Khazarian mob takedown: Hundreds of Saudi arrests followed by hundreds of U.S. arrests

I rarely receive accusations of being a ‘doom & gloom’ merchant & frankly it surprises me. Of course I’m not. It’s not my fault we’re ruled by unbelievably greedy, paedophile loving, war-mongering liars. I merely tell it how it is & I can’t help but feel we’re in the khazi. However, today Elaine Kauai sent me an article by Benjamin Fulford & a video featuring Bix Weir which both paint an altogether different picture. We may indeed have already turned the corner. Though I’d love this all to be true, I’m more than sceptical….. but since my posts are normally of a depressing nature, at least we can perhaps savour the thought. So, in the immortal words of Monty Python – ‘& now for something completely different!’  


Now straight away I told Elaine I stopped taking Fulford seriously long ago. Just because I like what he’s saying & dearly want it to be true, doesn’t mean I have to cave in & so feature his work. I can only post what I feel is accurate. Almost every time I read Fulford’s stuff I don’t just get the distinct impression he’s sensationalising – it positively smacks me in the face! It’s as if no one else on the planet is party to the information he has. Read it & decide for yourself. Bear in mind, back in February I posted this –


which featured a link – Hundreds Arrested In Huge Los Angeles Pedo Ring Bust.  

Again one must factor in how the media will never inform us about such things. Therefore, the only option available to them is to keep schtum & hopefully ride it out, while behind closed doors the Zionists do what they do best, in other words ……..whatever it takes! 


Khazarian mob takedown: Hundreds of Saudi arrests followed by hundreds of U.S. arrests



Then I listened to the video (41.24) & again, what Bix Weir says makes perfect sense except, we all know of the awesome might of the Rothschild banking elite & how they never take anything lying down. As I said to Elaine, I’d be over the moon if I knew Trump, Putin & China had struck a secret deal to take on the Rothschild Zionists. It certainly would explain why all 3 receive a battering in the press.


But then there’s another scenario which is even more probable – if Russia & China are presented with the dilemma of either WW III or allowing the Israelis to destroy Iran & thus take over the entire Middle East, one could well understand if they decide to plump for the latter. I suppose it all depends on how serious the West shows they are. I only hope these guys are right. Like I said, you decide.


Petro Dollar Is In The Process Of Being Shutdown To Make Way For The New Currency: Bix Weir



  • Lynne

    Brilliant post pointing to exiting times…..Thank you Michael

  • Simon

    Wouldn’t that be nice.
    One can only keep hoping and fighting for the truth.
    I do firmly believe people are becoming more aware.
    I do think it is a long road though.
    It would be heaven to see these inbred satanic Khazars
    get their come uppance. Nasty vermin they are.

  • Linda

    Looks like a fairy story to me, even though I would love it to be the case. Trump having a secret meeting with Putin and China would never happen, they know when he farts.

  • venner

    Michael, I apologise for using your comments section as a means to contact you about something unrelated to the piece you posted but as I don’t do social networks I didn’t know how else to write you.
    The vote on net neutrality scheduled for Dec 14th.
    I must have been blind not to have realised what they are up to.
    They presented the debate on this as about whether search providers like Google can prioritise search results of paying customers and whether Internet Service Providers can prioritise website bandwidth to their higher paying business customers.
    What I missed is, the Kill Net Neutrality Bill is about deregulating ISP’s entirely!
    Of course!
    This is the internet version of the 1996 telecomunications act. We all know how that allowed the Zionists to use their wealth to buy up thousands of independent mainstream media outlets and therefore have total control of the information presented by them.
    Deregulating ISP’s will give the ISP’s carte blanche to block any websites they don’t like. Literally.
    This gives whoever has control of the ISP’s, the control of internet censorship, the last piece of the censorship puzzle after the publishing houses and the mainstream media.

    • No problem at all Venner. Anytime. As you know I never stop going on about Zionist media control. For me, it’s the single major reason these pedophile-protecting, warmongers have managed to do so much damage. From the start the Rothschilds realised complete control of the media was a prerequisite if their goal for world domination was to be realised. This is why I say 9/11 wasn’t the turning point. It was the advent of the Internet. Suddenly their control over the flow of information had been breached. As a result more people than ever became cognisant of the hidden tier of power which transcends politics.
      You’re absolutely right. They want to destroy net neutrality. It’s a plain & simple fact, the one thing Zionists cannot tolerate is anything resembling the truth. Therefore, it goes without saying – the truth can never come out! This is why freedom of speech itself is under attack.
      The bad news is their control over the Internet is already massive. As well as buying up Google, YouTube & anything else which matters, these vermin have literally 1000’s, if not 10’s of 1000’s of people on the payroll specifically to keep a watchful eye over anything on the Internet that defies what mainstream media is saying. The more anyone gets near the truth, the more they are censored.
      Just to give you some idea – I started my website in May 2015. By the end of 2015 I had amassed over 1.2 million hits. If you take away the first two months, in the period from July to December I averaged a staggering 8000 hits a day! I also had 700 subscribers.
      Suddenly the dirty tricks started. My website wasn’t just being attacked; It was assaulted! The lady who ran my site said she’d never seen anything like it & she was overseeing well over 100 sites! Apparently, real pros were wreaking havoc. Then all my subscribers disappeared. Soon I was inundated with messages saying it was impossible to resubscribe. We tried everything but all to know avail. As a result in the last two years, even though I have 10,000’s of FB followers, many more than I had in 2015, I’ve averaged less than 400 hits a day! That’s a massive 95% drop! If they can do this now, it’s pretty much obvious with or without the law, Zionists only intend to play by the rules they write!
      If you agree, I ‘d like to post your comment with my response.

      • venner

        Wow I had no idea your site had been attacked like that. You might need a more secure hosting service. I notice this one is not using https so security may not be a priority of theirs.
        Dec 4 is supposed to be a day of protest in support of net neutrality and of course I’m more than happy for you to use my comment(s) in any way you see fit.

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