I dont know if I’m back like Arnie. What I can say – these here Armenian batteries are fully re-charged

Finally back home, fully recharged…… I hope. Taking my old faithful laptop on holiday trips in the past served me well. I normally use it to back up my work. I take it with me because it has all the stuff I need. However, expecting it to perform without having serviced it with updates & what have you, proved to be nothing short of disastrous. Quite how it’s still in one piece is a major miracle. I can’t tell you how close I was to slinging it out the window, straight into the Mediterranean – “there. Swim with the fishes, just like Luca Brazzi!”

Being under the weather was bad enough but man, talk about frustration….. the things that occurred….. I mean I’ve heard of hell freezing over but this computer suddenly had a mind of it’s own. I’d be writing away thinking finally…… & then BANG! It would switch off & 3 hours of work would disappear down the Swanee. Paradoxically, had I have been full of beans, the computer would have been history! Now I’m home, I’m glad ol’ faithful is still in one piece.

Just goes to show you – I was told to rest but the only reason I did is because my laptop was as sick as I was! And the fact all my fuses were shot is the only reason I didn’t take it out on ol’ faithful. I was too tired for rage to take hold. I look back now & see how fate contrived to produce the desired, perfect result. Strange how I can’t imagine there being any other way I could have done what the doctor ordered. If ever there was a moral to this story – never do anything when you’re hotted up!

I'm back!

I’m back!

Thanks so much for all the support. Being a two-bit amateurish writer, it’s nigh on impossible finding appropriate words to adequately express my feeling of gratitude for all the messages & comments geeing me up, egging me on. It makes me want to try harder & do more. I’ve got to improve – little by little & do more. That’s all we all can do……. Thank you all so very much. There are several comments & messages on FB & on my website I’ve as yet been unable to respond to. I will endeavor to do so tonight. 

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