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I don’t care what anyone says – while Israel claims it’s defending itself, it’s obvious NO ONE ELSE IS ALLOWED TO!

But the truth is – ISRAEL NEVER DEFENDS ITSELF. IT ATTACKS! THAT IS ALL IT EVER DOES! My good friend Thomas Noll informed me today that once again Gaza was being pounded by Israeli jets. There’s no ‘haven’t they suffered enough’ when it comes to the Palestinians. As I read his message I had in front of me a truly

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Putin vs Netanyahu: Forget about all the daft headlines. Whatever the media says is BS. Here are facts –

I’ve received quite a few links regarding Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow. Oh to be a fly on the wall yes indeed but what we should know is this – THE MEDIA WILL ONLY LIE!   1) Netanyahu would only get off his big, fat arse like this if something was seriously bothering him. This has ZERO to do with Israel

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