How can you be defending yourself after flattening entire neighborhood & then building illegal settlements on the land you’ve stolen?

How many missiles stupid? To this day we have not seen evidence of one damaged building. The Israelis simple make up a pack of lies & then without a shred of evidence the whole world is told how 100’s of rockets from Gaza are being fired into Israel. All the while the IDF flattens entire neighborhoods including hospitals, schools & UN compounds. For once we hear a Radio presenter telling the truth & fair play to him for putting that silly cow in her place. What he says is 100% correct & anyone who doesn’t think so is a moron.



Time to resign


Israel Bans Free Expression by Stephen Lendman


Terry Alexander


BDS Boycott





What a scumbag


  • Abubakar Dabo

    I think it is essential that the entire world community talk about setting the records straight. This is the time the opportunity present itself. Russia is no lonber clung to many aspects of of its former Soviet Union traditional diplomacy. Russia’s image of itself as an historic player on the world stage must be recognized seriously. It is now sending a clear message that, it is no longer the U.S only that sets the rules; and with its action in Syria it seeks to reduce the U.S. influence in the Middle East region. Until, Israel change its behavior, the world community should do as they wish and isolate this rogue country.

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