If looks could kill…….

Talk about capturing the moment! The only thing missing from Netanyahu’s contemptible glare are lasers coming out of his eyes, zapping the hapless Orange CEO into oblivion. Anyone who’s followed the story knows Orange was on the verge of boycotting Israel. Small wonder. With so many Muslims in France, profit margins had to be taking a hit. Naturally the Zionists did what they do best & Orange suddenly loved Israel again.


If looks could kill

If looks could kill



Interestingly, one of my friends Stvn argued that Orange wouldn’t boycott Israel. I maintained that whatever happened, this was good news every which way. Don’t knock it. The damage had been done. The publicity alone – the fact massive companies like Orange were even considering a boycott meant the mobile giant had to be feeling the heat at home. This is the last thing Zionists want – publicity for a BDS movement that’s on the roll.


The next day when Stvn was proved right as the Orange CEO declared his adoration for Israel. There would be no boycott, as many predicted, I put together a post encouraging people to phone Orange simply to say, the equation is a simple one – boycott Israel, you’ve got me for life. No boycott – NO ME! Sure, a boycott would have been great but you only have to look at this photo – CEO summoned to Israel; made to grovel. i lovre the fact the Israelis always chooses to emphasise the apology. It may be business as usual but the mere threat of a boycott was another nail in Israel’s coffin. That’s why Netanyahu’s boat race is pure 24 carat hatred.


Richard knows he’s lucky Netanyahu didn’t cap his arse but mark my words – it’s downhill all the way from here. We’ve heard the last of this; Richard hasn’t by a long sight! If he’s lucky, within a year he’ll be replaced; a bullshit excuse will be given – health or family problems. He’ll never hold such a high profile position again. He’s going to made to regret what he’s done simply because the Zionists will concentrate on sending a chilling message to anyone who may be thinking of stepping out of their pram like Mr Froggie. 




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