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Unprecedented FB manipulation: Groups allegedly supporting Jeremy Corbyn continue to undermine him

I know I’ve touched on this before but once again I feel the most crucial aspects of an issue which has enormous ramifications for almost every UK citizen, is being totally ignored. Suffering the inordinate level of censorship both on FB & my website is becoming intolerable. Believe you me, the fact I’m aware that those whose judgement is sound

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It is obvious – Jeremy Corbyn & our democratic process is being undermined

I want to take this opportunity to say I’d like to shake the hand of Marc Wadsworth. He was rightfully handing out leaflets which stated Labour opponents of Jeremy Corbyn were ‘traitors’. THEY ARE! On the 27th June I wrote ‘I bet the vast majority of the current trouble-makers are among the 80 Labour MP’s who are Friends of Israel.’ It

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