Orange: Are they; aren’t they…..

I have no intention of letting this matter drop. In fact for those who truly care I believe this gives us an opportunity to really tighten some screws. If enough of us do this it won’t half give them a headache. Today I spent some time phoning various Orange & EE head offices in the UK. My aim & your aim is to let them know this – if Orange was indeed intending to boycott Israel then I’d switch over. If not, then I wouldn’t, plain & simple. This was my pitch. By all means, if you so wish, use it or devise one of your own –

I wonder if you could possibly help me. The other day I heard Orange was boycotting Israel. I was so pleased to hear this I felt, regardless of whether you offered the best deal or not, I immediately wanted to switch over to Orange. Then the next day I heard your CEO Stephane Richard said, the French mobile phone company would not in fact be withdrawing from Israel.

The equation for me is simple. I’d like to know which way Orange is going on this, not for my own selfish reasons but because I can’t wait to inform 5000 friends & 1620 followers on my FB wall, the 4400 people who’ve also liked my FB page, as well as those who subscribe to my website  that Orange has indeed chosen to boycott Israel. If so I will be only too happy to say – SWITCH TO ORANGE EVERYONE! Just give me the word & I’ll be doing all I can to get some 10,000 people to bring their business to you.

Call to Action

Call to Action

They said they’d get back to me. If they don’t then I will take it Zionist pressure has won the day. Sad perhaps but at least I’ve let Orange know they’ve lost me forever. It is imperative we let them know how much this decision not to boycott Israel could be hurting them. Believe you me, if enough of us phone Orange asking them ‘have you or haven’t you’, they could well begin to think twice. It’s just a question of how many of us do this. I guarantee there IS a tipping point!

If on the other hand they say are intending to boycott, I’ll say ‘action speaks louder than words. I’m afraid your company is going to have to do a whole lot better than that.’ Don’t expect too much too quickly. Just do your bit. Each & every person that phones Orange will be helping the cause by giving them something to think about. Rest assured, you’ll know when you get through to the right person because you will feel you’ve done some good.

For the people of the UK here’s an excellent site SAY NO TO 0870 NUMBERS –

Better still Google orange head office & there are various sites with numbers. If they’re paying ones, use the SAY NO TO link & it will give you a freephone equivalent.


  • Anna lee

    After the zionist put pressure into ORANGE , many people realize that ORANGE was dealing with the zionist criminal state, now many ORANGE customers are questioning to remain in a company who are supporting the zionist fascist regime , people like me, who are not in ORANGE, will never consider to do business with this company ! BOYCOTT is the only peaceful solution !

    • Absolutely right Anna. What annoys me more than anything is not ignorance & fear but apathy, especially among those who claim they care but forever do nothing because they say ‘what’s the point of doing this or that’. What these idiots don’t realise, if everyone just does their bit by boycotting some products here & there or even signing the odd petition, it is the accumulative effect of several millions which is not only our main strength but it’s the one thing they can never have.

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