How can any ordinary person vote Tory after listening to this speech? Bear in mind Corbyn is opposed to all the things Cameron is implementing. How in the blazes can Cameron impose austerity measures on ordinary folk while the super wealthy are absolutely raking it in & while there’s always more money for foreign wars that we have no right being in? Just listen to this amazing speech & ask yourself why is the media keeping schtum about all the things we might really want to hear –



– to go along all the bad things about Cameron that they never publicise like his fetish for pigs & the fact the US administration thinks he’s a blithering idiot. Thanks to Lesa Lal, a lady from Canada, for sending me this speech.





Great Speech


  • Lesa & Al

    Imagine that Michael .. someone from Canada has to send YOU .. the most astute researcher I have had the privilege to meet … this speech. Speaks droves to how much the zionist controlled media do their utmost so we get nothing but lies and propaganda. Now if we could only find a “leader” in Canada with so much balls .. if you hear of one please be sure to share. Cause you won’t hear it on MSM!

    • Yes indeed Lesa. This once again shows the distinct disadvantage we’re at – the Zionist controlled media can lie & cheat all it likes & there are no comebacks. This is our future we’re talking about & these scumbags are manipulating everything to the max. I only hope more people wake up to what’s going on.

      • Tim

        It is a mistake to use the term the zionist media. It is the establishment media, owned and controlled by the wealthy who are very keen to spread the idea that ordinary people have little or no power. Even the BBC who by their founding charter are at an arms length from the government cannot avoid the influence of the wealthy and the capitalist narrative which is prevalent in most organs of the media. When Jeremy Corbin was campaigning for the leadership, I was lucky enough to see him speak live on a trip to Wales. That is how he campaigns as he is fully aware that the media will not give him coverage, but equally aware that citizen journalists can spread the word to the grass roots. I had only just returned from living in the USA for 15 years, in Florida no less, where I was, fortunately a member of WMNF Radio in Tampa which provided progressive news and views (and great music) but I also went and worked for a christian conservative talk radio station so experienced the other pole of the not so mainstream media. It seemed ironic to me how the right criticised the mainstream media for being to liberal whereas in Britain we criticise it for being too right wing

        • I’ll bear that in mind Tim though I’m sure if you look up who owns what, all the roads lead to the Rothschilds. In any case what w desperately need is an independent media. I think we’re all agreed on that.

          • Hazel Child

            can you please shut up with the antisemitism?? you undermine everything when you bring in the racist crap.

          • Hazel Child

            can you please shut up with the antisemitism?? you undermine everything when you bring in the racist crap.

          • What racist crap? Where’s the racism. Do you even know what anti-Semitism is? It is people like you who undermine everything. You’re just a complete fool.

          • David Cousens

            I don’t think Rupert Murdoch is a Rothschild. He is descended form a family of Scottish immigrants to Australia and several of his forbears were ministers in the Free Church of Scotland ( Pesbyterian) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murdoch_family). He is admittedly from a conservative establishment background, but I don’t see any particular connection to Jewish or Zioist beliefs. He is not the only major media owner, but he does establish that the media is not controlled exclusively by Zionist interests.

          • Yes that’s all true but then he’s in bed with the Zionists 100%. Fox news actually told more porkies than the BBC & CNN when it came to spreading the lies of Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith, 3 Zionists who concocted totally false reasons for invading Iraq.
            However, Murdoch has been rewarded lavishly for his services to the Zionist cause because along with the Rothschilds & Dick Cheney, Murdoch has been awarded drilling rights in the Golan Heights. Yes indeed. The very land Israel stole from Syria & even though a UN resolution deemed Israel had to return all territories occupied in 1967. As per usual international laws don’t apply to these outrageous criminals. Ever since Israel has refused to return the Golan Heights. Small wonder – huge deposits of oil & gas were discovered there.
            I’m pretty sure I’ve never ever said Murdoch was a Rothschild but then people are queuing up to try & prove me wrong on anything! He’s connected alright & the media IS ZIONIST CONTROLLED, otherwise you’d know more about what’s going on in the Golan Heights.

        • Alistair

          Anti zionism is NOT anti semitism!!!

          • Too true Alistair & many smart Jews realise the most anti-Semitic people on the planet are Zionists!

          • barry mason

            very true my friend, I wish more people understood this

          • That’s the big problem Barry. We are surrounded by people who think they’re smart but in truth are oblivious of the most important facts. Add political correctness into the equation & all of a sudden you can’t say anything about the greatest criminals in history! It’s just unbelievable.

          • Muhammad

            Anti zionism is not ant semetism as most are the Zionists are not semite. In fact there are strong doubts about the origins of Ashkenazim whether they are semite in the first place

          • Well said Muhammad – The last thing Eastern Europeans are are Semitic. Well since some 85% of Israelis are Ashkenazi fake Jews then it’s safe to say the most anti-Semitic people on the planet are the Israelis!

        • Gertrude Pullman

          Really pleased to read
          Your text. I am doing my best to encourage
          Jeremy to stop and not let anyone move him out long time since I was so fired up or so
          Impressed with a true
          Politician It’s a disgrace what is happening I am ashamed

          • So are all decent folk Gertrude. Our democracy is being usurped by the greatest gangsters on the planet. What I find so astonishing is there are still so many fools who remain oblivious to the dangers.

        • Hang on Tim – You’re out of order here. Show me where I used the term Zionist in this post!

          • Lyn

            You wrote about the Zionist controlled media Michael! It might be a good idea to read things through before you post them so that you don’t feel so persecuted.

          • Well Lyn – I always read my pieces through 3 or 4 times before I post anything. I’m forever editing. Also I do not feel persecuted. I’m totally at ease with myself knowing I’m on the side of good. This is the territory. This is what happens when people speak the truth & I will always do that. The reason why I say Zionists are the most racist evil people on the planet by a proverbial mile BECAUSE THEY ARE! They’re behind all the skulduggery that’s taking place. The only reason why they’ve been getting away with it for so long is because the entire mass-media covers their back.

        • Lucie Manheim

          Thank you Tim! Zionism has nowt to do with it.

      • Euan Mercer

        The trouble is that the use of inflammatory descriptions such as “zionist media” do nothing to help us get Jeremy Corbyn’s message across. I know many people who would only need to see a phrase like that and they simply wouldn’t get any further.

        You would be responsible for the message not getting through. Sorry, but it has to be said, by bringing that into the argument you simply add ammunition to the right to their view that anyone left of centre is simply an agitator with a chip on their shoulder.

        Other than that, thanks for sharing this!

        All the best

        • Your most welcome Euan but as much as I respect what you say THE WHOLE MEDIA IS ZIONIST CONTROLLED! This is the integral reason we have this very problem today. As much as it may seems contentious, not pointing out this fact is tantamount to burying one’s head in the sand! These are serious times. We all have to stand up & be counted.

          As for me not getting the message across? What am I supposed to say to this? This couldn’t be more erroneous. For every person who feels my language is too hard-hitting, scores of people feel it’s entirely appropriate. Moreover, I’m forever praised for not just pointing the finger in the right direction but explaining how & why I arrive at my conclusions. There is no bias attached. I say it how it is & may I add, this is precisely what we need now.

          Also your point that the message is not getting through again is altogether misplaced. Jeremy Corbyn has been getting the message out. Why do you think he won a landslide victory. People knew exactly what he stood for. That message is loud & clear. People are sick to the back teeth of the ever-widening gap between the have’s & the have-not’s! What people need to know is who is pulling the politicians & media’s strings – Answer – the Zionist war-mongering bankers & once more I reiterate – the reason we’re in this mess is because we forever allow the true conspirators to slip under the radar.

          Right now, the 80 Labour friends of Israel, in collusion with the media are trying to usurp Jeremy Corbyn & indeed our democracy. We cannot allow this. We have to rid ourselves of this Zionist cancer that is eating us from within.

          Don’t worry about agitators & Trolls. They never tangle with me because they’ll soon find out they’re on a hiding to nothing.

          Finally, do you know why I know I’m doing a fine job Euan? If only I could show you all the tricks & strokes they’re pulling so that my message doesn’t get out. Both on FB & Go Daddy I am being censored left, right & center. Would they be doing that to a guy that just has a chip on his shoulder? I don’t think so.

          • Unfortunately using the term Zionist can be seen as antisemitic. Especially when you ignore the role that the elite white establishment play in controlling the media. You might want to think about rephrasing and see if you are sensored less.

          • I don’t use the term Jew because I’ve done my homework – Zionists are not Jewish so quite how my criticism of Zionists can even be construed as anti-Semitic is almost a wonder of the world! Of course you’re right Tim. I know & that’s why I will continue pointing the finger at the elite white establishment you’re talking about because they are all beholding to the Rothschild Zionists. You’re right again – using the Z word means I will be censored. Well one makes one’s bed & one lies in it. I’ll forego the extra popularity thank you very much. Speaking with a forked tongue is the last thing I ever want to do.

        • Paul Avard

          Why not use Zionist? People are happy to use Islamist with impunity.

          • You know they say keeping it simple is always the way. Well Paul – you have just gone & proved that! How the hell did I not think of that one before. Once again we see how good people are brainwashed by the media. Anything associated with Israel is viewed with disdain yet the Zionist controlled media have all but declared Islamists are fair game. Voltaire was so right – ‘to know who rules over you see who you’re not allowed to criticise.’ Thanks Paul.

          • X

            Because it’s all hate speech that we could do without.

        • Jane Roberts

          You are absolutely right Euan Mercer. I just watched this speech (came to it through Facebook) and I was very impressed. But now I’ve read all this ‘Zionist conspiracy’ nonsense, I’m out of here for good. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised that people posting such crap are doing so deliberately to undermine Corbyn.

          • Good. Please don’t come back Jane because you are part of the problem. The enemy stares you in the face yet you’re blind. UNBELIEVABLE! How can you not differentiate between good & evil. Your own stupidity plays straight into the hands of the people who ARE DESPERATELY TRYING TO UNDERMINE CORBYN. You’re a dunce. You’re a complete dunce.

        • Euan – i’d appreciate it if you could show me where I used the term ‘Zionist media’ on this post

          • Joe

            You said this Michael:

            “Yes indeed Lesa. This once again shows the distinct disadvantage we’re at – the Zionist controlled media can lie & cheat all it likes & there are no comebacks. This is our future we’re talking about & these scumbags are manipulating everything to the max.”

            Even if there are people who you define as zionists who have very influential positions in the media, that does not mean that focussing on this is useful. By ignoring the majority of the influences on the media output, and focussing on ‘zionists’, you are echoing the rhetoric of people who do hold anti-semetic views.

            At the end of the day, the average Jewish person would find these references offensive, and the average (perhaps less informed than you) reader will find these references offensive.

            Most of all, do you actually believe it is relevant that there are people, who you assert to be invested in the idea of the state of Israel (zionist), who are in positions of power in the media? These people, be they Zionist or not, have complex and nuanced motivations. It is not only a crude oversimplification to focus so explicitly and unapologetically on the apparent dangers of a media under ‘Zionist control’, and so one that detracts from many more relevant issues, but it is also one that is a political hot potato and, as others have mentioned, undermining the overall cause you seem to be an advocate of.

            Overall, best avoid that term, at least when not explicitly discussing Israel.

          • Yes I take in what you say but then should we not make it our duty to inform people that Zionists are not Jews? This is something I never cease to do. I can’t remember how many times I’ve said around 85% of Israel’s inhabitants are Ashkenazi ‘fake Jews’. These people originated from Khazaria, a land now known as Georgia. Therefore 85% of Israelis do not possess a drop of Semitic blood. I simply cannot base what I say on what the uninitiated may do or think. One therefore shouldn’t criticise those who speak the truth & should concentrate on what facts have been deliberately withheld from the public such as PALESTINIANS, IRAQIS & SYRIANS ARE SEMITIC PEOPLE! You’re right though. Most my ex Jewish friends think I’m a racist ogre. Moreover whatever answer I give to them is never adequate such is the level they’ve been brainwashed.
            On your last point regarding Israel & the media, they’re most definitely is an inextricable link between those who own & control the media & those who pull the strings in Israel. All of these people are under the Rothschilds whose aim is to control a one world government. Playing by the Queensbury rules while the Rothschilds use every trick in the book is tantamount to saying – take over the world. We may as well give up! Do your worst!

      • barry

        As soon as someone mention Zionists I see opsonised youth or just a small minded idiot. Don’t ruin fact with blind ill-informed hatred it detracts from the credibility of your comments

        • Anyone who calls me a small-minded idiot is one. I suggest you go & see an optician because your eye-sight’s a bit dodgy pal!

        • You do need an eye test because I never mentioned Zionists in this post. I think perhaps a few more ZIONIST Trolls have slipped their way through the net.

        • jemima puddleduck

          i considered having a mature intellectual debate with you michael, but then i realised that you are a small minded racist nobody, who readily insults anyone that dares to say anything that doesn’t agree with your view on things. Hitler was similar. i suggest you get yourself a better psychiatrist, and keep taking the tablets you nasty little individual. look up Zionist in the dictionary

          • Don’t you think I know you’re a Zionist Troll? Puddleduck my arse. Are you completely mad. Of course, you lot always start off with a veiled compliment “i considered having a mature intellectual debate with you Michael.” AS IF! And then you tear into me typically with the vitriolic Zionist insults. In one breath you say you’re interested in a mature intellectual debate (something you’re incapable of) only in the next breath to say ‘I’m a small minded racist nobody.’ You compare me to Hitler. Who do you think financed him you brainless bitch? At least I use my name. What scum.

      • Tania

        Hi Michael thank you for having the courage to speak the facts. I am not a political person but i do have my own mind and i absolutely agree with you in all entirety. You are just saying what should be said and yes unfortunately some people won’t like it but as we say the truth hurts right. I just hope that there will.be more people such as you. We need them.

        • Tania – you are indeed most welcome & whenever I receive such a wonderful comment it can but spur me on. I can assure you, many more folk are stepping to the plate. Thank you so very much.

      • Helen

        Now this is an example of when you read the comments to decide if it’s worth watching the video, and conclude it isn’t.

        • Why don’t you explain yourself properly. Let me tell you now – for every person like you, there’s 30 that like my writing. So the moral of this story is Helen – STAY DUMB!

    • Alex McKenna

      Why use the term “Zionist” ? Dragging in your own obsessions.. It’s a deliberate diversion from the real message

      • No it’s not Alex. Paul Avard just reliably informed me the media use the term Islamist with impunity. Considering millions of Arabs & Muslims have been killed due to this Zionist war OF terror, surely you should be more concerned about the obsessions of the mass-murderers? Voltaire was so right when he said ‘to learn who rules over you see who you’re not allowed to criticise.’

        • In any case – show me where I used the term Zionist!

          • Anonymous

            You used the term “Zionist media” in a post dated 9/27/15 but it is the first post that appears on this steam so that is what people are responding to. Personally I think using any “ist” reference diminishes any message and alienates many of your intended audience.

          • I see. Thank you for that. I wondered what was going on. It’s a shame so few people think the same thing of the media when they use the word ‘Islamist!’ Truth is I’m telling the truth – Zionists DO own the media & this media bias is the integral reason why the world is in such a mess.

        • Joe

          The key issue is one of relevance. If their are Zionists who are influential at controlling the media, is their Zionism actually relevant? Sure, it is relevant if we are discussing media reporting of Israel, or governmental policies regarding Israel, but chucking the term out their when it isn’t relevant is unhelpful. Especially when their is a established tradition of anti-semetism that means extra caution must be taken.

          It is like when a “casual racist” remarks on how a smelly *insert racial type* person sat near them on a bus. It may be true that the person who was smelly was the race they mentioned, but it is entirely irrelevant, and including it reveals underlying racial prejudice.

          Their appears to be a similar

          • I can only say I do not have a racist bone in my body. For 25 years I’ve been giving blood & Platelet donations. The mere thought of going into the hospital & saying ‘I don’t want any Jew or Zionist receiving my blood’ is abhorrent to say the least. I only care for the truth. We know often that hurts. If people want to blindside themselves – instead of giving what I say some thought they merely fob it off as racism THIS IS THEIR FAILING, NOT MINE! As I said before, the reason we’re in such a mess is because we’ve taken ages just to get our gloves off.

          • Debbie

            Joe, I’ve read your comments and agree with a few; you post some interesting points of view. I also note that you are an educator of children with learning difficulties and, as such, you should have mastered the difference between “their” and “there”. Their misuse undermines your messages. Only a little thing of course …..

    • X

      Don’t ruin this lovely speech with your anti-semitic hate speech. Thanks,

  • Dominic

    I hope it isn’t all spin he gives.. sounds inspiring. Never been a Labour person as the Left is the first to get high jacked by the Marxist left & Labour`s track record is not good. But there again neither have the Rights!

    • SPIN? For 32 years this man has never flinched once. HE IS INSPIRING! Often he’s stood as a lone voice in the wilderness. He’s one of the few MP’s who cannot be bribed & he more than anyone has proved personal financial gain is of little interest to him. Year after year his expenses claims have been among the lowest. We’re in the Khazi after 36 years of RIGHT-WING POLICIES! I don’t care what the media says anymore – the only reason why Corbyn won’t implement what he preaches is because he’ll either be cheated in the election or him & his family will be threatened – both at the hands of Zionists!

      • gala

        Michael, I like your reply. I wish I could put it so eloquently to my Scottish friends who are all going off him 😩

        • Yes indeed Gala – unfortunately most people don’t realise the only reason why people may be ‘going off ‘ JC is because of the media’s relentless barrage. Most people have no idea that the media decides when & what people should get angry about. If the media just told the truth about Cameron, he’d have to resign tomorrow!

          • Fluffy Pink Dragon

            Nothing to do with him hob knobbing with terrorists then? At the moment he won’t even talk to his second in command as he doesn’t like dealing with conflict. Someone once said

            ‘All it needs for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing’

            They hadn’t met JC! He meets evil, sits down and has a cuppa with them, pats them on the back and says everyone is entitled to their point of view, even terrorists!

          • What an idiot! Who’s a bigger terrorist – Netanyahu or Corbyn, yet you sit there & write crap like that! Only brainless people don’t realise ISIS is backed by the US & UK for the benefit of Israel. Who are the biggest terrorists – THE ISRAELIS. Corbyn, like all decent people, is against them! Hob-knobbing with terrorists my arse!

          • jemima puddleduck

            dear fluffy pink dragon, jemima puddleduck here, nice to see that you are also wise enough not to use your real name with this lunatic! quack quack lol!

      • Adam Osen

        Wonderful speech, why do you have to spoil it with the whole anti zionist agenda thing

        • Because Adam, people like you are oblivious of what’s really going on & I’m merely trying to raise awareness. In fact considering how the media have been so outrageously biased with their character assassination of Corbyn, all the lies & the fact that this speech was not shown on the MSM, quite how you can even open your mouth is beyond me. You dare say it’s a wonderful speech & then attack me because you’re incapable of doing just a little research to find out who owns the media. Pathetic.

          • Francis Clare

            It’s strange that you are so opposed to the far right because your racist conspiracy theories opinions seem very much the same. Yes the press are biased but your attributing it to ‘Zionism’ has some especially repellent historical precedence. You also have the same habits as most bigots in that anyone that disagrees with you is shouted at and told they are just ‘ignorant’. It appears that ‘truth’ is just whose propaganda you believe.

          • What rubbish! There isn’t a racist bone in my body. How dare you! I have every right to shout down ignoramuses like you because your entire argument is I’m a racist, a bigot & above all a conspiracy theorist – a pathetic Zionist media invention to stop people asking patently obvious questions. This is no argument! Why don’t you learn some facts before you spout bile?

          • Francis Clare

            Thank you for proving my point

          • You never made a point. All you did is exactly what you accused me of which may I say is a Zionist trait!

          • Tim

            To quote from a website that makes the case for Jewish-zionist control of British media: The BBC, like the rest of the supposedly British media, is fully-geared to the all-out promotion of “multiculturalism”. Its Producers’ Guidelines specify to its potential programme producers that: “People from all groups should be represented in the full range of our programmes. […] BBC programmes should not categorise black people as criminals. […] Colour should be mentioned only when it is relevant. Ask yourself each time: would you say “white” in similar circumstances? […] Programmes must not allow offensive assumptions or generalisations in scripted material, and interviewees who express them need to be challenged wherever possible. […] BBC programmes must not be vehicles for prejudice. Lesbians and gay men can be particularly subject to thoughtless and offensive stereotyping. […] Programmes must not allow offensive assumptions or generalisations in scripted material, and interviewees who express them need to be challenged with vigour. […] Be sensitive to the effect of language. ‘Homosexual’ has wide currency. ‘Gay and lesbian’ is often preferred and is certainly acceptable.”
            Are you saying that these stated aims of the BBC under Alan Yentob are disagreeable because he is Jewish?
            The tone of the article certainly seems to imply that multiculturalism and sensitivity to racial or sexual minorities is a bad thing – what they call “Kosher TV”

        • Francis Clare

          Oh I think we all know what you are

          • You don’t that’s for sure but I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE. I WOULD LIKE TO BET ANY MONEY YOU UNCONDITIONALLY SUPPORT ISRAEL & a great Israeli journalist once said “no decent person does”. I’m at a loss because you can just lie but I trust my judgement. I will not be bullied by thuggish comments claiming that I do what you did in your first comment. You are a disgrace. Go away. In fact I’m going to block your sorry arse. I don’t mind people disagreeing with me but calling me a racist & a bigot for what I’ve wrote on this thread smacks of Zionist delusion.

        • barney

          Because it needs to be said again and again and the media don’t

      • Joe

        please clarify what you mean by the descriptor “Zionist”. It might clear a few things up.

        I know some people will read it and understand “Jewish”, which whilst wrong does need to be taken into consideration.

        I personally read it and understand “Person who supports the concept of a Jewish state in Israel”. So, whilst political rather than ethnicity/ religion-based, I’m at a loss to see why you blame such people for so much, and why there support of Israel seems to effect – for you – there opinions about everything else too…

        Please enlighten us 🙂

        • See my first comment – Jews are of Middle Eastern origin, whereas most of Israels inhabitants are Ashkenazi Zionists who originated from Eastern Europe. They are not Semitic people.
          You’re at a loss why people support Israel? On that subject one needs to know how Israel was created – I suggest you listen to Benjamin Freedman’s speech at the Willard Hotel in 1961. He was a Jew who devoted his life to exposing Zionism & the role the Rothschilds played in the creation of Israel which probably unbeknown to you, was a direct result of WW I being extended two years. Germany & England had all but made peace in 1916. Then the Rothschilds stepped in. Perhaps Joe, when you learn about the true history you will see why my writing is so critical of the media & Zionists for the crimes they have committed are unimaginable!
          The reason why I hope to enlighten you is because you have taken the time & trouble to eloquently make your points. I feel it is my duty to respond to every decent comment regardless of whether they are complimentary or not.

          • شيرين

            • Great speech by JC. I love the way he thinks.
            • thanks Michael for your comments, not everybody use their brains to understand the reality of whatever happens and links with past events and what’s happening now!
            • those who are trying to defend Zeionist, you should educate yourself and know about their history and Zionist links in big corporations, controlling media…. Jews are not Zionist. That’s commen mistake that some western people do.
            • I share more blood and DNA with Jews and any MiddleEastern race than anybody else on this page.
            • I didn’t feel Michael’s comment as racist comments at all. Just some of you misunderstood him very easily.
            Wish you all the best. Be kind and try to understand each other then we all can live in peace.

          • Thank you ever so much Sherry

  • Paul

    What speech? I can’t find one on this page.

    • Try clicking the Corbyn caption with the red arrow Paul.

      • Dave George

        Michael, is it possible to re-post the speech about BBC bias? I’ve watched the speech below – excellent – but the upper one has a “play” arrow which does not play. A friend of mine shared it 4th July on Facebook; has it perhaps been blocked since then? I will happily share it. Jeremy Corbyn speaks a lot of sense and like the EU referendum, it’s appalling how people base their opinions on censorship and downright lies.

        • I don’t see why you cannot re-post the speech Dave. Just click Youtube & a new page should come up & you can copy the link or copy the link on my website. Let me know if you need more help because as you say – Corbyn speaks a lot of sense & that’s what we badly need right now.

  • Malcolm Williams

    Frankly I’m totally appalled at the way that all the media has been treating the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has been so successful in getting people – especially young people – engaged in politics. We can point to all sorts of reasons for this but the only one that makes sense is that ALL the media are dependent on sponsors/advertisers for their revenue flows and have therefore been effectively bought by the wealthy. Jeremy Corbyn’s populist politics challenges that status quo/vested interest fundamentally because he identifies all of them with the 1% and his new voters as the 99%. So if democracy means anything and social media can outstrip commercial media (as it currently does in spades) then the 1% had better know that their halcyon days are over and bend to the winds of change. If history tells us anything it surely tells us that they won’t.

    • Well said Malcolm. I think a little research as to who owns the 6 major media conglomerates will give you a better picture as to why a man of such integrity is being relentlessly abused by the media. The exact opposite is occurring to Cameron even though he’s buried the Pedophile & Chilcot inquiries; he’s made an enemy out of Russia for no good reason; he was involved with the deliberate £1.3 billion fraud in the sell off of the Royal Mail; thelies over Syria & Libya – one can go on & on.; The TV media have totally ignored the pig-gate scandal too.

      • Robert Halliwell

        Is that the Chilcot inquiry that stared under Labour government that Tony Blair has actively done his upmost to derail by insisting he has right of reply to then not replying?
        JC has not said anything new that hasn’t already been reported over the period f the campaign for leadership and the last few weeks since he took office so how is that suppression? he had a good half hour on the Andrew Marr show 2 weeks ago telling the same things
        when was the last time you saw speech by DC? I cant recall, the ‘media’ cant broadcast every minor labour meeting and rally.
        Made an enemy out of Russia possibly for blowing up a civilian plane and invading an independent country, maybe we should be congratulating Putin for something condemned Saddam Husain for?

        J may have conviction in his beliefs but its not going to win him votes when your average working man sees how much it will cost him in tax or your average working class bigot sees how may refugees he wants to let in

        • Sorry Robert but anyone who bases their opinions on what the media says is going to come-a-cropper. You haven’t got a clue. Your criticising Corbyn over the Chilcot inquiry & not mentioning that bastard Cameron. Corbyn is one of the few to demand that Blair faces the music. That’s just too much to bear already. Then you’re satisfied that when Cameron came to power Russia was our friend; now we’re enemies with a super-power & your neglecting to ask basic questions of Cameron’s judgement & instead believe the tripe the media came out with. I don’t know why I’m even wasting my time responding to one of the most pathetic comments.

          • Kelly Mcgrow

            Michael, it’s great of you give your energy and mind to spread the message of how tiny cliques rule the masses. It’s how human life works unfortunately. Millions upon millions of people have walked on to battlefields to die for the people in power.. Why does Corbyn act and look so weak and muted in parliament?? Mystifies me. Anyway you need to develope calm & patience when someone doesn’t accept your message. Attacking them Doesn’t help you. The world has always been brutally controlled by the powerful. Just that modern weaklings like Cameron ,Osborne & ids were never at the front. Are they all powerful or puppets, who knows. If the Vikings had came with scare stories Oooooo, they might not have ruled Britain. Greed & power will win 99% of the time. Life is 2 battles . One of your personal life and one of your mind. People all over the world look down on others no matter how low in society they are, till we get to the wretched vagrant. & prostitutes. The ones Jesus looked out for. I tried to give to a vagrant in Egypt with truly nothing and was attacked. Spread your word but understand everyone has an opinion and view from who they are. Getting by and the survival instinct is enough for them .

  • Jon Slack

    Firstly, congratulations to JC for his victory over the watercolour Tory Labourites in the leadership election. I have to admit that I was a little concerned in the lead-up. I have little love for communists because communism doesn’t work except by control, conquest and corruption. Remember that in Communism, some pigs are always more equal than others. But JC has done what no Labour politician has been able to do since Tony Blair invented the New Tory Labour Party. He has reminded people what Labour stands for (or should stand for). Socialism is about compassion. It’s about all pulling together to create a world we can ALL enjoy together. It is not about selfservativity. It’s not about getting fat on the broken backs of the most vulnerable. It’s not about cruelty, distrust and profit. It’s not “The harder you work, the richer I get”, but it is “The harder we work, the richer we all get”.

    I’ve never voted Labour (I’ve never voted Tory either but that’s another story). But in JC and after 59 years on this planet, I now see before me a Labour Politician I can vote for. 2020 is a long way off and a lot of water will cliche it’s way under the bridge by then, but as of now, Mr Corbyn has my vote. Let us remember we are community; not commodity.

  • Philip07

    I have never understood why any normal person would vote Conservative other than to protect a vested interest or vast wealth. However, speaking only of the current situation, the most likely reason would be Mr Corbyn. As far as I can see his so called “leadership victory” was nothing less than a coup. The control of the party was seized with an influx of huge numbers of “new members” who were opposed to Labour policy and goals. The only people who should have voted were previously existing members and people who voted Labour at the election, not militants, anarchists and people supporting this man who voted against Labour almost as often as the Tories and who now is the surest guarantee of another Tory win, whilst loyal Labour supporters are left disenfranchised from their own party. But time moves on, Labour will be back, Corbyn will be gone, the sooner the better for the party and the country, so we can provide a genuine opposition

    • Your first sentence was excellent – then it went downhill fast. You may have a point about all the new members but did you ever stop to think of all the members Labour lost thanks to Toryite Blair? Or perhaps the members there would have been had political ideology not been flushed down the drain 35 years ago. The only reason why the Tories will win is because of the incredible media bias, I say incredible because they are literally lying about everything but people simply remain oblivious. They’re already cheating by not highlighting any of Cameron’s treachery & you talk about election coups? What about how David Davis was robbed by Cameron in the ‘extended’ Tory leadership contest so that enough of Davis’s supporters could be bribed & coerced by the Zionists who support Cameron. People can’t see the wood from the trees. Just keep believing the media – the biggest liars in the world!

      • Tim

        The point being that New Labour had to compromise its socialist roots so much that it became neoliberal tory light, and therefore acceptable to the establishment media and therefore electable. If the so called shock result about Brexit is anything to go by, the majority of working class people are not all that impressed with the establishment media. Corbin and his supporters are very new media savvy and can, given time, translate that into votes. It did not take more than a few months for the BBC to be constantly going on about Corbyn’s lack of support among the rump of New Labour MP’s in parliament

        • Tina Byrne

          I am extremely concerned about the Labour Party atm. It feels to me like a fight for the soul of the party and the UK. I believe that if Jeremy Corbyn is forced out then there will be no way back from the neoliberalism that has reigned for so long. I try not to get sucked into conspiracy Theories but there is one hell of a lot of coincidences all tied up with the #chicken coup as its been termed. Initially it seemed that it was planned by a small section of the Blairite MPs who were going to challenge Jeremy at some point once he was elected. Now it seems to be being orchestrated by others, and might be linked to the US. Even if Jeremy is not the charismatic type of leader he needs to stay in place for a while longer until a natural heir with his values who can’t be bought can be found or the socialism and community compassion will be squeezed out of British life and the 99% will be further enslaved while benefiting the 1% like the Philip Greens. If the Labour party splits there is a chance of building a progressive alliance with those who want something other than Tory neoliberalism such as The Greens, Plaid, Lib dems, SNP. I think the next 24 hours is key. I hope he hangs in there ’til the Chilcot report is debated.

          • Excellent post Tina. One of the jobs of the media is to keep people guessing & confused. This is why the moment someone suggested this was all to do with Blair I immediately dismissed it. Of course it may be a factor but the reality is Corbyn is the one thing the elite hate – A MAN WHO CANNOT BE BOUGHT! He’s against war; he supports the Palestinians; he rightfully think Netanyahu is a maniac! He also believes the gap between the Have’s & the Have not’s is simply ridiculous. This is ALL ABOUT WHAT THEY WANT AS OPPOSED TO WHAT WE SO DESPERATELY NEED! So to clear up the matter – JUST THROW YOU’RE WEIGHT BEHIND CORBYN. Screw the Labour Party. Let them know as I have, I SUPPORT JEREMY CORBYN. THE REST OF YOU LOT AREN’T WORTH A BAR OF SOAP!

    • Angela

      Hang about here, who has done a survey of the new members, how do we know their reasons or ages. I am one at 67 years old. Having done lots of research since I retired and realised what is going on and who is controlling things, I think the peoples only chance to fight back is with Mr Corbyn. A lot of crap is spouted about labels such as right, left, communist, socialist, things change and evolve, try looking at policies instead.

    • Shutch

      I would guess that, like me, a lot of those new members are people who have always voted Labour, but couldn’t bring themselves to join because the Labour leadership was not ‘Labour’ enough. The Labour Party looks set to become what I have always hoped it would be, and more like what it used to be. I feel that I may actually be able to vote for something I want rather than against something I don’t want. That’s a huge and welcome change.

  • Danae

    Clapping and crying. That’s what I’ve been doing watching and listening to Mr. Corbyn. Absolutely stunning speech, and genuine passion of the little people – the man positively shines with it.

  • Morag

    Can’t believe people are taken in by him he has a very good script writer perhaps they will make a soap out of him that would be worth watching

    • David Kelly

      “taken in by him”, Morag? Really? This guy is the most genuine politician in the UK.

      He doesn’t even own a car. Do you honestly believe a person who shuns material wealth is lying about his stance on austerity?

      He said what he voted for and against. It’s easy to check these facts. Unlike so many other politicians who say one thing and vote the other way when it comes down to it.

      Shame on you for making such an uneducated, uninformed comment. Do some research!

      • Morag

        We will see he is no better than the rest of them all mouth full of promises so they get the vote

        • If you don’t think a man who’s stayed true to his beliefs after 32 years as an MP. He’s never sold out; he ‘s always stood as a lone voice in the wilderness & the fact no leader has ever been treated so disgracefully by the pathetic media should tell you this man is entirely genuine. It sure comes to something when people finally get the one politician that wants to serve them, they can’t se the wood from the trees.

      • Absolutely right David. To some extent I can understand the wealthy & the media sticking the boot in to Corbyn but for ordinary folk not to give this man the benefit of the doubt most especially when one knows what Cameron REALLY wants to (eradicate Truthers) – as you so correctly point out such a comment is indeed uneducated & uninformed.

    • Debbie

      Morag, this man has proven time, after time, after time, after time, to be a man of honesty and integrity. Your post saddens me.

  • Eleanor Finch

    I’ve spotted he has taken down comments and blocked others that have pointed this out – how ironic, to complain about censorship by the media and then do the very same thing to anyone that outs him as a bigot. No doubt he will do the same with this or he’ll claim I am part of a Zionist plot or just call me ignorant- not so ignorant that I can’t see through him though.

    • Yes. I will block anyone who calls me racist or anti-Semitic. I’m fed up with you ignoramuses. You don’t even know what Semitic means. You’re pathetic. The entire media is Zionist controlled & as per usual Zionists bleat like stuffed pigs when anyone speaks the truth. No one can say a word about Israel. They get away with murder & I have to listen to your nonsense? Be gone with you!

    • And what anti-Semitic rant are you going on about? You’re pathetic. Personally I couldn’t give a shit about what you think because I know you & that other piece of garbage are in cahoots trying to cause trouble.

    • Gali Shapira

      Michael you are foaming at the mouth…why don’t you take your knife out and start stubbing 4 Israeli people A DAY as the Palestinians now doing in Israel. (P.S. haven’t seen anything about that one on the BBC’s “Zionist controlled media!”)

      • Because unlike you I don’t believe in violence. anything that happens to Israelis is a direct result of continuous land grabbing from the Palestinians along with the fact Israel’s Apartheid state treats the Palestinians as prisoners on their own land. Let’s not mention how last year Netanyahu murdered 2200 Palestinians & how every day the treacherous IDF thugs use Palestinian kids for target practice. Why don’t you stop trying to make out you’re the victim when you are the terrible aggressor?

        • Joe

          Come now Michael, you can’t defend the violence against the Israelis. The Israeli citizens are victims of their politicians, and whilst they should definitely inform themselves and make a stand against it rather than settling on Palestinian land, nobody deserves to be stabbed.

          However, I can understand the desperate behaviour of the Palestinians, even if I would argue against it if I were there. They appear to be utterly disenfranchised and helpless against the oppression of Israel.

          • I deplore all violence. I have an intense dislike of politicians who lie to the people they’re supposed to represent. However since the troubles began in 1946 it is worth mentioning for every Israeli killed, approximately 80 Palestinians have lost their lives! This is not a battle; this is not a war. THIS IS A MASSACRE! And we’re not even mentioning all the land grabbing.

  • Catherine Bushell

    Just to say that this speech was broadcast by the BBC on the 29th September 2015 as part of their coverage of the Labour Party conference in Brighton, so the bias that this article talks about didn’t happen, the speech was on mainstream TV in the UK.

    • Out of 18,000 people who’ve seen this, you are the one person who claimed this was shown on mainstream TV in the UK. Now what am I supposed to think? Was this in your dreams? In any case, I’ve got scant little time for people who do not realise the media we’re subjected to is not biased to the core. Even if you’re right & I know you could well be correct that on the day of the conference they referred to this speech. THAT’S NOT PUBLICISING IT! Even if this were the case, you’ve proved my point. Surely it would have been appropriate to air this speech or at least some of it when Corbyn MADE IT ie when he was fighting for the leadership contest. Your comment typifies everything that’s wrong with politics & the media – those who’ve been duped or those on the Zionist payroll accuse others of the very things the liars specialise in.

      • Mark

        Sorry you are talking rubbish this was played live from the labour party conference. How do I know I watched it. It was played on the BBC.

      • Joe

        enough with the ‘zionist payroll’ and similar bullshit. FML

        • Why enough? And what bullshit! Don’t you dare tell me I talk bullshit. It is not my fault you haven’t bothered to learn the truth. history books are inadequate. Do your homework before you insult people!

  • Bob

    I agree with what his say up atilt he 14th Minute when he talks about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whilst what he says in terms of domestic changes is brilliant what he says in terms of defence and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are simply naive.

    • Well Bob – what happened in terms of Iraq & Afghanistan had nothing to do with defense. These were illegal wars. WHat did these two countries ever do to us?

    • Joe

      Bob, clearly something had to be done to intervene with the gruesome crimes of Saddam Hussein, and likewise the backward policies of the Taliban and affiliated groups.

      War is not the answer. It is an extremely expensive way of bolstering the very groups we were trying to stop. Countless civilians were killed.

      Imagine if the money spent on the wars was spent on humanitarian interventions. If diplomacy with Saddam was impossible, then surely a declaration of war followed by a carefully planned assassination of Saddam would have been better. Or have I been brought up on too much James Bond!

      • Wrong again. Why don’t you ask how Saddam got to power in the first place? The then Iraqi leader Qasim had told US & UK Oil companies “IRAQI OIL IS FOR THE IRAQI PEOPLE!” The CIA as per usual did not like this so they sent two Iraqi brothers to assassinate Qasim. They blew their assignment & went into hiding. In the meantime the CIA sent in the big boys & got rid of Qasim. A few years later the two brothers came out of hiding. One of them became Iraq’s leader – his name Saddam Hussein. The rest of what you say is correct but surely WE HAVE TO TAKE THE BLAME FOR SADDAM & THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING;. And when you talk about his gruesome crimes, they are no worse than what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians.

  • Sam barnes

    Omg u r so right everytime someone moans about people with learning difficulties being a drain on sociaty I always ask them y is that…let me tell u….They don’t get an education….iI was told my asd son would never learn to read at 9!!! So they never really tried…I paid for a tutor!!! 2 yrs later he was reading at a 9 yr old lvl….what’s most disturbing is I had to fight so dam hard to get him a suitable placement (that’s what they call sen kids in school) I had to give up work in order to make the 6 hr phone calls etc and still his education was limited and appaling I so hope u can help us as this child is bright and is really going places now he can read imagine what it would of cost to look after him when I’m not here if he had not gone to a private tutor and learnt to read!!!

  • Stuart

    Thanks for posting this Michael. I’d like to know when and where it was recorded. Liverpool in the summer before he was elected party leader is as far as I have got. Can you add any more detail in please?

  • kznwatch

    What a refreshing site! — was really “Wowed!” I landed here with a rather ironic search, as follows: “zionist jewry will forever play both sides — so what about Putin’s Russia — is he also on Satan’s side or is he on God’s side?” Your site was third from the top and I was doing a search on Yandex browser. I read your article on the Teardrop — But yeah, that was when Bush and Putin were still getting along, not so? Love the comments here — lots of opinions and discussion … Lovely to see how aware ordinary Americans, Brits and even Aussies are becoming of the global rottenchild roosters … will be back for sure!

  • I became a new member of the Labour Party after the leadership election. I didn’t join to vote Mr. Corbyn in, I joined BECAUSE he became leader. I have never voted Labour before, because to me they didn’t look or act any differently from the Conservatives. I had had my fill of pigs getting fat at the trough in all parties, and was about to become one of the many who no longer voted but Mr Corbyn rekindled my hope in humanity and fair politics.

    A friend of mine went to Bournemouth to see if he was all he appeared or just another lot of hot air. He heard him speak and was very impressed but what really convinced him was after the event. My friend was on the promenade listening to a band play and someone came and stood beside him – it was Mr. Corbyn – alone! No bodyguards no pomp or ceremony – just an ordinary guy listening to the music aswell. My friend took the opportunity to talk with him and took photos. Mr.Corbyn is exactly what you see – he really cares and IS genuine. I have never in my life met an honest politician – I thought it was an oxymoron!

    He represents change. Not a destructive tornado that would rip up everything in it’s path, but a gentle rain that falls and helps everything to grow. Mr. Corbyn speaks for me and is the only one who does. My new Tory MP hasn’t held a local surgery since the election as far as I am aware – nothing has ever been publicised locally – he appears to spend all his time in London eating at the trough.

    I do not wish to have our country dismantled and sold off piecemeal to corporations. This has been done now for 30+ years and we are dangerously close to the bottom of the barrel I see our biggest threat as being the petro/chemical conglomerates who buy up countries (through corrupt governments), drain their resources like locusts and move on leaving a wasteland. I do hope that enough can be done to stop the madness that appears to have taken hold in Westminster and elsewhere…. I feel that the lone voice of reason in the darkness of hypocrisy, greed and indifference has now been joined by the 99% and I now have the confidence that we CAN make a difference. Let’s see what ensues…. Thankyou for posting.

  • Gertrude

    Not just the media are controlled. It is now becoming clear to me that even in the alternative moviecircuit, more and more movies have a jewish spin, grooming us thus to judaic customs. But also the subjects are disproportionately about jewish subjects and/or homosexuality, transgenderism etc. Scandinavian movies still the exception it seems. With another movie Saul on Auschwitz we are groomed again that that is how it happened. Whilst there are now many evidences that simply cannot be possible. Sometimes ovens not even built and built by the russian invaders, jewish bolsjewiks, some only recently having emigrated from the USA to Russia. Watch the docu Hellstorm and be horrified about their many warcrimes. Now proven american jews tortured german POW;’s in Neurenberg.And do not read my comment as if i am homofobic or any fobic. I do resent though being groomed and lied to. Last night a dutch movie called Publiek Werken. My ancestors worked the turf and most likely people of many nationalities who immigrated into the Netherlands. Yet the focus was on one jewish family and their jewish customs. Here in the Netherlands we recently had a jew making a docu on familymembers in Israel, after a longstanding familyfeud since WWII. It became clear that those jews cannot speak their minds about Israel or judaism with other jews. That is food for thought. For that makes the entire Israel hype not a genetic matter but the result of some forged religious text and as there were kryptojews in all religions, who changed all original texts, we are going to have a very hard time, with so many people believing those texts. The pentecostal church is meanwhile funding churches everywhere, changing names so they will not be recognizable for innocent people who are desperately longing for some cohesion. This speaker should have looked in the garbage dumping of EU countries, in countries like Italy or in Africa, and i am sure the UK is implicated in that. Speaking about winds, the radioactive waste from the first war in Iraq, has been found on the coasts of Cornwall. He missed some important docus.

    • I agree with a lot of what you say Gertrude.

    • Joe

      Are you serious. Michael. Whilst in the post Gertrude made various interesting comments, you should definitely not be endorsing that rant due to its pervasive anti-Jewish tone.

      “more and more movies have a jewish spin, grooming us thus to judaic customs”

      “on Auschwitz we are groomed again that that is how it happened. Whilst there are now many evidences that simply cannot be possible. Sometimes ovens not even built and built by the russian invaders, jewish bolsjewiks”

      “Now proven american jews tortured german POW;’s in Neurenberg.”

      I don’t see how any of the above, even if true, is relevant. Dig a little into the behaviour of human beings and atrocities are commited across the spectrum, regardless of race or creed. Having such a sustained attack on Jews stinks. It is not an odour that should have a place in this forum or any other, in my opinion.

      • Yes I most definitely am. She’s absolutely 100% correct – MORE & MORE MOVIES DO HAVE A JEWISH SPIN. Now I don’t know which order you made these comments. I merely do as I always do – go through the list but I say again, the Jews have been duped & brainwashed by the media & Hollywood as much as everyone else has. Unless you really do your homework you will have a skewed understanding of the world we live in. Of course you’re right when you say “the behaviour of human beings and atrocities are committed across the spectrum” but I do NOT attack Jews. I pin the blame on Rothschild Zionists & THEIR CRIMES ARE UNIMAGINABLE! Just ask yourself- WHO FINANCED HITLER? Did you ever think that when Hitler came to power in 1933 Germany had no military. 7 years later they’d all but taken over half of Europe. HOW DID THEY DO THAT? Because the Rothschilds bankrolled him. WHY? Because they wanted Hitler to kill Jews so that they could get their mitts on Palestine. The Rothschilds were actually annoyed that Hitler wasn’t killing enough Jews. The biggest mistake people make is believing Israel is a Jewish state. IT IS A ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST STATE!

  • gingerperth

    Jeremy Corbyn sounds like the UK version of Bernie Sanders, for the same reasons.

    • jackie k

      agreed … and i truly hope that Sanders can pull through and become the democrat rep. and topple hilary…. she is the UK’s Tony Blair,, who is also up to his unmentionables in corruption and warmongering trouble.

  • Annette

    JC? Could he be the modern day Messiah? (No offence intended but he does seem he could be a saviour of the people…)

  • An excellent presentation. Thank you. #michaelineorder

  • John R Dowling

    Mr Corbyn is I believe a man of integrity. There is a world of difference between his ideals and that of Mr Cameron and this is blatantly obvious when you contrast the above speech and this one by Mr Cameron. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1s-9VDzxYk

    • I couldn’t agree more John. The very thought of Cameron forever lambasting Corbyn is enough to churn the stomach. We sure live in a crazy world where an evil war-mongering liar can get away with publicly criticising a good & decent man.

  • Chris

    An exceptional, impassioned speech, delivered right to the core, with arrow-like precision. I don’t know if JC subscribes to inspirational quotes and poetry; he probably does, but I find many similarities in his presence to Max Ehrmann’s poem: Desiderata, This poem has seen me through some rocky times, and a few lines in particular stood out at those times:

    Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
    As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons.
    Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others,
    even to the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.

    Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
    If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter,
    for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
    Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.

    Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
    it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

    Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery.
    But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
    many persons strive for high ideals,
    and everywhere life is full of heroism.

    Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love;
    for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.
    Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

    Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
    But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
    Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

    Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.
    You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars;
    you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

    Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be.
    And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life,
    keep peace with your soul.

    With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams,
    it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

  • pete

    Nothing is as it seems. Corbyn did nothing about organised abuse when it was reported to him. Westminster is full of this. There is no right and left, just these satanic bastards feastin on innocence.

    • How do you know he did nothing. Have the Police done anything? NO! They have sworn affidavits from countless child abuse victims by scumbags in Westminster. Did the Police manage to secure any convictions? No. Because they were told to drop it! Who has the power to do that? Those who own our politicians & the media. So even if Corbyn wanted to pull the plug on these child molesters, how far do you think he’d have got if he tried?

  • paul

    Michael you are a nutter

  • Considering Zionism has contributed to the deaths of thousands of Arabs (for being specifically Arabs) and the taking of the land of Arabs (because they are specifically Arabs) and since Arabs are Semites, is Zionism not anti-Semitic? And of the thousands of Jews who consider this wrong, are they anti-Semitic? Also there are thousands of Zionists who are non-Jews. so I can only conclude that anti-Zionism, particularly if it is in objection to the destruction of Arab people (because they are both Arab and people) cannot be anti-Semitic. Whew. Time for bed.

    • I think that sounds great & deserves a good night’s sleep. It’s good to know there are some people out there who use their brain before they talk!

    • Joe

      A considered and intelligent post.

      Many other posts on here would have it that Zionist conspirators are the primary cause of a myriad of evil actions, so it is good to see you were content with ‘contributed’.

      I think its a stretch to say anti-zionism cannot be anti-semetic, especially according to the popular understanding of both terms. High level of understanding of language and definitions will not save you from misinterpretation of statements by the majority that do not share such an understanding.

      • You think its a stretch? But you don’t by any means possess all the relevant facts. Anti-Semitic I AM NOT. I like Jews, Palestinians, Iraqis & Syrians. I know many from all 4 groups. Anti – Zionist I MOST DEFINITELY AM! Learn the distinction.

  • neil hann

    hi michael, as a taxi driver, and one whom has become aware of the likes of the rothschild’s, rockerfeller’s, morgan’s, du pont’s etc, (also being a very opinionated person :/ ) i have made it my vocation in life to wake people up and make them start to think and question everything they hear and see in the media, but alas, as has been stated in a few post’s here, not everyone is receptive or intelligent enough to use their own mind’s and do some research for themselves, on the other hand, at times i see a light flicker in their eyes as they realize what i’m reiterating for them makes total sense, while other’s are as fully awake as myself, the latter two types are what give me hope for the future. but as in the old adage……..you can lead a horse to water……………………..
    anyway kuddo’s to you my friend, keep up the good work, as shall i, we have a lot of work ahead of us and so little time

    • Dearie me – it’s almost as if you read my mind Neil – precisely my thoughts sir. It is indeed a sad state of affairs so many people base their opinions on the tripe they hear from the media. The great Mark Twain summed this dilemma up in a nutshell when he said “IT’S A WHOLE LOT EASIER FOOLING PEOPLE THAN TO TELL THEM THEY’VE BEEN FOOLED!”

    • Joe

      You’re right to question the motives and behaviour of the financier elites. But is there main objective (money and power) actually related to their apparent Zionist tendencies?

  • Maria O'Connor

    I think, from reading the comments, the main problem seems to be that many people don’t actually know what ‘Zionist’ means – they confuse ‘Zionism’ & ‘Judaism’.
    When I talk about ‘Zionism’ I am talking about ‘Political Zionism’:

    *Political Zionism stressed the importance of political action and deemed the attainment of political rights in Palestine a prerequisite for the fulfillment of the Zionist enterprise. Political Zionism is linked to the name of Theodor Herzl, who considered the Jewish problem a political one that should be solved by overt action in the international arena. His aim was to obtain a charter, recognized by the world leadership, granting the Jews sovereignty in a Jewish­owned territory. The Basle Program, drawn up in accordance with these principles, states that Zionism aims to establish “a secure haven, under public law, for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.” Organizational and economic mechanisms (the Zionist Organization [ZO], the Jewish National Fund [Keren Kayemet L’Israel], the Jewish Colonial Trust and so on) were established to carry out this program.* Your detractors need to read the above, thoroughly, then read between the lines and see the overt racism in Zionism – and the call to arms.
    ‘…the importance of political action…’ = taking up arms against any opposition; ‘…should be solved by overt action in the international arena…’ = taking up arms against any opposition.

    • This is such a brilliant comment I feel I have no option but to use it in my next post, that is unless you wish to remain anonymous or wish that I not use it at all. Thank you ever so much Maria.

    • Joe

      Nobody (here at least) doubts that huge mistakes have been made by the Zionist project. As one of Michael’s detractors, I did not learn anything new from your post, as well written as it was.

      Legitimate gripes continue to exist. The extension of the crimes of the Zionist movement, to include overt and malicious influence in various other political spheres (to further the interests of the maintenance of Israel?), and the lazy use of the term in statements that are bound to cause distress and turn people off from the legitimate debate that Jeremy Corbyn is bringing to the table. The bottom line is that Zionism is irrelevant to all of the discussions above, apart from the ones in direct response to the irresponsible and cynical use of the term by Michael and others.

  • Sabine Ebert-Forbes

    thank you for sharing this fantastic speech with us.

  • The Labour Party is now a regional party and with it’s record in opposing Tory austerity it would be better renaming it’self the Abstentionist party

  • these three- Boris Johnson, David Cameron, and Nigel Farage are the most irresponsible, destructive three,they are traitors to this country and have brought Great Britain to its knees–they are the enemies of the people. Why do they victimise Jeremy Corbyn? Because he tells the truth, he shows these bastards up for what they are, hypocrites and liars and racist, only serving the rich. AND
    He shows up the right wing labour party who has sold out, lost its soul

    • I agree with what you say about Cameron & Corbyn but I think comparing Boris & Farage to Cameron is way off the mark. Cameron is definitely a traitor. Cameron has even admitted Israel comes first! Boris & Farage care for this nation.

  • What is worrying is that you knew I had written this somewhere else, how come????We are also worried by the lack of positive press Jeremy Corbyn is receiving from the BBC and press. The tories and the right wing labour party are victimising Jeremy and making him a scape goat, And yet the perpetrators of the present chaos get away with their irresponsible destructive behaviour. The labour party are frightened of Jeremy because they have sold out and lost their soul. When someone speaks the truth, is troubled by seeing unfairness -homelessness, students paying for their education, the demise of thee NHS-all the things Nye Bevan put in place- it prods their guilt. People recognise truth! We have been fed with so many politicians who use sound bites, politicians in smart suits groomed by a team from a PR agency

  • What is worrying is that you knew I had written this somewhere else, how come????We are also worried by the lack of positive press Jeremy Corbyn is receiving from the BBC and press. The tories and the right wing labour party are victimising Jeremy and making him a scape goat, And yet the perpetrators of the present chaos get away with their irresponsible destructive behaviour. The labour party are frightened of Jeremy because they have sold out and lost their soul. When someone speaks the truth, is troubled by seeing unfairness -homelessness, students paying for their education, the demise of thee NHS-all the things Nye Bevan put in place- it prods their guilt. People recognise truth! We have been fed with so many politicians who use sound bites, politicians in smart suits.

  • janet Ksne

    Jermy Corbyn’s speech= Eloquent, relevant and TRUE. Way to go, Jeremy!

  • dennis

    thank God for a humane politician at last. Not a robot spouting the same old junk.

  • Judi Sutherland

    If this is his speech at conference on 27th September 2015, then it was shown on MSM. I watched the whole thing live on a large screen TV in a pub in Scotland.

  • Is it not true then, that the Rothschilds own nearly every countries’ national bank?
    They own (control) the Bank of England.

  • Nicky

    Test comment

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