Keep schtum about the massive 7% swing to Labour. Corbyn’s still unelectable

I received some stick yesterday for my post regarding my resignation as member of the Labour party. While I feel most of it was understandable, perhaps my mistake was not emphasising certain crucial aspects, for this hardly meant I would stop campaigning tirelessly for Corbyn. You can be sure too – he’s already got my vote. Here was a comment from Soph on my website – 

You can’t become leader of an established political party as well as leader of Her Majesty’s opposition and purge a political party of some of the most pernicious, subversive political links in the country.
Not including members of this faction would have have been immediate war on Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn’s best chance is the British public, the political system in Labour can wait.

I realise I had created a rod for my own back because most of the critical comments were justified. This is what happens when one writes before one allows the red mist to clear. Anyway this was my response – 

I agree entirely. My frustration on the odd occasion gets the better of me. However, I am no fool. I know what’s going on. For instance, do you not feel that members of his own party haven’t already declared war on him? I certainly feel his 3 opponents in the Labour leadership contest stooped to levels well below the belt. Considering for 32 years Corbyn has always made his position clear, never flip-flopping, always having believed in the true principles of the Labour party, I found their behavior particularly galling.
Moreover, all this occurred when across the whole media spectrum Corbyn was rudely rounded upon. Only he was grilled, often blatantly accused of things he hadn’t done. You’d have thought members of his own party would have showed a bit more solidarity & perhaps had the decency to say to reporters ‘WHY DON’T YOU EVER GRILL CAMERON THIS WAY? HE’S THE ONE MAKING ALL THE BAD DECISIONS!’ As I said in my piece, politics is a dirty business & while I agree wholeheartedly Corbyn presents our best, if not only chance, I believe he has to display more inner strength. He surely cannot allow little pip-squeaks like Benn to usurp him so unceremoniously.



Like I said, I’m with Corbyn all the way & I was delighted with the by election result yesterday which saw a hefty 7% swing toward Labour in just 6 months. Note how the media made nothing of this result at Oldham but then they made nothing out of the tragic death of Michael Meacher. Not surprising because he was one of the few MP’s who had the balls to flat out say – 9/11 was an inside job. Of course all Meacher did was ask the patently obvious questions the entire mass-media should have asked within an hour of the attack.  


Interesting too how today some lame allegations have surfaced that in this largely safe Labour seat there apparently were some voting irregularities. I agree – voter fraud is prominent in the West but it’s almost exclusively carried out to favor Zionist puppets & those who’ve sold out to big business. This is a Zionist trait. They’ll not only do whatever it takes to have their way, they then have the gall to accuse others of doing what they specialise in! Believe you me, any voter fraud carried out by anyone else will have the media’s beady eyes all over it. Only Zionists would dare rig elections because they know the media will protect them by imposing a blanket boycott on anyone who screams foul. This is what they do with unerring regularity.


However, this by-election result is interesting for another reason. If you delve back on my FB wall or my website to the days when Corbyn first took over I said words very similar to this – 

The Tories may be the 1/3 odds on favorites to win the next election but if the general election was held tomorrow, I’d bet every last tanner on a Labour win…….. but on the one condition…….. I’d only make the bet if I knew the votes would be counted correctly. As Stalin rightly said – 
“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”
I’m convinced, right now, far more people prefer Corbyn to Cameron. People are sick & tired of politicians who are heavy on image but void of true qualities. The thing is, I KNOW THEY’RE GOING TO CHEAT! What perhaps people don’t realise is this eventual outcome has to be set up by the media. You can be certain from now to the election they’ll continue to lie about how Corbyn is unelectable. Why do I know this? Well firstly I know who owns the media – pathological porkie merchants & secondly from the word go they claimed Corbyn was unelectable. Of course they neglected to mention how 32 years after inheriting a 5000 majority in the Islington North constituency, Corbyn increased that majority 5 fold. Sounds electable to me yet the media, with pure unsubstantiated drivel, pounded the notion he was unelectable, proving they lie for a living. 
Why are they doing this? It’s all part of the process of making sure they can rig the election. The media’s job will be to make people think Labour has got no chance because there is no way big business & Zionists want a leader who truly represents the people. Therefore, conditioning the public is the name of the game so that when they do cheat, few people will suspect anything untoward has occurred. How do they do this? By protecting Cameron; by tripping up Corbyn at every opportunity. Day in & day out they’ll reel off lie after lie, most especially regarding polls, for the only ones that will ever be presented on the MSM will be totally fake, showing a comfortable Tory lead.
All TV news channels will take advantage of the fact the whole system’s set up so that no one can ever seriously challenge any of their ‘conjured out of thin air’ findings. These recent polls which showed some 50% of us were in favor of bombing Syria was an absolute bare-faced lie. I don’t believe 20% of the British public are in favor of this. Often their bullshit polls will be enhanced by reports where ordinary folk are interviewed on the street. We will hear the views of 2 brainwashed sheep who’ll merely repeat media lies ie only the Tories know how to fix the economy & the even bigger lie, Corbyn is a threat to our security, while 1 person will be in favor of Corbyn. This has the desired effect of enhancing the false notion the Tories are ahead. The reality is altogether different!
I find it so bizarre how most people fail to imagine that these 3 street interviews in all likelihood were taken from a sample of perhaps 20. Now if all of them are aired on national TV, the public would hear a far more accurate account of how ordinary folk feel. Let’s say 10 may support Corbyn, 5 would prefer voting Tory & 5 would abstain. Well, does this not radically alter the perspective? Of course it does BUT THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! Out of these 20 interviews the public are given the impression more people intend to vote Tory when the exact reverse is true. This is hardly being done to attract votes. This deception is simply an integral facet of the process of rigging elections SO THAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT! The key is to never let the public know the true picture. 


I posted this just before Corbyn became leader of the Labour party. It features a fantastic speech by him that I had previously never seen. Needless to say it’s entitled –   


Click this link & listen to it –


Go JC go!

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