Martin Luther King had a dream; we ended up with a nightmare!

No question Obama’s been a ginormous let-down, especially after promising so much. He said all the right things 7 years ago & I believed he was genuine then & I still believe it now. If Zionists did not possess the ungodly level of influence we know they have, I’d like to bet Obama would have pursued an agenda altogether alien to one he has, both home & abroad. Either that or the Israelis would have assassinated him.


It’s just a question of knowing the score. What’s occurring in America & pretty much everywhere else is as plain as day. Seriously evil people are in control & the moment they feel they can, people like me will be the first to go. But then it will continue. If they can they’ll think nothing of committing mass-murder. Get this into your head right now – all these moves to strip us of our fundamental legal rights is for one purpose – to clear the way for mass-extermination. Somewhere along the line we’re going to need a massive break – mutiny by the military; Police joining the people; who knows. Don’t worry about it though. Better to be aware & deep down, most of you know what the coup is. Ask yourself – do I sound as if I’m shitting myself? Why should you be? The key is to remain cool & spread the word. We still have time.


One thing for sure, if we end up deposing this mob, they better pray to God, Allah, Jehovah & anyone else they can think of that the GMM better not end up calling the shots because they’ll be a whole load more scared of me than I’ll ever be of them! I’ll make the wrath of Khan look like the Salvation army! If they want to come & get me they better bring the calavry. In any case, I know the score. There is not one iota of doubt in my mind – if these lunatics win, right up to the moment I take my last breath I’ll be laughing at them because they’re signing their own death warrants. The equation’s a simple one – as evil strengthens its grip, the odds for self-destruction increases accordingly. If they win, the ballgame’s over. Evil cannot win. It’s inevitable they’ll end up fighting among themselves. Nutters like Netanyahu cannot reason. If the Zionists take over the world how long will it take for another Netanyahu to germinate from some grubby hole? The only way mankind has a legitimate chance to pass the baton in the human relay race for let’s say, another million years is if good triumphs over evil.


Finally, the biggest disappointment regarding Obama for me was the fact he was the man who twice denied RON PAUL the presidency. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows the Zionists rigged both elections just to stop RON PAUL. I’m in no doubt too, had the elections been just & fair, RON PAUL would have won by the greatest margin in the history of US politics.


Change my arse!

Change my arse!

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