Putin calls America’s Bluff over ISIS and the US government is caught in its own big lies by Preston James.

This is a fantastic article from Veterans Today. The band of mercenaries the media christened ISIS & our so-called elected representatives who had us believe this Islamic terrorist group was so terrible our fundamental rights had to be stripped away in order to protect us – well Obama & Cameron – you’re being found out fast. How does it feel? We’re coming to get you. And Mr. Rothschild – go shove your New World Order up your arse!


Of course anyone with half a brain should have known something seriously stunk when the only people ISIS were killing were Arabs & Muslims & the only countries they were attacking were ones Israel wanted to see destroyed. Well you’re running out of time Netanyahu, you lousy, lowdown piece of shit. You watch your buddies start dumping you. Soon the hunter will become the hunted. Thanks to Jonathan Trapman for this link. 




Thanks to Charles Magus for the headline caption & Felix Cervantes for this caption – 



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