Putin Is Morally & Intellectually Destroying the New World Order.

“Yes, I’m in the process of bringing NWO agents down to their lowest point. I’ve already exposed them for what they are really are: liars, thugs, gangsters, and blood suckers. They can’t refute that at all, therefore they are calling me names. If they continue to violate the moral law and order, then they won’t be too upset if I put a little red pepper in their midst.” V. Putin.





I tried checking this out on Snopes.com with no luck. I don’t know if Putin actually said this & I know there’s lots of people out there who think this is all part of an elaborate bluff & that Putin is actually in cahoots with the Rothschild/Illuminati. Apparently, he’s not really helping Assad. Well, my argument for believing Putin is genuine comes down to – 


No debt


1) Assad looked mightily pleased with Putin when he went to Moscow & the Russians looked every bit sincere. In fact Assad looked so relieved it was as if the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. I also believe the reports on RT that ISIS is being routed & Assad’s forces are taking back regions which ISIS had seized. 


2) For the flip side to how Assad is feeling right now, one only has to look at how Netanyahu has been lashing out like a venomous dragon. Even by their appalling standards he could fast-become a major embarrassment to the Zionists. In fact the way Netanyahu’s carrying on I would not be at all surprised if the Israelis take their own PM out! This is no act.


The bane of mankind!


3) How can anyone trust mainstream media yet paradoxically I believe their hatred of Putin is for real. I just cannot bring myself to believe it’s all a put-on on Putin! The media have literally made themselves look positively daft, something they can ill-afford to do – one minute ISIS is this terrible threat that allegedly we need to be protected against & thus the West is allegedly fighting; the next minute, when the Russians show how to knock ten tons of shit out of ISIS in one tenth of the time the U.S. had, the media are running them down. The only thing that amazes me is how anyone watches CNN, FOX, BBC or ITV news. They’re all totally full of shit! 


4) If this was part of a mad convoluted plan as so many people keep insisting & I’m talking about some serious hitters on U-tube, people that on almost all other subjects I’m in accordance with, why on earth would the true power brokers be going to all this trouble?


The Banksters!


5) Which brings me to what I’ve been saying ever since I became an activist/writer – if Putin is with the NWO then we really are sitting ducks & if that was the case I’d never have dropped everything to undertake this thankless task. 


6) And above all, I love what Putin is doing right now. Sick & tired of pathetic, naive comments that I don’t know what these leaders are really capable of, as if I’m some sort of twat who doesn’t know you’ve got to be one nasty bastard to get to the top in a country like Russia. At least those who get to the top there are not two-bit puppets like Clinton, Bush, Blair, Obama & Cameron who’d sell their own country down the river. At least Putin, right or wrong, represents his nation & his people. 


Spokesmen for the NWO


Russia Proposes Superhighway Linking New York And London 



And just another nail in the coffin that Putin is in cahoots with the Zionists –

Israeli General Captured in Iraq Confesses to Israel-Isis Coalition



The Elite


NWO for the Zionists


  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Thank you, IBTIMES (http://www.ibtimes.co.uk), for making me correct my sordid non appropiate language. Here then is the edited version. “Let’s face it. Allah is a real Demon from Hell, MuhamMAD is a Camel-raped Nutcase, Muslims are Dung-brained Zombies, Jihadists are Killer rabies-infected Mad Dogs from the fetid breath of Satan, the Koran makes prime Toilet Paper and Diarrhea Law is an infernal concoction of insane practices that slaughter Innocents!”

  • What kind of nonsense is this. I’m against all religions but either you’re a Zionist or you believe everything the media says which makes you too dumb for words. I don’t want people commenting if they’re only intention is to spread poison. You’re barred!

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  • lleweth

    Thank you for this article ad for having the courage to stand up to ll the amchair critics who would encourage self-sabotage by refusingto recognise that Putin has put the NWO agents into disarray.
    Well done, excellent article and helpful visual data.
    The appearance of the zonist troll proves my point. You hit the nail on the head and upset someone.

  • Abubakar Dabo

    Only extremely wishful thinking on the part of America could have led to the widespread belief among its allies that-there are moderate terrorists whom they refer to as Syrian oppostion. With Russia it cannot work militarily; it can’t work politically either. Perhaps, the current shift in both Russian and Western allies, American will climax, to ease American paranoia about an armed and political opposition cabal. Bringing in Iran grudgingly and quite late, will also help stop in the effort to stop the conflict and end the killings as well as the mass displacements across the country.

  • Abubakar Dabo

    Thanks a lot Mr. Aydinian for this response. Today Syria is in a situation that calk for total undiluted faith of Syrians in their fatherland. They’ve witnessed a serial abuse of their territorial integrity, power, delibrate and calculated destruction, displacement of its people, as well as a gradual descent of the country from the once prosperous and peaceful to a failed state of sorts over time. Syria and Syrians have been to the brink and some maniac coming nonentity coming here to spit stupid words against a certain religion shouldn’t be tolerated. Let these type of individuals go find their peers else where.

  • You’re most welcome Abubakar

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