I don’t care what anyone says – while Israel claims it’s defending itself, it’s obvious NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED TO!


My good friend Thomas Noll informed me today that once again Gaza was being pounded by Israeli jets. There’s no ‘haven’t they suffered enough’ when it comes to the Palestinians. As I read his message I had in front of me a truly horrifying link. Now bear in mind, this one attack Thomas was telling me about, at the very least, is a violation of international law. In my opinion when another country bombs a land which has no army, no navy & no air force, it’s a war crime, plain & simple. SO GET READY FOR THIS –  

Israel has opened fire on the Gaza Strip on “at least 696 occasions” since the August 2014 ceasefire!




And before all the Israeli trolls even decide to make themselves busy, forget it! THIS IS FROM THE HORSES MOUTH! As it says in the link the figures were provided by Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Tobias Ellwood, citing UN agency figures. This was in response to a question by Labour MP Alex Cunningham asked on September 4

“how many times the Israeli military have opened fire into Gaza since August 2014; and what steps his Department is taking to prevent future such incidents.”

Answering a week later, Ellwood stated –

We are aware of Israeli forces responding to illegal rocket fire from Gaza with 29 strikes since the 26 August 2014 Gaza ceasefire agreement. According to figures from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Israeli forces have opened fire into the Gaza Access Restricted Areas on land and sea on at least 696 occasions since then.




I’d like to echo the great man’s words by saying the Nazis were never permitted the luxury of saying they were merely defending themselves when they were attacked by the French Resistance in WWII when France was occupied. Israel does though. Moreover, the Nazis would have been laughed at if they referred to the French Resistance as terrorists that wanted to wipe them off the face of the earth! Israel does though!…… UNBELIEVABLE ….. yet people still refuse to believe the entire mainstream media is controlled by Zionists. Wonders never cease.


Note how whatever the Palestinians do is illegal. They are never defending themselves. Note too whatever pathetic damage these so-called 29 Palestinian fire-cracker ‘strikes’ may have done, it was met with 696 strikes with state-of-the-art fire-power that flattens everything before it! The Israelis detest the use of the word disproportionate. No surprise. When you’re in the business of committing Genocide, attack is the best form of defence. 




Finally, 5 years ago a secret tape was released. Israeli premier, Binyamin Netanyahu is heard on the tape explaining his approach to the the Palestinians:

. . . beat them up, not once but repeatedly, beat them up so it hurts so badly, until it’s unbearable.

He also adds, about his American allies:

I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction.

I think the time has come for the world to start ridding itself of war criminals & most especially vermin like this.


  • Sam

    Remember what happened to Ariel Sharon?. I do hope Nutenyahu ends up locked in his own skull like a potted jellyfish! Yep, Hitler was just sticking up for himself wasn’t he? How sick can you get?

    • Sam – it would be glorious but it never ceases to amaze me how these Zionists get away with the most diabolical racism & there are idiots here calling me racists for pointing out all the shenanigans of the Zionists. One sure needs a thick skin.

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