Paedophiles in Westminster Push UK Foreign Policy toward Supporting Israel to Stay in Power

Paedophiles in Westminster Push UK Foreign Policy toward Supporting Israel to Stay in Power

Whatsupic — Quite how anyone can vote Tory is beyond me. Not that I’d vote Labor but helping re-elect Cameron is tantamount to saying ‘I don’t really care about Paedophilia!’

Yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service announced they would not be prosecuting Lord Greville Janner for child sex abuse. How can this possibly be? Dementia or not, this is a most ghastly crime. Each and every victim at best is left to carry unimaginable mental scars. For some the trauma is simply too much; they take their own lives. Others brave enough to come forward ‘die’ in mysterious circumstances. One must bear in mind, more than a dozen individuals named Janner as their abuser. What a sad indictment of mankind. In a day and age when whistle-blowers are jailed for merely speaking the truth, perverted child molesters remain above the law even when there’s mountains of damning evidence.

Lord Greville Janner

Throughout the 70’s and 80’s the Police added case after case to their files. Finally in 1996 an inquiry was ordered only for Tory MP William Hague to bury it a year later, stating there were no grounds for further action……. and that was it! The new Labor Prime Minister, Tony Blair, as a result had ample opportunity to inflict untold damage on the Tories, his main opponents, yet inexplicably he neglected to say a word. Surely the media would make themselves busy? We’re talking about having child molesters as law-makers……… Not a dickie-bird! The whole sordid affair was allowed to die a death and not one person mentioned the glaring anomaly – what kind of an inquiry can one expect if one investigates one’s own colleagues?


Then in October 2011 Jimmy Savile died. Suddenly the floodgates opened. Over 600 people came forward providing Police with sworn statements. Many cited Savile as the chief king-pin in a gruesome web of child abuse that went all the way to the top. The Police admitted there could well be over 1,300 victims, several under the age of 10, some as young as 5! God only knows how many have been murdered. It’s now common knowledge in the mid 60’s a central hub that prooved to be a launch pad for what became a massive Paedophile ring was where Savile was employed – the BBC itself! Yet did ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 or Sky choose to kick their competitor while they were down? Not one little prod! What in the blazes was going on? In the chambers of Westminster we have Tory and Labor, sworn enemies; we have TV channels – ratings is their religion; we have ammunition aplenty for rivals to tee off and unload on each other…………… and it’s all quiet on the Western Front!


Largely thanks to the Internet, the word was finally out. Several senior politicians, prominent judges, even Royalty were named and shamed. None of the accused have sued for slander. Hardly surprising since all those who gave sworn statements were perfectly happy to sit lie-detector tests. Needless to say, Prime Minister Cameron was now on the rack. He had some explaining to do. However, even I was surprised when ITV’s squeaky clean presenter Philip Schofield took him to task. He handed Cameron a list of alleged Paedophiles and said “you know some of them. What are you going to do?” This was a pleasant surprise. The media after all was instrumental in Cameron becoming the leader of the Tory Party. They sang the praises of an absolute nobody as if he was the great saviour, while undermining David Davis, the man most considered the rightful heir. It was obvious – whoever owned the media, owned Cameron! Surely the media was under strict orders never to show him up, yet here was Philip Scholfield laying into the PM.


Phillip SchofieldOf course what I should have realized was this was all about damage limitation. The cat was out the bag. Cameron had to face the music. In no time my feelings about a clandestine media agenda to sheild Cameron were wholly justified. Many folk may scoff at the notion but I’d bet good money no one has a feasible explanation as to why Cameron was never grilled over the way he managed to dodge the issue. On national TV he told Schofield “it was wrong to make accusations because it could lead to a witch-hunt against gays and homosexuals!” Who the hell was talking about gays and homosexuals? This was about Paedophilia, notably those who remained in the upper echelons of power, yet no one in the media picked up on this. Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t an 8 year old know the difference between a homosexual and a Paedophile? So why would the entire mainstream media close ranks to protect known Paedophiles? Obviously there’s more to this than meets the eye.


In order to start unravelling this conundrum, one has to first ascertain who owns and controls the media. It should be no secret Zionists almost exclusively control the flow of information but then is it not the case the same people control our politicians? Seriously, can anyone really deny this? Why else does the UK, indeed most of the Western world unconditionally support Israel? No country displays such a wanton disregard for international law. The poor Palestinian people are being treated atrociously yet maniacs like Netanyahu are given the red carpet treatment. Recently the US Congress had the temerity to embarrass and shame their own President in favor of this lunatic. What more evidence does one need to concede Zionists control Western politicians?


Now we have reached the crux of the problem. It’s inconceivable so many child molesters have by hook or by crook, found their way to positions of influence and power. So let’s for argument sake say there’s 1 pervert per 1000 people. That would mean there would be around 60,000 of these sickos in the UK. Now with 600 odd MP’s; how many judges – by my reckoning, 1 or 2 bad eggs would be par for the course for this mob combined ……… but we know this is anything but the case. Over 20 key figures? One can hardly refer to this as a trivial anomaly. This is an outrageous disproportion, one that cannot and must not be ignored for it’s unequivocal – there has to be a definitive reason why there are so many Paedophiles in positions of high authority.


We now know that for almost 50 years, media and politicians alike have bent over backwards to protect politicians and judges who are known Paedophiles. We also know who owns the media and who our politicians are beholding to – the all-powerful Zionists. One only has to see how good folk are ambushed from all quarters whenever they criticize Israel. So how is it Zionists possess so much influence? Most certainly, along with their rapacious appetite for ever-more power, they possess untold resources. But money can only do so much, even among such an unscrupulous lot. Most politicians can be bought but there’s a limit to what they will do. So who are the best people to bribe and coerce, people who’d do anything that’s asked of them – for instance, allow Banksters to rape our Treasury, commit Treason by lying to go to war or for no good reason, make an enemy out of Russia. Our treacherous politicians have obliged on all three counts! The answer is obvious – those who have sinister secrets hidden away in the closet.


I believe it goes something like this: Politics invariably attract those whose goal is to acquire power. Few politicians are exceptional. Most are average individuals. Nevertheless, Zionists are on the look-out, eyeing up candidates with potential from the word go. Those singled out are slowly but surely brought into the fold. The cream of the crop are then given all the campaign funds they need, along with an obliging media to set them on their way. Once these upstarts have a taste of power, it’s inevitable they want more. So what’s the criteria for advancing up the ladder? No doubt sharp debating skills and image are key. One already has to have declared an undying allegiance to Israel but what ultimately nails it is how much filth they have on you. It very much appears, the more the merrier but what better hold could one possibly have over a politician if they’re a child abuser? Of all crimes this one is the ultimate disgrace. It goes without saying they’ll do anything and if they do happen to be found out, Zionist power and influence renders them virtually untouchable.


So I submit, over the years, this is how our parliament has ended up with an inordinate number of sexual perverts. It explains why we unconditionally support Israel and why most of our foreign policy places Israel’s interests above our own! Sadly, it’s become abundantly clear not only do most people have short memories; many seem incapable of remembering anything. The thought process relies on the media telling people what’s news. If the media plays down the story of the Paedophiles in Westminster it matters not that the vast majority want justice to be served. They need to forever be reminded of what should incur their wrath. Who was it who said words to the effect “If you repeat a lie often enough, it eventually becomes the truth?”


The same can be said of conflicts overseas – even though most of us in the UK are opposed to any involvement, the fact remains, we continue to cause untold suffering in countries that have done nothing to harm us. The West has created a humanitarian crisis that has long since reached cataclysmic proportions, yet all it takes is the media to turn a blind eye and our attention is diverted away. They decide what the news is.


Moreover, even though most folk are aware of the media’s urge to sensationalize and many others see through their lies, there remains little doubt the media can literally make or break anyone. If they wanted to, they could destroy Cameron simply by reminding everyone of his total non-action regarding the Paedophiles in Westminster. Goodness knows how many votes Cameron would lose if newspapers tomorrow had a caption of Philip Schofield saying ‘remember 3 years ago, we were talking about the Paedophiles in your party Mr. Prime Minister? You said no stone would be left unturned…… Well, we’re all still waiting!’


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