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Use the media as a yardstick. Oppose those who escape criticism; support those who are roundly criticised

Even though this is from ‘yournewswire’ I think it’s a case of believe it when it happens. Everyone likes a headline grabber. It’s the one thing both mainstream & alternative media share. It might be true. I certainly hope Le Pen does this. It’s what we need more than anything. First though….. 1) She has to overcome Zionist election fraud.

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Paul Craig Roberts saying it how it is

Don’t ask me why this excellent interview with Paul Craig Roberts is accompanied with photos of Kurt Cobain, Hugo Chavez, Lenin, Jim Morrison & Fidel Castro. I’ve no idea too why it’s entitled ‘Paul Craig Roberts says that Trump is a complete failure.’ PCR does not say that. What he does say is what most of us know only too

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