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RT Documentary: The Occupation of the American Mind

ISRAEL’S PUBLIC RELATIONS WAR IN THE UNITED STATES NARRATED BY ROGER WATERS A couple of months ago I was bemoaning the fact some of the most amazing documentaries on RT were not available for spreading the word so to speak. I’d turn on RT & there was that sniveling little rat in a threshing machine Larry King saying ‘if you

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How can you be defending yourself after flattening entire neighborhood & then building illegal settlements on the land you’ve stolen?

How many missiles stupid? To this day we have not seen evidence of one damaged building. The Israelis simple make up a pack of lies & then without a shred of evidence the whole world is told how 100’s of rockets from Gaza are being fired into Israel. All the while the IDF flattens entire neighborhoods including hospitals, schools &

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Former Zionist Sir Gerald Kaufman – Unite Against Zionism.

36 hours ago I wrote an article – Suddenly the Zionist Controlled Media Don’t Want To Say a Word about Russia and ISIS https://gmmuk.com/suddenly-the-zionist-controlled-media-dont-want-to-say-a-word-about-russia-and-isis/ With Putin showing the West how to REALLY fight terrorism & of course anyone with any brains knows that Zionism & terrorism are both sides of the same coin, it was no surprise the Zionists had

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