Listen how they abuse innocent Palestinians – Israeli female soldiers breaking the silence

I feel we are going to pay a heavy price for not applying anything like enough pressure on Israel. The reason I say this is because I believe the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany & Australia are effectively Occupied territories. Politicians who are supposed to represent their people, instead place the interests of Israel first. Since this is an act of Treason & since such a crime carries the death sentence, for politicians to be so willing to commit this crime means Zionists have effectively taken over what matters in these countries so that their puppets remain above the law.



It’s not a question of whether the signs are there. Already our basic freedoms are under attack. It’s also patently obvious who’s behind this. We can boycott any country except Israel, yet no country commits anything like the crimes it regularly indulges in. Worse still, not only do our leaders express their unshakable support for this wretched state but so great is Zionist influence they’re able to get our politicians to use our armed forces to destroy all the countries Israel wants to see destroyed.


Stone throwers

As bad as the situation is with the way Western countries have been compromised, of course we’re not yet suffering a similar fate as the Palestinians. However, what should be of grave concern to us all is the very people who are treating the Palestinians with such evil wickedness are the very same people who have undermined our democracies. The bad news is their intentions are all bad. Many actually believe this is God’s will. At least some Israelis are now coming forward. Thanks to Paul Stewart for this clip.


Chosen by God


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