ITV POLL: 68% of 165,000 people voted Corbyn for PM

Some say, ‘even if Corbyn wins, like Trump, he’ll have the rug pulled from under him.’ Though I can’t imagine JC ever becoming a war-monger, these concerns are justified because Zionists who always lurk behind the scenes never take no for an answer. If ever they fail, by hook or by crook, they seek alternative ways so that eventually they get what they want. This is how they’ve done it for years. They won’t stop! Their’s is an ongoing quest. Zionism has to either be forcibly arrested or, like the quintessential cancer cell, it will multiply until there’s nothing left to devour.


The chief power-brokers literally do have all the bases covered. At the very least, JC will be placed under enormous pressure. Therefore, it’s crucial we realise any chance of reestablishing people power can only come through a step by step process. Revolution may be an answer but the authorities have prepared for that by giving the Police unprecedented powers, as well as kitting them up with gear befitting war zones, all on the bullshit premise of fighting terrorism. The truth is, you & I are far more likely to be killed by a Policeman than a terrorist. Though I believe in the right to protest, it is obvious the authorities will use agent provocateurs to stir up trouble. Then the media will do the rest – lie through their back teeth, effectively vilifying protesters. Violence is exactly what they want.
As well as being a battle we can’t win, violence will provide the excuse to usher in new laws that will make it nigh on impossible to rise up against anything these traitors do. Ridiculous laws rendering criticism of Israel & mafiosi Zionists a criminal act? Selling off our NHS so that already extremely wealthy individuals can get their grubby mitts onto even more? This is an absolute shoe in. For decades the Tories have been in the business of selling what we own to their buddies for knockdown prices so that further tax cuts can be financed, you guessed it, for their buddies. You can be sure too these shenanigans have resulted in lumpy backhanders for all involved.
That, believe it or not, is the good news. What I’m talking about is what they’re not mentioning – the incarceration of those who merely wish to speak the truth, a total affront to freedom of speech & getting involved in overseas conflicts on the behest of Israel, ultimately waging war with Russia, which is exactly what our politicians & media are pushing us into. Does one really have to spell out the latter would mean nuclear Armageddon for Britain? Well, a vote for the Tories rubber-stamps all this.
Most worrying is all the indications suggest this election in June is going to be rigged. Exactly how they intend to cheat is detail I’m not party to, yet it couldn’t be more obvious. Forget about the media continuing to do a hatchet job on JC. I feel this tactic is doing anything but undermining voter confidence in JC. Most the public see the bias & so, no surprise independent polls have JC miles in front & significantly, Theresa May’s support is virtually non-existent. The parallels one can draw with Hillary are striking. No. This is for the purpose of selling the fix so that when people scream foul, they’ll be able to brush it off with the minimum of fuss. That’s the plan at least.
So the big question is what can we do to stop the fix. As I said in a previous post, we have to let them know we’re onto them but there’s no one thing that can miraculously solve our problems. The secret of our success will be down to how many of us step up to plate & do our bit. Phoning or emailing MP’s & media outlets is a must. I’ve already done that. In the next few days I’m going to concentrate on finding out exactly how they intend to cheat & what we can do to stop them. I’m pretty sure we won’t be using voting machines. I for one will be taking my phone to record my vote. Needless to say, all suggestions will be welcome.


Here’s all the info you need about complaining to the UK TV stations – not a bad idea phoning them all up –


P.O. BOX 1922



BBC – 03700100222

ITV – 08444096850

CH 4 – 03450760191

My feeling is they’ve selected a list of seats which are close & they’re simply going to lie about the results in these constituencies so that the Tories end up with a healthy majority. Every close seat has been earmarked for a Tory win. That’s their plan & the more I think about it, the more I feel it’s a case of –
The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do – Josef Stalin
Whether Stalin said this or not, matters not. What’s crucial is realising how true this is & may I say, appropriate for this upcoming election. We have to make it as hard as possible for them to cheat without there being a massive scream up. Suspecting they’re going to cheat is not good enough. We have to say it & talk about it. Sure, it’s a cast-iron guarantee somewhere along the line you will be labeled anti-Semitic. I’ll say it again – we all have to step up to the plate. The other day I never mentioned Jews yet some idiot accused me of being anti-Semitic. I ignored him only for another person to comment ‘when did that guy ever mention Jews?’ I responded by saying –
The guy is a complete fool. I’m so glad the idiot blocked me. 250 years ago Voltaire said ‘to know who rules over you, see who you’re not allowed to criticise.’ And so it is for whenever one talks of the inordinate hidden power Zionist bankers possess, (one which I feel I’ve every right to mention, especially when the Zionist run media is doing everything it can to destroy JC), one is immediately bombarded with the label anti-Semitism, more often than not from blithering idiots who have no idea what the phrase actually means. These fools are going to destroy us all because they’re making it nigh on impossible to highlight criminality on a scale scarcely imaginable, not to mention the very bribery & coercion that has undermined our political system. Groups like the Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel should be outlawed.
Why should we unconditionally support the most evil state on the planet anyway? No country flouts international law as Israel does, not to mention how that maniac Netanyahu is a pathological liar as well as a mass-murderer. Accusations of anti-Semitism are made either by complete fools or those who possess no counter argument. Like a bank robber caught bang to rights but instead of the due process of law taking it’s course, the bank robber is able to say, ‘I don’t recognise this court because you’re all anti-thieves.’ Upon hearing this bilge, the judge proceeds to throw out the case. THIS IS PRECISELY WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US TODAY!
And one has to hand it to the Zionists for the way they’ve engineered this diabolical situation where one is loathed to criticise, what effectively are the greatest crooks in the history of mankind! Freedom of speech has to remain sacrosanct. Nobody should be able to say who you’re not allowed to criticise. As you so rightly say Ben ‘who mentioned Jews?’ Yet this guy couldn’t wait to stifle any discussion or debate. For sure, he’s been successfully programmed but I BLOODY WELL HAVEN’T!

ITV poll: 68% of 165,000 people vote #Corbyn4PM





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