The bad news: UK Parliament rejects debate on Benjamin Netanyahu. The good news: Iceland bans all Israeli products.

I was livid when John Miranda sent me this last night. Needless to say I slept all of two hours. I don’t know if this is true. I wouldn’t believe anything the Jewish Chronicle says but what I’m more aware of than most people is the ungodly power of Zionists. They haven’t just got their fingers in every bowl; they decide what goes down WHENEVER IT’S THEIR CONCERN! So next time any idiot wants to make a comment on my website mocking the fact I believe our democracy has been totally corrupted by Zionists, they better explain to me how the goalposts once again have been moved for this raving lunatic, mass-murderer Netanyahu.




The rule was when a UK petition receives 100,000 signatures Parliament is obliged to debate the issue. By the way, Parliament had NOTHING to do with this decision – IT WAS ALL CAMERON. He was told, probably by Netanyahu. this debate cannot happen. Now we know why the media will never so much as mention how rules don’t apply when Israel is concerned. They’re literally allowed to commit mass-murder. However, if this is the case, everyone who signed that petition should send an email to their MP demanding that unless this decision reversed so that protocol is followed, in the next election you will be voting for someone else! For sure, we should not let this matter drop.


Now the good news –,7340,L-4701022,00.html


What can you say about this country ICELAND. They were the only country to arrest the vermin we call bankers. They were the only country not to bail out the banks. As a result they are one of the few countries that are doing just fine. Of course the media blanked the story like the plague. They’ll probably do the same with this one for the last thing the Zionists want to publicise is a country has decided to ban all of Israel’s products. Of course, this is what every country should do because ISRAEL DESERVES THIS! They are a blight on mankind itself. There is no country on the planet that displays such a wanton disregard for international law & there most certainly is no country that is anywhere near as openly racist as the Israelis are. Soon after the banking fiasco I wrote a piece that I cannot find for love or money entitled I LOVE THE ICELANDERS! WELL, I BLOODY WELL DO! 




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