Mark Dankov on Rense Radio says how it is regarding Libya, Syria, Putin, ISIS & above all, Israel.

I’ve seen Mark Dankof on Press TV & RT a few times & he’s in a group of political commentators I’m bloody well jealous of! For a start he knows a lot more than I do but it’s not really that. I’ve never been one for detail. What I so wish I had was a concise & coherent manner to go with my style of delivery. This guy’s voice rings like an opera singer in the Coliseum whereas my voice on TV & radio is so muffled I sound like a snivelling rat in a threshing machine. 




I’m proud to say Mr Dankof is a FB friend & yesterday he gave a typically fine account on David Duke Rense Radio of the disastrous US foreign policy which for many years I’ve stressed is actually Israeli foreign policy & this is why I consider Dankof to be among the top string of commentators on alternative TV & radio. Intellectual prowess aside, unlike most, he’s prepared to point the finger at the Zionists & that’s what everybody should be doing. Dankof talks about Libya, Benghazi, Syria, ISIS, Putin & Israel. If you can bear the adverts & you feel you need to learn more this is well worth a listen. 





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