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I’m sure we all go through spells where we wake up in the morning & anything can set us off. I’ve felt like a magma chamber that’s on the verge of eruption ever since Cameron got his wish to bomb Syria – note: I did not say ISIS. Thankfully I got a call this morning from Press TV & thus I was able to release some of the pent up volcanic pressure within me. I was asked two questions – 


1 – Do you see any changes in foreign polices of Blair and Cameron towards the conflicts in the Middle East?
2 – Is it only Blair which should stand trial for his close ties with the region’s dictators or the whole top officials in power?

I must admit I had a good chuckle to myself when the good lady asked – can you manage that? I wanted to tell her I can answer them in Swahili, underwater, dressed in a deep-sea divers suit if she wants. For the interview click the link


Giving it to Blair & Cameron



But in regards to your question will others stand trial – ever since I’ve been writing on social media I’ve scoffed at the very notion Cameron was angered by the fact the Chilcot inquiry had been delayed. To think the findings of this inquiry were supposed to be released before Cameron ever became Prime Minister is indeed a moot point but for Cameron to be the sitting PM for a full term & then have the gall to moan & complain about how the Inquiry has once again been held up is simply laughable. He has the power to declare illegal wars; he thinks he has the right to go to the UN & declare 9/11 Truthers should be eradicated; then he even has the audacity to accuse those opposed to war as being Terrorist Sympathisers YET HE IS TOTALLY UNABLE TO GIVE THE CHILCOT INQUIRY THE HURRY-UP TREATMENT? I mean, you have got to be kidding me!


If you so desire a transcript of the whole interview just ask………



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  • Robert Pettitt

    The towers were not brought down by explosions, despite such witness evidence, planted or not. Explosives and thermite may have been planted so the US administration can deflect responsibility to someone else such as Mossad if or when the ridiculous Al Qaeda story gets some proper investigative airtime on the mainstream. Look at the seismic data and the failure to crack the bathtub. (See Dr Judy Wood) The towers were brought down by a novel technique which reduced steel concrete, people and furniture to dust. This can only be within the power of nations (or perhaps aliens!). I doubt that ET really wants to start a Zionist war, although I am open to persuasion. Of course the evidence of foul play is overwhelming. However, we will never crack this head on. It will take someone with an alternative agenda to do this. Perhaps President Putin or soon-to-be President Trump can do something that actually gets reported and accidentally blows this open.

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