How can the UK be a democracy when the majority of it’s MP’s have declared allegiance to Israel?

I’m so angry. I feel my country has been taken over from within yet whenever I say anything about the Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel on FB groups involving Jeremy Corbyn or UK politics, not only the posts receive little traction but I inevitably find myself ambushed by some brainless twat! I spoke to my great friend Anna Lee about this & we decided to create a REAL supporters for Jeremy Corbyn group. I’ll shortly be inviting all my UK friends to join & I especially will be keeping a watchful eye on any would-be trouble-maker. Woe betide any Zionist troll.
Special interest groups like Conservative & Labour Friends should be outlawed, plain & simple. There is no doubt in my mind, the fact we’ve allowed this illegal entity to flourish has resulted in a coup d’etat. I’ve often stated, ‘we, like America, are an occupied territory’ & it’s no surprise that Theresa May, the unelected leader of the Tory party, is now considering ushering in laws that would outlaw wholly justifiable criticism of Israel. If these criminal laws are ratified we may one day discover just what it’s like to be a Palestinian. The dangers are real. Our fundamental rights are under threat by the very people who’ve usurped our democracy.


I’m of Armenian blood but I was born in the UK, London, Holborn to be precise. For this reason I feel my country of allegiance is England. This is where I grew up. This is where I live. If England was to play Armenia in a soccer match, I’d support England, though I’d be quite satisfied if the best team won. This is as far as I go when it comes to Nationalism or Religion for I believe mankind’s problems are Universal. There can be no denying – if we could somehow cast aside the prejudices & divisions Nationalism & Religion generate, the world as we know it would become virtually unrecognisable. Unfortunately, unbeknown to most folk, the media is the tool that’s used to apply Divide & Conquer. I can almost guarantee, if the media was fully independent there would be no wars.



How much more evidence do we need for people to comprehend the perils of unconditionally supporting ones country? I may love my country but I feel I’ve every reason to voice disapproval at what’s occurring in the upper echelons of power here in the UK. What concerns me more than anything is how our politicians are increasingly pursuing & implementing policies which have never been placed before the electorate. 40 years ago manifesto pledges meant something. If politicians went back on their word, you could be sure they incurred the wrath of the public. Now, it’s almost as if manifesto pledges don’t exist & as a result, time & again we see our politicians blatantly defying the will of the people. Now what kind of a democracy is this? Professor Noam Chomsky so rightly pointed out –

“Concentration of wealth yields concentration of political power. And concentration of political power gives rise to legislation that increases and accelerates the cycle.”


Needless to say this is why big business tends to get what it wants; why the gap between the rich & the poor ever-widens; why morality has all but disappeared. However, there’s another very worrying aspect of how our elected representatives are being coerced into pursuing policies that serve little or no interests to the people of this country. While just about everyone is cognizant it’s a simple task for big business to find ministers with hands held out, it is nowhere near so evident that another group has well & truly usurped our democracy. What else is one supposed to make of special interest groups like the Conservative & the Labour Friends of Israel? Bad enough having one of the major parties infiltrated BUT BOTH?




Quite how special interest groups even exist is beyond me. By definition they’re effectively an affront to democracy. I defy anyone who says these groups are merely passive organisations which play no part in fashioning policy. Is it but a coincidence our politicians turn a blind eye to flagrant Israeli human right violations? No nation flouts international law as Israel does yet our politicians & media dutifully accept the most pathetic excuse – Israel is merely defending itself. Well that’s impossible because Israel is the occupying force. You can only defend yourself when someone attacks you. In WWII when Germany invaded France & the French Resistance fought back, the Nazi were never permitted the luxury of saying they were merely defending themselves. How come the Israelis are allowed to get away with such nonsense?
Furthermore, Jews make up 2% of the population yet they exert untold influence over our politicians. How can this be right? How can anyone even say we’re a democracy? We’re not & it’s all down to the media neglecting to inform the UK public of what’s nothing less than a national scandal. How can we talk about national security when our politicians have so obviously been got at? Worse still, MP’s who refuse to be coerced like Jeremy Corbyn have to suffer the ignominy of running the gauntlet thanks to this crooked Zionist controlled media – not only one has to constantly defend oneself against defamatory slurs but they’re all totally unwarranted & false.  



Therefore, being a Brit I feel I’m well within my rights to say what the bloody hell is going on here? Anyone who claims to be a patriot should be up in arms. Yet, today in a group that has the gall to call itself ‘The Heart of British Politics’, I had to suffer a blithering idiot who construed my criticism of Labour Friends of Israel as anti-Semitic. This moron said “I see that hatred of the Jewish people is rife & ingrained in the Labour Party.” Why did he say that? Because here is a subliminally brainwashed fool who merely repeats what the lying media whores say. There is no hatred of Jews anywhere in British politics. How can there be when the undeniable truth is we’re always doing exactly what Israel wants! I retorted –
“The only ‘ingrained hatred of the Jewish people within the Labour Party’ is one invented by the media. WHAT INGRAINED HATRED? WHO’S EVER DONE ANYTHING AGAINST ISRAEL? Blair & Cameron unconditionally supported Netanyahu while he massacred Palestinian civilians! Perhaps if Jews put more pressure on the outrageous, criminal behavior of Israelis, so many people wouldn’t be prepared to speak out & thus incur hatred by being branded anti-Semitic. It’s the same old tired propaganda designed to make the uninitiated feel Jews & Israel are the victims when they are nothing of the sort. They are the aggressors & persistent violators of international law, yet you jump to their defense. How can you purport to care about British politics when both our major parties are under the grasp of outside forces which represent less than 2% of our population.”
Now this I feel is the key issue –
“If there was a Conservative or Labour friends of Albania or Outer Mongolia where our MP’s would have to declare their wholehearted, unconditional support to these foreign nations, the media would immediately see to it there’s a public outcry! You people really have no idea of the considerable damage you are doing to our country!”



Finally, imagine the uproar – Anna Lee hit the nail on the head. She said –

“what if we interfere in Israel creating a lobby – Friends of Palestine which dedicated itself to control every party in the state of Israel? How long would it take to be jailed for treason?”


  • Liz

    Michael, if you and Anna set up a Jeremy Corbyn support group I would join. It is a good idea.
    I have recently learned of Momentum’s and Jeremy Corbyn for PM as being shill support groups. I would love to know which are fake and which are real. And this should be shared all over social media!
    I feel duped that I didn’t know about this up to now.
    “Friends of Outer Mongolia” is such a good idea for a stunt too, to show how pathetic Friends of Israel are.
    Keep up the good work for Jeremy!

    • Thank you so much Liz. I tried typing your name in but typical of FB dirty tricks you didn’t come up. So if you request membership 1 out of the 3 administrators will confirm.
      From the beginning I sensed all was not right in the JC groups. For the world it seemed they were doing their level best to undermine him. Soon I felt this was exactly what they were doing. Hence my post – One must remember – Zionists, as well as the untold power & control they possess over what matters, they also have untold resources. Therefore, it’s no surprise they specialise in duplicity.
      Obviously they want perfect puppets like Theresa May, a garbage woman who is a traitor to this country. They will do everything they can to stop JC. This is why we have to highlight these illegal groups which have infiltrated our major political parties. This is as if Israel has invaded our country!

  • I have been following the situation with America ever since I got my iPad and am filled with dread that it will eventually happen here. I have always been a ” floating voter ” thought never Tories. I would be interested in joining any organisation which puts the majority of the Labour Party first.

  • Mark

    I agree with most of what has been written here, but I think you fail to realise that many of the Jews in Israel are brainwashed just the same there as we are here by their media. It is the hard core Zionists that are the real problem.

    • Ooohh Mark. If only you knew how many times I’ve reiterated your point & how many times I’ve said – Jews are the most brainwashed people on the planet!
      You’re 100% correct – Zionists are the problem.

  • Chris Tobutt-Somers

    How comforting it feels to see that somebody else is saying exactly what I have been saying for 50 years. I’m a Brit but I live in Sweden but follow closely what’s happening in the UK. Sadly, the axis of the USA, the UK and Israel, all with right wing governments doesn’t raise any hopes for the Palestinians or anyone else for that matter. I’m not a hard leftist. For me, politics isn’t about right and left it’s about right and wrong and whilst Jeremy Corbyn has made some mistakes since becoming leader of the Labour party, he speaks a lot of sense. Perhaps if he were to be a little more assertive he would get a better reaction.
    The Israeli propaganda machine is working overtime in Washington and London but it is also very strong throughout Europe. Despite the risk of being called ‘anti-semitic’ we must continue to speak out and show our support of the Palestinians. The word Semitic means not only native speakers if Hebrew but also native speakers if Arabic and Aramaic and some dead languages such as Arkkadian. Thus all Arab countries are semtic! Considering the number of foreigners who have emigrated to Israel from Europe and the USA and do not have Hebrew as their mother tongue, one cannot help but wonder just what percentage of the Israeli population is actually Semitic!
    So, if people want to call me anti-Semitic, let them do so because I know the true meaning of the word and so I laugh. All they do is show their ignorance. Good luck with the group.

    • Oh my God – this is one of the best comments I’ve ever read. Of course, support is very gratifying but the fact you said ‘politics isn’t about left or right’ struck a cord. Being labeled in any way is something so crass. I hate words like leftist & Libertarian & any of these meaningless labels the media deliberately churn out. As you say there’s right & there’s wrong.
      From the word go I believe Corbyn should have taken the gloves off. The media had made it clear they would do anything to stop him when they should have been neutral. The people though also made it clear – there has never been a leadership contest won on the first ballot. He had the mandate. Why didn’t he attack the media like Trump did? Why didn’t he only appoint those who were prepared to support him? There’s still time but he’s got to show true leadership qualities – listen to everyone but at the end of the day, it’s my way or the highway.
      I think the Palestinians are playing against a stacked deck. For the world it seems there’s nothing the Israelis can’t get away with – even mass-murder.
      And finally what you say about this dreadful term anti-Semitic, which as an Israeli minister once so rightly said is merely ‘a trick in order to deflect wholly justifiable criticism of Israel & Zionists, is so right. 95% of people who use the term 1) don’t know what it means & 2) are the most anti-Semitic people on the planet. We really do live in a crazy, sad world Chris. Thank you so much.

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