Lo & behold: Has anyone noticed we have a White House Press Secretary THAT ACTUALLY SPEAKS THE TRUTH?

I often wonder what it takes for people to realise the worst way to arrive at a conclusion is by neglecting to take all the facts into account. In order to connect the dots, one is obliged to analyse the full picture. Simply taking out the juicy bits which lend credence to one’s initial thoughts WILL result in one reaching erroneous conclusions. 




And so it most definitely seems with those who disagree with me on Trump. On the 21 Jan I posted Max Igan: Welcome to Trump Land – in the hope of spelling out why we should give him a chance. I explained the sheer folly of assuming the obvious. And why not? What we needed more than anything was a President that bucked the trend. Well, I believe we got lucky because we could not have asked for more if we tried. To have a President who’s never been a politician? I mean for crying out loud!
Therefore, on this basis alone we should, at the very least, throw our weight behind him. Let him know WE WANT DRASTIC CHANGES IN POLICY. Why do you think the Zionist controlled media is still trying to undermine him? It’s because they are part & parcel of the Rothschild banking cartel’s desire for the continuation of war & conflict which is in accordance with their age-old plan to Divide & Conquer. THEY WANT TO KEEP THINGS AS THEY ARE! Trump is anti-war. By slagging him off now, what on earth do we hope to achieve?
Yet, even though what I say positively reeks of common sense, certain people have dug their heels in, none more so than George Skelly. More often than not, he’s in agreement but on the issue of whether Trump is yet another Zionist puppet, he refuses to see reason & seemingly is obsessed with prising out an admission that I’m wrong about Trump, regardless of the fact, time & again I’ve said ‘I COULD WELL BE WRONG ABOUT HIM!’ Any idiot should know this. It’s hardly an outlandish prediction. What I yearn for is the difficult part. These are some of the exchanges I’ve had with George…..
“Netanyahu., since Trump’s Victory, has now been emboldened to build 2’000 more houses on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank. Will you now agree Trump is in their pocket?”
My response…..
So nothing’s changed on that front yet you completely ignore 1) Trump has killed the TTIP which was a huge threat & 2) the fact the US is now working with Russia to screw ISIS in Syria. These are two massive policy turn-arounds which you ignore yet you tell me I should concede on the issue of the Israelis stealing more land? You really are something George!


“On the contrary things HAVE changed! The illegal settlements had been temporarily suspended following the recent UN condemnation of them, particularly when Obama refused to veto the UN action. But it is not simply a matter of Israel’s resumption of building even more settlements on the Palestinian West Bank, I have repeatedly given you evidence, which is also in the public domain, of Trump’s numerous declarations of 100% support for Israel, including his intention to undo the Iranian nuclear deal on behalf of Israel. His Special Advisor, his own son-in-law, is a Jewish Zionist and he has just appointed David Freidman, another Zionist and notorious Islamaphobe, as the US Ambassador to Israel. Are you blind Michael? How much more evidence do you need? As a student of international politics for the past 40 years, I am well aware of the two turnarounds you mention. But in the context of Israeli interests and its continued domination and subjugation of American foreign policy, they are irrelevant at best and red herrings at worst!”
My response…..
Alright. At this stage it really is pointless arguing anymore & this will be the last time I lock horns with you on this topic. I’m fed up with repeating myself. I will not suggest you’re blind but I will say you’re badly mistaken. As if I don’t know the pitfalls of Zionism. How can anyone even suggest I’m not aware of who Trump appoints? And for that matter, why don’t you mention how refreshing it is to finally have a White House press secretary THAT ACTUALLY SPEAKS THE TRUTH? Sean Spicer is the very antithesis of the White House spokesmen & women we’ve been bedeviled with.


What about the fact Trump is taking on the entire MSM? Here is the crux of our problem yet you totally ignore this. If the Zionists lose control of the media, everything will come out. Once again, I see several people stubbornly neglecting to identify real improvements. Moreover, quite how you have the front to claim victory when Trump has only been in the Oval Office for a week is madness. I’ve told you a million times I don’t expect Trump to do the right thing every time but in order to find out, we have to see what transpires after 6-12 months. Why do you keep jumping the gun especially when the integral reason for me to say vote Trump was to stop that crazy bitch Hillary getting in?


We’ve already seen Trump unload on CNN. Here a Fox News reporter confronts White House press secretary Sean Spicer about planned voter fraud investigation. I don’t know about you but I’m loving every minute of seeing the MSM get a bit of their own treatment….



& a video clip (4.20) of how the Trump administration vows to “hold the press accountable” – WH press secretary…..



In any case, regarding what could well be irrelevant appointments just to appease the Israelis, Obama appointed Chuck Hagel who vehemently spoke out against Israel & it’s illegal settlements. The Zionists were totally opposed to this appointment. What happened? Hagel was rendered impotent & US foreign policy changed none. Israeli land-grabbing continued unabated. So for me to concede on Trump, simply on the issue of Zionists being close to him is ridiculous. Name me one US President in the last 120 years who didn’t have Zionists close to him? Furthermore, to even suggest Trump is the reason more settlements are being built is preposterous because Israel immediately said they would not abide by the UN Resolution. Your argument does not hold a drop of H.2.O.


What matters ultimately is what Trump chooses to do. Don’t worry about my eye-sight. You’re the one who needs Specsavers or perhaps something even more profound. It amazes me no end how people arrive at conclusions while glaring discrepancies abound. In this case something clearly doesn’t add up. On the one hand, the Zionists controlled media is not prepared to give him a chance. This is confirmed by the fact they are still actively plotting to undermine his Presidency even though on the other hand, his appointments would belie all media criticism. Can’t you factor this in or the distinct likelihood that Trump is merely playing the game in order to establish himself? No. It is evidently clear you & several others are found wanting when it comes to analytical prowess.



Not that I don’t consider all those who disagree as good friends that I hope will continue to give honest opinions but just this one time I’m making a note of all those who’ve opposed me on this because should I be proved right, boy am I going to give you the ‘I told you so’ shot. 


  • richard lyons

    I think it makes tremendous sense to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt. The obvious big clue is that the elite mega-banker,psychiatrist serving mass media presstitutes have opposed Trump for many months, and backed without question, Crooked Hillary and Ohbarmy , their stooges, who were hell-bent on destabilizing the US and the World, and are continuing to oppose Donald Trump, wherever they think they can get away with it. Well done for your enlightened stance, Michael.

  • Ron Wright

    I’m not as convinced as you are Michael. I worry about the numerous U-Turns that he makes. Eg. Hilary goes from “you’d be in jail” to “we owe her a great debt of gratitude, great friends of mine etc” and now he’s prepared to accept waterboarding on the advice of the “expert knowledge of the CIA” the same CIA that he spent most of the transition period decrying!! Trump accused U.S. intelligence officials of being behind a Nazi like smear campaign against him. He even attacked CIA Director John Brennan personally. He’s still on probation for me, but I’m leaning over for the black cap.

    • I’m not sure why you think I’m convinced Ron. I’m merely good at making a good point or two. Of course we’re up against it but I would have thought you’re the last person I need to tell ‘have a little faith baby. Have a little faith!’ Re Donald Sutherland in that fantastic film KELLY’S HEROES.

  • Catherine

    Michael, I must agree with you regarding how refreshing Sean Spicer is as Press Secretary based on the press conference he conducted recently in which he addressed concerns with what I saw as total honesty. I’m also with you regarding giving President Trump a chance to adjust to his newfound “career” …it’s a given that he has a lot to learn, yet he’s not stupid by a long shot! “Wiley as a fox” maybe? LOL
    I’m still figuring out what you call the Zionist influence/ers … “Heavy-hitting” Christians and even “lay Christians” support “Israel” due to scripture belief, and many of us agree with that, yet I’ve seen forever how many Jewish names there are on movie credits as well as TV shows …which ultimately serve to influence our society. It’s all extremely interesting, to say the least! At the ripe old age of 76 I’ve seen a lot. Also learned that most all politicians have two or three sides to their outlook depending on which way the wind blows, so I’m enjoying your close scrutiny of developments! Thanks!

    • You’re most welcome Catherine. I’m forever saying ‘use the media as your yardstick.’ If they like anything Trump does – THAT’S BAD & VICE VERSA! As you so rightly say these are very interesting times.

  • Linda

    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” could well be what he is doing. Moving the pipeline 70 miles off native land and using stronger USA steel instead of Chinese is a good move already. I’m just sitting back and watching what transpires. As you say, there is no point using conjecture at this point.

  • eva nielsen

    Victoria Nuland, one of the devils behind the color revolution in Kiev, IS OUT. If that is true – it’s a very good move from Trump.

  • Jenny Goddard

    Michael, I read this remark the other day (Reality is inside your head) the fact remains, some people do not want to change their reality,
    I agree with you, Give Trump a chance, the last 30 years, perhaps more have not seen any good Leaders, and we really need to see a change, that would not come from the establishment, it had to be a rank outsider, How he got to the top was not planned, and as you said, not being a politician, may well be a bonus, I was on the verge of wanting to get rid of all of them.

    • That’s right Jenny – the problem with our leaders is they answer to a higher, hidden tier of power which effectively is the Rothschild banking cartel. This is the illusion. Our leaders are anything but leaders.

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