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They’re Liars – Lying about nearly everything!

It seems like I’ve been away for ages. No surprise being out of action for 30 days has overloaded my ‘must post’ file. Since I’ve no intention of holding back, I have to expect more bans, perhaps even a permanent one. If it happens, so-be-it! I intend to go down with all guns blazing. Therefore, I feel it’s imperative what

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How can the UK be a democracy when the majority of it’s MP’s have declared allegiance to Israel?

I’m so angry. I feel my country has been taken over from within yet whenever I say anything about the Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel on FB groups involving Jeremy Corbyn or UK politics, not only the posts receive little traction but I inevitably find myself ambushed by some brainless twat! I spoke to my great friend Anna Lee

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