Puzo, author of the Godfather wrote – 

Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.




Above all, Corbyn had to know Zionists have bought off several Labour MP’s. This is what they do. Almost every Tory MP is a member of the Conservative friends of Israel. I mean this alone is a travesty. Do we have Conservative friends for Western Samoa, Estonia or Outer Mongolia? What does this mean – being friends of another country? What the hell do we have Embassies & diplomats for? We’re friends with most countries! No. This is a mafiosi type pressure group & you can be sure if you don’t join, your political career WILL hit a brick wall.


And this my fellow pissed of protagonists is the crux of our problem – it’s precisely how our politicians are got at! It’s got nothing to do with saying you’re their friend; IT’S ALL ABOUT ZIONISTS FINDING OUT & MAKING SURE WHO IS GOING TO DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY ASK! One only has to see what happened to brilliant US politicians like Cynthia McKinney, Dennis Kucinich & Ron Paul. 


Now thanks to pedophiles like Greville Janner there’s a Labour version & it’s growing. This effectively means these traitors will put Israel’s interests before what their own leader believes is right. This is what Cameron & the Tories have already done. Do you honestly think Hilary Benn believes the bile he spouted in that pathetic speech? This was for the Zionist lobbies. I’d bet every last penny Benn has already been told – do this & we will make sure you succeed Jeremy Corbyn. 


Hilary Benn – you disgust me & you are the reason I cancelled my membership to the Labour party. The only way JC can get me back is if he purges the Labour party of all those who’ve sold out to the Zionist lobbies. We desperately need opposition. Let the Tories represent Israel but for crying out loud, let the people of Britain have a choice. Of course they won’t allow this to happen because Zionists never play on a level playing field. This is why I’m so disappointed Corbyn hasn’t used his initial popularity to cement his position as leader. If I know what he’s up against, then so should he!


Thanks to Ted Duggan for this link – 

Hilary Benn calls for cooperation and engagement with Israel



Friend of Israel - not the UK




  • Sam

    What a sickening little weasel he is, Tony Benn must be spinning in his grave! Cooperation with Israel? Sympathy for the devil, fuck me, the world is in trouble!

    • Sam – it killed me when I saw what that piece of shit did. However I think JC has kind of created a rod for his back by making him foreign secretary.

      • Soph

        You can’t become leader of an established political party as well as leader of Her Majesty’s opposition and purge a political party of some of the most pernicious, subversive political links in the country.

        Not including members of this faction would have have been immediate war on Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn’s best chance is the British public, the political system in Labour can wait.

        • I agree entirely Soph. My frustration on the odd occasion gets the better of me. However, I am no fool. I know what’s going on. For instance, do you not feel that members of his own party haven’t already declared war on him? I certainly feel his 3 opponents in the Labour leadership contest stooped to levels well below the belt. Considering for 32 years Corbyn has always made his position clear, never flip-flopping, always having believed in the true principles of the Labour party, I found their behavior particularly galling. Moreover, all this occurred when across the whole media spectrum Corbyn was rudely rounded upon. Only he was grilled, often blatantly accused of things he hadn’t done. You’d have thought members of his own party would have showed a bit more solidarity & perhaps had the decency to say to reporters ‘WHY DON’T YOU EVER GRILL CAMERON THIS WAY? HE’S THE ONE MAKING ALL THE BAD DECISIONS!’ As I said in my piece politics is a dirty business & while I agree wholeheartedly Corbyn presents our best, if not only chance, I believe he has to display more inner strength. He surely cannot allow little pip-squeaks like Benn to usurp him so unceremoniously.

  • Geoff Cutting

    I can understand your anger and while I agree with much of your analysis overall you are wrong.

    Do you think resigning from the Party will hurt Benn in any way? No it only hurts Corbyn when people who generally support his position leave. Your action is in fact similar to the decision to bomb, it is a reaction that helps your enemy, not help your friend.

    And you want Corbyn to be stronger in dealing with MPs? He has shown more strength in the last few months than anyone could imagine. His strength comes from the mass of the membership, he has maybe 30 MPs fully supporting him in the PLP out of 230. The free vote was absolutely correct in the circumstances. It was clear that Cameron would carry the vote anyway as he had bullied his own side into submission and had support from other parties. It left Labour MPs accountable for their decision to his power base, the membership and constituents.

    You are underestimating Corbyn, just as other MPs and the MSM are, did you really think he could break the Westminster bubble and defeat the MSM in a few weeks after twenty years of centre right consensus? Of course those of us who have held similar views for a long time are impatient, but if you really want the kind of changes Corbyn represents we have to stick with it and give him the support he needs for as long as it takes, leaving now only helps his detractors.

    • Excellent points Geoff. Don’t worry – JC’s got my vote & I will always do what I can to help him. I wrote that piece in anger. Today I wrote a follow up to it clarifying my position.

  • N.Br

    The suspected JOINT-Nazi/Zionist-control of West/NATO/UN/ICC/ICJ etc. (i,e Western world) – will ensure the most EVIL terrorist Imperialist regime of ISrael gets away with all its ENDLESS and INCREASING War Crimes/Crimes against Humanity, especially against oil-gas/Thorium-Uranium-rich-Muslims/Muslim World! Snowden revealed that CANNIBAL/ORGAN-TRAFFICKING IS/ISIS are created by MOSSAD/CIA – these most murderous Nazi-Zionist warmongers have overtaken N*TO/Western World; whilst the left movement/parties in the Western world are being INFILTRATED by these warmongers!

    Thus, Corbyn must have more spine to reclaim the Left and UK/West from this most horifying and evil inhumanity. Even that poser Greek S*riza is under Zionist/Israel’s control after visiting and praising Israel! And to jointly rob occupied Gaza’s oil-gas – into the EU!

  • Corbyn and Benn have failed to tell us that ISIS works for the CIA and its friends, like us.

    all politicians are part of the system, our fascist system http://whale.to/b/political_mafia.html

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