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Why haven’t the Police arrested Katie Hopkins?

Fair play to George Galloway for lambasting this evil, wretched bitch Katie Hopkins. Can you imagine the publicity & the sheer level of outrage if anyone ever said “it’s time to bomb the Israelis. They are rodents burrowing underneath the Palestinians?” This would rightly be regarded as hate speech. As vast as Israel’s crimes are, I nevertheless feel this kind of talk is

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HATE SPEECH? If Zionists don’t like being criticised I have some advice – try behaving like decent human beings. It works a treat!

How can it possibly be? So many major Western nations have either enacted into law or are considering ratifying new laws rendering criticism of Israel a ‘hate’ crime. Now politics aside, I really do believe those responsible for such an aberration have in fact committed a far greater crime than anyone who is of the opinion Israel deserves criticism. Freedom

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Mark Dankov on Rense Radio says how it is regarding Libya, Syria, Putin, ISIS & above all, Israel.

I’ve seen Mark Dankof on Press TV & RT a few times & he’s in a group of political commentators I’m bloody well jealous of! For a start he knows a lot more than I do but it’s not really that. I’ve never been one for detail. What I so wish I had was a concise & coherent manner to

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