It is obvious – Jeremy Corbyn & our democratic process is being undermined

I want to take this opportunity to say I’d like to shake the hand of Marc Wadsworth. He was rightfully handing out leaflets which stated Labour opponents of Jeremy Corbyn were ‘traitors’. THEY ARE! On the 27th June I wrote ‘I bet the vast majority of the current trouble-makers are among the 80 Labour MP’s who are Friends of Israel.’ It is obvious these traitors have been instructed to cause untold grief to the man who won a landslide victory in Labour’s leadership contest. Though I’ve been disappointed with JC, I cannot begin to stress how crucial it is that he remains leader of the party.


To say I’ve reached the end of my tether with people like Ruth Smeeth is a chronic understatement. Apparently when Smeeth asked to see one of the leaflets, Wadsworth refused & took down her name. GIVE THAT MAN A MEDAL WILL YOU! Let me make this absolutely clear – this is what the UK needs more than anything. We have to stand up to this Zionist cancer because it’s tearing us apart. Sure enough, this awful woman acted out her role like a typical Jewish princess. In tears, my arse! These claims of anti-Semitism have become positively tiresome. Jeremy Corbyn is a good man while she’s a lump of shit! If she doesn’t like it here she can piss off to Israel! I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of this crap!


Let’s break this down. The Zionists first & foremost are masters of DIVIDE & CONQUER! They’ve been at it for over 200 years! Oh but they’re not racists; we are! How can it be? The UK is as multicultural as it gets but then correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t it the case only Jews can go & live in Israel? Doesn’t that make Israel the most racist state on the planet because what can be more racist than that? Don’t give me any bollocks – YOU CANNOT BE MORE RACIST THAN TO SAY – WE ONLY WANT OUR LOT HERE! And listen. I’ll be damned if I’m going to be labeled anti-Semitic by the ultimate racists when there isn’t a racist bone in my body.


Are you anti-semitic

And what anti-Semitism? From where I’m sitting the Israelis & Zionists are getting the absolute dish. They’ve got all the money & most Arab & Muslim nations that spoke out against Israel have been destroyed or are in the process of being destroyed. Only Iran is left. What’s happened to Israel? Sweet bugger all. While the IDF massacres Palestinians left, right & center, this terrible Islamic terrorist group named ISIS, DAESH, AL NUSRA, ISIL, I mean they deliberately confuse you so that you don’t ask the obvious questions – how come ISIS only kills Arabs & Muslims? How come Israel is never attacked? Yet how come we nevertheless hear them squealing like stuffed pigs all the time? This is how they operate. Don’t just tell a lie but make sure it’s the biggest whopper imaginable.
Drama queens aside, how dare this awful woman show up the leader of the opposition when he’s said nothing untoward. Who the hell is she?Considering how the media is deliberately inciting Islamophobia, Jews & Zionists are the last people who should open their mouths. Paradoxically I’m pleased to say it has never been more obvious our democracy is being deliberately undermined by these people. In fact, short of telling us we’re already an occupied territory, it is difficult to imagine how they could make it more obvious. See for yourselves. Think about how the media have sold this lame effort & tell me if you think JC said anything untoward…….


The usual bull


When I saw this, honestly I nearly blew a gasket. Comparing Israel to ISIS? ISRAEL IS ISIS! Why do you think the Zionists are going hell bent for leather on this. It’s the same thing with Ken Livingstone. He told the truth & wallop! But Hitler did sign the Haavara Agreement. This effectively allowed German Jews to emigrate to Palestine before WW II. Of course Zionists don’t want you to know this because it makes a mockery of the Holocaust & shows what liars they are. Only truth stands up to scrutiny. This is why they blindly attack anyone who so much as says the sun doesn’t shine out of their rear-end!


If being anti-Semitic is as a result of condemning Israel’s barbaric treatment of the Palestinians or their constant land grabbing, the use of illegal White Phosphorous bombs, the madness of Netanyahu along with his incessant lies – THEN I AM ANTI-SEMITIC & ALWAYS WILL BE! This goes without saying. I’ve long since felt more of us need to be accused of being anti-Semitic – it means we’re doing good! This is their only defense & it’s utter bullshit because being Semitic means of Middle Eastern origin. Therefore Palestinians are Semitic, as are Iraqis & Syrians. Compounding this irony further is the fact 80-90% of Israelis are Ashkenazi ‘fake Jews’ who originated from Khazaria in Eastern Europe. They do not possess a drop of Semitic blood. Adding insult to injury is the undeniable fact Zionists are the most anti-Semitic people by a long sight!
However, try explaining this to these deluded morons. You’ll be shouted down, so by far the best way to counter this nonsense is by saying ‘look. As soon as the Israelis stop being so evil then I guarantee, I will support them. How can you expect, even demand unconditional support when you’re in the process of committing Genocide?’ This pathetic phrase is just another Zionist con trick. The harsh reality is, Corbyn said nothing derogatory. This is how they operate. They’re out to get him because he’s one of the few who will not be bribed or coerced. Not only does he care for what’s morally correct; he wants to serve the people of this nation. To hell with Israel! Why should we care about them? They break more international laws than all the countries in the world put together.


“It’s a trick. We always use it!”


Can you imagine what would have occurred if JC actually told the truth? That horrible cow would have had smoke coming out of her ears. But JC knew this so he was as conciliatory as he could be. He knows the Zionist knives are out, whatever he says. With Cameron out the way & for some reason Boris Johnson ruling himself out as a possible successor, there are no obvious candidates. Teresa May being the front runner is the joke of the century. Therefore, it is essential the Zionists go to work on Corbyn. They desperately need another Blairite traitor that will do everything they want. Only then will they have all the bases covered. If not, they will be left with but two options & both stink.
Firstly, if Corbyn remains labour’s leader they’ll do everything they can to stop him winning the next general election. This method has already been tried & tested to the point it’s now become a liability. The smell of electoral fraud has become a stench. Despite the media & THE OTHER LABOUR CANDIDATES launching a relentless hate campaign against him, he nevertheless won the Labour leadership with a landslide victory. For the first time, the British public refused to buy the lies of the Zionist controlled media. The same thing occurred with the EU referendum. When Corbyn was elected leader I said if there was a general election & the votes were counted fairly, he’d win. Now, with the Tories imploding & the country gagging for real change, I reckon Corbyn’s an absolute certainty & THEY KNOW IT! If they cheat, for sure, it will blow up in their faces.




Secondly, assassination. Do not for one minute think the Zionists will even blink. They did the Lavon affair; they killed JFK; they attacked the USS Liberty & they planned & executed 9/11 & as a result instigated this whole phony war on terror. You can bet your last tanner they did the lot, so you can be sure, unless they get to Corbyn (as they probably did with the EU referendum), then this scenario could indeed become a frightening reality. The problem as I’ve always tried to explain, with 9/11, the Zionists passed the point of no return, hence the line – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP! I believe we have to do everything we can to make it absolutely clear – Jeremy Corbyn is Labour’s rightful leader. We simply must ensure he remains so for the alternative is the beginning of the end.
As for the myth JC is unelectable – anyone who says this is a liar! He became MP for Islington North in 1983 with a 5000 majority. After 8 successive election victories his majority has increased to 23,000! Then he wins the Labour leadership in a canter. Does that sound like he’s unelectable? Don’t be daft!
Unelectable my arse
‘The three main myths’ is a fine little piece by Another Angry Voice


Earlier today I was tagged in a post by Richard Gillard who suggested Tony Blair could be behind this recent plot to oust Corbyn. While I’ve no doubt Blair would love to see the back of Corbyn before the Chilcot inquiry is released, somehow I feel Blair can hardly be calling the shots. The Zionists use him like a poodle when they want him to go on TV to make yet another case for war or to slag Corbyn off but to be honest, they must be desperate because Blair couldn’t be more unpopular. He convinces no one & right now the true power-brokers have plenty on their plate.


The truth behind the Labour coup, when it really began & who manufactured it

The truth behind the Labour coup, when it really began and who manufactured it (EXCLUSIVE)


So am I

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