Israeli MP: “Burning Palestinians to death is not act of terror, period.”

This is not a question of hate or racism. What I find so worrying is this scumbag MP said this because he knows only too well – many Israelis actually feel this is what they’d like to do. They should be allowed to burn Palestinians to death! It goes without saying anyone who thinks so has to be deranged but how disconcerting is it that so many Israeli citizens support this vermin? These people are completely mad. They should all be in a mental asylum. Now the bad news –
Quite how any politician anywhere in the world can say such a thing & not be roundly admonished is symptomatic of the world we live in. We may have criminals pulling the strings but do not for one minute think they’re mere gangsters. Most criminals know where to draw the line but this putrid excuse for a human being is a Zionist. Lamentably, our politicians & media are controlled by the same people. This is why when evil personified comes along & spouts hatred & you know, HE MEANS IT TOO, our politicians & media never say a word.
Well, the very same people are calling the shots right now. I wonder if people out there ever stop to think – here is an Israeli MP who is prepared to let it be known that this is what he’d like to do at a time when he does not possess the power to exercise such a wish. So, I ask you – what’s going to happen when scumbags like this HAVE THE POWER? MAKE NO MISTAKE – THESE PEOPLE ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON THIS VERY PROBLEM! Thanks to Charles Magus for the link –

Israeli MK: burning Palestinian boys is not act of terror –






I thought it was appropriate to add these links – this is no surprise. If ever there was a case of ethnic cleansing occurring in front of our very eyes, here it is. How can anyone believe anything our politicians & media say when this shit is not just going on but the process is accelerating!


U.N.: Israeli Govt. Triples Rate of Demolitions of Palestinian Homes




Israeli soldiers admitted they shot Palestinians out of boredom, but Bernie is slammed for trying to tell the truth – 


Small wonder Bernie Sanders is being cheated out of the chance to become President. It’s obvious many more Americans want him as opposed to that crazed lunatic Hilary.



There is some good news though. This report from RT shows mainstream media is hemorrhaging viewers


Only 6% of Americans trust the media – survey



And finally, a video that reiterates what I’ve been trying to tell people for years – WE’RE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES!


Do U.S. Israeli Dual Citizens Run America’s Government?



  • voluntaryist

    The problem is not that we have the wrong rulers, the wrong people running our lives, the problem is that we have others running our lives. That is our job if we want to be free, i.e., sovereign individuals. We must self govern. We can organize and delegate, but we must accept responsibility for ourselves by not authorizing others to control us, which means giving others special powers we do not have. How can we grant a power we do not have? We do not have the right to take wealth by force, threat thereof, or fraud, but most believe authorities have that right. Where did they get it? We do not have the right to push people around at the point of a gun, demanding respect, punishing resistance (self assertion), but most believe the police have that right. More crime is committed in the name of “crime fighting” than is committed by criminals. More deaths are by the police, than criminals. Yet people fear criminals, and support police. Those who defend themselves the way cops do, with guns, are considered guilty until proven innocent. Cops are considered innocent to the extent that seldom are they investigated or charged or convicted. Are cops special people with higher morals, greater intelligence and remarkable psychological insights? Do cops routinely display these traits? Or do they routinely resort to violence, often escalating a calm interaction into a violent one? Is this proof they can be trusted to dispense justice? Or is it proof that a monopoly on power is corrupting, with the greater power, corrupting greatly?
    What lesson can we learn from the transfer of power from the majority to a small elite? Is it safe? Is it efficient? Is it wise? It is none of these but it continues against all experience, all reason, all failure to produce the goal of peace and security. Yet govt. is defended, not by results, but by disproven theory, by the hope that somehow, someday, deifying a few, and creating demigods will suddenly after millennia of death and destruction, of state genocide and ruinous taxation, do what it has never done before, produce order. Why now? No answer, except to say that it must be, that the abandonment of rulers is chaos, as if chaos is not the political result we get by subservience to a ruling elite. This is not reasonable, not defendable by experience, but these guides are not relevant to faith in force. Force is the new god. It trumps all superstitions, all religions. It is the one unquestionable belief. Everything, everyone must be sacrificed to it. To resist being ruled by govt. is to be threatened, penalized, caged, or killed. Millions have been sacrificed by their governments. In Cambodia, half the population, two million, was murdered by the govt., for the common good. But they allowed it. They submitted. They had faith. So they obeyed their govt. And they were co-conspirators in their own murders. This is how powerful the faith in force is. People would rather sacrifice their lives, their family’s lives, than resist force by authority. Their neighbor’s force they resist. A non-authorized person’s actions may be judged as wrong, and resisted. But the government’s actions, never. The govt. is the master of the self enslaved, the ultimate, sacred judge.
    But the govt. is just mob empowered people. Their monopoly on violence does not endow them with special skills, just extraordinary destructive powers. Powers that attract the worst psychopaths. They are born addicted to death and destruction. Alone, they do little harm relative to what they can do as “leaders”. History has shown that leaders kill more of their followers than all other causes of unnatural death combined, by a factor of 10. Continue to chose leaders and you are part of the problem. Chose sovereignty and you free yourself from this fatal mistake. You free your mind, even if you live in an unfree world, a world where you are surrounded by a vast majority who force their faith on you. You may die with them, but at least you won’t be complicit in your own death. And with your eyes open, you stand a much better chance of survival because your mind is not crippled by superstition.

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