Pig-Gate: Drugs, Debauchery & the Book that lays Dave Bare by Lord Ashcroft.

There are so many aspects I love about this. It’s the first time he’s ever been put under any pressure & bear in mind most of the media have blanked this story. Just ask yourself – what would have happened if Corbyn had stuck his credentials into a dead pig’s mouth instead of Diane Abbott? Chances are Corbyn could have had the dubious distinction of being leader of a party for but two weeks!


Join this Pig!


And speaking of Corbyn, this doesn’t half give him a breather. Though Corbyn deserves the utmost credit for not getting involved with the gutter press, now he can get on with the job of planning ahead. I only hope he does the same thing if & when he’s asked about the Pig-gate affair & doesn’t stoop to the levels of Cameron & Blair. He should say that.


Of course the media is now stuck between a rock & a hard place. They’ve had to clam up sharpish on Corbyn now that their blue-eyed boy, the perfect Zionist puppet that they protected for so long has angered the wrong person. Inadvertently this whole affair has pulled the rug from under their feet. They just want the whole thing to go away.


Dave laid bare!


And that is why we must not let this happen. A comment I read yesterday was that we shouldn’t go on too much about this. I retorted ‘you got to be kidding! If there’s one story we want to tear the arse out of, it’s this one!’ We’ve actually got a chance to set the Tories back & more importantly Israel will lose one it’s greatest puppets in history. Netanyahu must be doing his nut. He must be thinking –

“Oy Veh! Vot’s bloody going on here? Iran vunts to vipe us off the face of the earth; they’re killing our vimin & our children & now the veels have properly fallen off! Oy gevalt if ve have another month like this, I could end up doing an Ariel Sharon!”

But what’s actually gone wrong? This is where we get a glimpse of how our senior politicians really are nobodies. They’re paid whores. Had Cameron been a self-made man & won the Tory Leadership & the consequent elections fair & square, who knows? Maybe someone like Lord Ashcroft could have been appeased by not getting what he wanted. But being a major donor of the Tory party & in all likelihood an integral reason why Cameron got to be where he is, being rebuked could have only felt like a massive snub or should I say a proper kick in the ging-gang goolies! Aaahh when thieves fall out…….. I love it!


This one will do nicely – 

This one will do nicely!



  • Sam

    With his pork sausage for a face, it’s practically incest! I wonder if Ashcroft has a Polaroid photo of the event somewhere? Wouldn’t Cameron have grounds to sue if it were not demonstrably true??

  • Simon

    I love it!
    So nice to see the slimey creep getting it hard after giving it hard at the expense of a dead pig.
    This will never leave him alone now. There will be an oink and a snort at every turn.
    I enjoyed last nights pig fest tremendously.
    What i also love about it is, it is so believable. Bullingdon boys are queer folk.

    • Absolutely Simon. Unbelievably the BBC as yet have not mentioned it but it will be interesting to see Labour’s reaction especially if Cameron tries to gives us anymore crap. I’m convinced Cameron is in big trouble & I actually hope he tries to hang on.

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