London False Flag Hoax: How in the blazes can paramedics allow an MP to do their job? MP Tobias Elwood best supporting actor

In my postWho’s to blame for the London Attack? OUR POLITICIANS‘, I made a point of avoiding whether this was yet another Zionist false flag event. Why? Because if you really stop & think about it, what best serves Truthers & activists ie the most appropriate method of getting our point across? In the piece above, the title says it all. I went on to write – 

“we have the West’s Zionist-run foreign policy which has overseen the destruction of Arab & Muslim nations as if they’re skittles in a bowling alley, yet not one politician or media outlet bothers to make the connection that maybe our bombing campaigns are encouraging acts of extremism. It is beyond comprehension to ignore the distinct likelihood our actions are the cause.”

Now imagine my piece with the slant ‘yet another false flag event?’ Do you honestly feel the post would have had a bigger impact or the desired effect had I included the notion Mossad was behind this incident in London? I don’t believe so. Bear in mind, this is coming from a guy who never stops harping on how we need to highlight the role Zionists play. Do I believe the London attack was yet another Zionist false flag event? I MOST CERTAINLY DO! So why didn’t I ram that point home? 


I ask – is it not logical to assume there are two stages to this problem?
i) Our politicians are corrupt because they’re open to the highest bidder &
ii) Who the highest bidder is?


Surely one is better off highlighting problem i, as opposed to jumping to problem ii for there is only so much people can take in. I believe it is infinitely easier for people to comprehend how Western foreign policy is to blame, for it undoubtedly has acted as a catalyst to create terrorism, rather than the notion Netanyahu gave the okay for this Mossad operation. Most especially in this case, by exposing problem i, one is inadvertently chipping away at problem ii. Not to mention the fact that by exposing problem i, one is seriously damaging problem ii’s apparatus of influence & therefore it’s ability to continue to operate. In short, in this case, the best way to highlight problem ii, is by highlighting problem i first!


Needless to say, there are many, many friends on FB that don’t see it as I do. How often have I said being unable to measure priorities is a typical activist error. We desperately need to understand our best chance of success can come only if we’re tactically astute. However, the last thing I want is for people to stop sending me material, even if I don’t initially use it. The rest of this post will be devoted to problem ii. First of all, thanks to Thomas Noll for sending this clip (3.19). For me, this is evidence enough. Ask yourself – HOW IN THE BLAZES CAN PARAMEDICS ALLOW AN MP TO DO THEIR JOB?

If you don’t think something is seriously awry here then frankly you’re an idiot. This cannot happen. What sells the whole thing though is instead of the media highlighting this incredible anomaly, the media hailed Elwood as some sort of hero. It just so happens, he’s one of the names being put forward as Theresa May’s replacement. Before this event, I’m proud to admit I’d never heard of this toe-rag but now I already know one thing about Tobias Elwood – the little rat cares more about Israel than Britain.




London 3/22 False Flag Attack Bores to Death – 

London 3/22 False Flag Attack Bores to Death

As much as this is a terrific link, loaded with information, I thought I’d pull out the one paragraph that indicated this was yet another false flag event – 


“Another sign of a suspected false flag is the “dead perps don’t talk” syndrome. If a terror event were real, the authorities would do everything possible to capture the perp alive in order to interrogate him and take down his terror network. But when terror perps are shot down like dogs, with no attempt made to save their lives so they can be interrogated, one must suspect that they are being silenced. (Seriously: How hard would it be to kneecap or otherwise incapacitate a guy with a knife?)”

Again, if you’re really interested in the truth, you’re obliged to question how in every single alleged terrorist event, none of the attackers are ever taken alive. At a time when countries are embedded in a war against terrorism, surely being able to interrogate the odd terrorist would be of paramount importance. At least it would give us the chance to unearth other terrorist cells. In this case there was no firearm SO WHY DIDN’T THEY SHOOT HIM IN THE LEGS? I’m sorry. If you think this is all hogwash then once again you are a blithering idiot! This question cannot constantly be swept under the carpet.



Thanks to Charles Magus for this. What worries me is not whether most Policemen think the war on terror is entirely bogus. We’d be foolish not to recognise the Police force is hardly likely to attract the smartest individuals. No. What worries me is the Police force is now employing the kind of people who relish carrying state-of-the-art, high velocity, automatic weaponry. Add the fact both the US & UK Police have mysteriously sought the advice of Israelis, well…… if this alone does not get you thinking then nothing will. This is the situation –

* 9/11 was a Zionist operation. The aim was to create the war on terror
* Our politicians are Zionist puppets
* So policies regarding the fictitious war on terror are Israeli policies 
* The media is owned by Zionists
* So what we hear is total bullshit
* Now our police are being trained by Israelis
* These inherently evil Rothschild Zionists who control so much have a goal – a NEW WORLD ORDER ie world domination





Finally, thanks to Susan Hanrahan for these two articles from VETERANS TODAY which more than questions whether the London attack was another Zionist false flag event….

Israel murders British policeman and innocent tourists in heart of British democracy WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – 


Israel murders British policeman and innocent tourists in heart of British democracy WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT


Netanyahu Channels Trump, While Putin Waits and Fumes –


Netanyahu Channels Trump, While Putin Waits and Fumes


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  • steve Neblett

    hi Michael, do you still have the video you made about Tobias Elwoods heroic medical skills during the alleged terrorist attack at Westminster bridge? Could you please post this video again on YouTube as its been removed. This video is absolutely invaluable in that it succinctly proves that the so called war on terror is a complete hoax. Many thanks. Steve

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