Paul Craig Roberts saying it how it is

Don’t ask me why this excellent interview with Paul Craig Roberts is accompanied with photos of Kurt Cobain, Hugo Chavez, Lenin, Jim Morrison & Fidel Castro. I’ve no idea too why it’s entitled ‘Paul Craig Roberts says that Trump is a complete failure.’ PCR does not say that. What he does say is what most of us know only too well – there exists a hidden tier of power that transcends politics. Some people call it the ‘Deep State.’ I call it Rothschild Zionists. It amounts to the same thing – politicians, including the President, have little or no power. They’re literally forced to comply. This is what’s happened to Trump. 

I’m in no doubt the upcoming elections in France & England are absolutely critical. Marine Le Pen wants out of NATO; PCR explains exactly why this would be disastrous for the Deep state/Rothschild Zionists. In England I shouldn’t have to explain why they’re so opposed to Jeremy Corbyn. The good news is, in both countries Le Pen & Corbyn are by far & away the most popular candidates. The bad news, the chief power-brokers cannot afford to let either become leaders of their respective countries. This is why the media is telling such humongous lies regarding the popularity of both candidates because their intention is to cheat in both elections.

THIS IS WHERE WE HAVE TO MAKE A STAND. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LET THIS HAPPEN. I believe PCR is correct when he says if Le Pen gets in, she could well be assassinated. The same can be said of Corbyn. Their fate depends on how far they go when it comes to representing the true wishes of the people. Ultimately what we cannot afford is any kind of confrontation with Russia. Bear in mind how Trump was vilified for wanting closer ties with Russia. This has all gone out the window. This is what we must stop. Theresa May & that idiot traitor Michael Fallon will kill us all.


On 7.16: I don’t think he (Trump) represents it. I think he’s been displaced by it. Trump was never involved in nationalist movements or anything like that. He’s a real estate developer, an entertainer, built gambling houses, & obviously had to deal with criminal elements that controlled much of that & Zionist elements that controlled so much of entertainment. He certainly isn’t a political creature…… so I think it’s not that he represents it but that he’s been displaced by it & that he’s feels essentially helpless.   

On 37.13: You have to ask yourself is the mainstream media this stupid that they believe these lies that they tell & don’t they see what the consequences are? Just the other day Putin made a statement to the media – look at the consequences of the lies you tell….. you are forcing a deadly conflict….. I really don’t believe that the British foreign minister is so utterly stupid that he believes any of these stories.

And finally on how we can stop this madness on 52.40 PCR says: Europe has got to say goodbye & it’s got be some substantial country – Germany, France perhaps….. I read the other day the Russians said they’ll never fight another war on their own territory. They have equipped their nuclear forces & their latest missile….. said to be sufficient to wipe out the entirety of Great Britain or France or the state of Texas. WHAT! And so you’re picking fights in a situation when weapons like that exists? You have to be completely & totally insane. 




  • Buddy

    Yo Michael,

    The book that ALL Americans SHOULD but WON’T read is – ABOUT FACE: The Odyssey Of An American Warrior, by Colonel David H. Hackworth (U.S. Army). This exposes the War mongering Generals, who love to give themselves medals, but don’t give a fuck about front-line soldiers.

    Check out its reviews on Amazon.

  • Mike Wood

    We understand the game plan now (only took us 3 conflicts) Syria as a nation is something that Israel cannot tolerate. They are TELLING the US that we have to take down Syria. This is the same story, see Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Once Syria no longer has a central government, Israel will demand that the US take out Iran. They don’t care how many lives on BOTH sides are lost or how much it costs because they aren’t financially involved. This is our “friend” Israel . We are trillions of dollars in debt and have killed a million people and displaced twice that number. WAKE UP and see that we are being used and have been for generations!

    • 100% correct. All this grief today; all the pain suffering since 9/11 is down to Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel. In fact this is why Zionists planned & executed 9/11. They used the media to immediately blame Muslims & so started this fictitious war on terror. The only real terrorists are the Israelis. They’ve seized control of Western politicians & are effectively using our armed services to fight wars only Israel wants. Frankly I’m amazed more people can’t see this.

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