Putin to Nationalise Rothschild Central Bank

I’ve had this for a while. I held it back because how do I know if this is genuine. Sure, it would confirm my view that Putin is not part of any NWO agenda. I know many friends think different & for some, mountains would have to move for them to admit they’re wrong but with Putin standing firmly behind Assad & significantly, with the Russian air-force comprehensively routing ISIS, quite how people can still wholeheartedly believe Putin is part of the NWO, for me, is mystifying to say the very least. Why would he be doing all this if he was in cahoots with these so-in-so’s?
I’ve always maintained if Putin was in bed with the Rothschild’s, then our goose would be cooked but even with Russia & China on our side, don’t ask me how we’re ever going to dismantle the Rothschild Zionist juggernaut that has so much of the world by the short & curlies. Iceland & Hungary may have stood firm but with all respect, these are not countries of great economic & strategic value. If Putin is serious about nationalising the central bank, it’s a step in the right direction. However, only when the US & UK do this will I feel we’re making real progress.




Since this piece took all of a minute to read I looked at some of the other headlines in YourNewsWire.com & there were a few interesting pieces which I’ve included in this post –
Recently, I posted a worrying piece entitled –

Why are Cancer Doctors disappearing?


Why are Cancer Doctors disappearing?

I believe this is because they are now being targeted for assassination. If the banking, energy & armaments industries can do it, then with the untold billions pharmaceutical companies are now raking in, why not get in on the act? Look at this horrific story. Not only are they killing the doctors but they’re wiping out entire families for the purpose of sending a chilling message to anyone else who may be thinking about rocking the big pharma boat.


California Holistic Doctor Found Brutally Murdered With Family  



Another assassination


Robert De Niro Defends Anti-Vaccine Stance: “They Gave My Child Autism”

And while we’re on this subject……


You looking at me



Edward Snowden: Brussels Attacks Were Preventable

I don’t know about preventable when the chances are the real terrorists behind this were from Mossad.




Erdogan Threatens Belgium: “We’ll Send More Terrorists Your Way”

Charming! And this guy wants to join the EU? In this topsy-turvy world I suppose this is a good tactic! You’ve got to be kidding me! When, I ask, are people going to realise the kind of ‘friends’ the West have tend to be the scum of the earth!




Closed Trial For Journalists Who Threaten To Expose Erdogan In Court

And while we’re on this scumbag here is a truly awful development. If we genuinely lived in a democracy, our media would be doing their nut over this. This is the harbinger for the death of free speech.


Free speech


French Prosecutors Say Netanyahu Has Befriended Europe’s Biggest Fraudster

And finally, Arnaud Mimran, a friend of Netanyahu’s, has been accused of stealing up to 1.6 billion euros in a fraud case often referred to as “the scam of the century”. These Israelis are at it everywhere!
I wonder. Are some high ranking officials in France pissed off with the way their country has become another Israeli occupied territory? Watch out! Tangling with Netanyahu usually means a shitload of retribution!


Above the law



  • On the Putin – CBR issue and FI, this is what is at the root of people’s doubts about Putin.. It was first published in 2002 and agreed, there’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then – much of undermining its authors biting satire about Putin’s subservience to Chabad Lubavitch. Putin’s new ‘Holocaust denial’ law is very disturbing though.

    Like you, I fervently hope the article is wrong about Putin. For sure the world really is screwed if it is not and ‘The Money Power’ will surely – and finally – inherit what is left of civilisation at the conclusion of their carefully engineered WWIII . It is nonetheless well worth reading for solid background info and because of its author’s bona fides.

    • Thank you for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more about Putin bringing in ‘Holocaust denial’ laws. If God exists, this is an affront to he, she or it because God gave us the right to think. However, I’m of the opinion Putin did this to get the Zionists off his back. The man’s a chess player. He knows how to make the right moves. In this case he probably felt it would be infinitely better to back off. Let the Zionists play this game while he cements his position.

  • george

    Lets face it! All of the bankers of major financial corporations, news media, (bbc-nbc-abc-cbs-fox-cbc) and most politicians in the world are zionists or funded by them!!
    Thank you michael and a few others for making us see that there are ways to defeat these cabals and our way to gain our real freedom! What woke me up was a video that was made by Dennis O’keefe, a true patriot of humanity!

    • Absolutely George – Zionist bankers & big business have sucked us dry & are continuing to take whatever they can. People have woken up. Most people realise our politicians don’t represent us one jot. There is an awakening but is it too late?

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