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4 Clips: Legalised murder; blatant US election fraud; Hillary in cahoots with despots & so-called acts of terror are all false flag events. The common denominator – ZIONISTS!

THE ISRAELI WAY: Rule No 1 – Don’t just lie. Lie all the time & most crucially, make sure each & every lie is as far from the truth as possible. THE IDF USE PALESTINE KIDS AS TARGET PRACTICE & SO COMMIT COLD-BLOODED MURDER. THEN THEY TELL THE WORLD THE PALESTINIANS ARE THE TERRORISTS!  These execution shootings occur regular as

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Israeli MP: “Burning Palestinians to death is not act of terror, period.”

This is not a question of hate or racism. What I find so worrying is this scumbag MP said this because he knows only too well – many Israelis actually feel this is what they’d like to do. They should be allowed to burn Palestinians to death! It goes without saying anyone who thinks so has to be deranged but how

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