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God Destroy the Politicians: Cameron Down but has Corbyn let him off the hook?

I really liked this video. Thanks so much to Steve Hine for sending it. It charts how Cameron was probably doing his nut when the pig-gate story first broke. I especially liked the part which showed how pissed off reporters & journalists were when the gagging order came down. I was amazed to see some actors I knew so no

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Pig-Gate: Drugs, Debauchery & the Book that lays Dave Bare by Lord Ashcroft.

There are so many aspects I love about this. It’s the first time he’s ever been put under any pressure & bear in mind most of the media have blanked this story. Just ask yourself – what would have happened if Corbyn had stuck his credentials into a dead pig’s mouth instead of Diane Abbott? Chances are Corbyn could have

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David Davis was the even money favorite; Cameron was the rank outsider. Corbyn is the odds on favorite yet I’m certain the Zionists will once again get their puppet.

This is not about being pessimistic; it’s about being realistic. My fear is they are going to cheat Jeremy Corbyn. Forget about what’s obviously going on behind Zionist closed doors; you only have to see what’s going on. From the very beginning the media has come out with lie after lie. I cannot begin to emphasise how awful the 3

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