Putin vs Netanyahu: Forget about all the daft headlines. Whatever the media says is BS. Here are facts –

I’ve received quite a few links regarding Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow. Oh to be a fly on the wall yes indeed but what we should know is this – THE MEDIA WILL ONLY LIE!


1) Netanyahu would only get off his big, fat arse like this if something was seriously bothering him. This has ZERO to do with Israel being under threat.
2) In comparison note how quiet Obama & Cameron have been. WHY?
3) Because There is only so much skulduggery the US & UK can explain away. Even the US media has gone schtum about Russia’s direct involvement in Syria. When we first got wind of this, didn’t I mention how strange it was that the entire Corporate media accused Russia of invading Ukraine when it was a complete & utter lie yet when they are in Syria – NOT A BLEEDIN’ DICKIE-BIRD! 
4) Putin has once again seized the initiative by saying I’m going to help Assad by REALLY fighting ISIS. 
5) This effectively snookered the US & UK because THEY CAN’T SAY A WORD! THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE FIGHTING ISIS TOO! ………. YEAH RIGHT! 
5) This is why Netanyahu has gone running to Russia because in one fell swoop Putin has neutralised his puppets…….. & boy do I love it!
6) Putin has basically put his foot down saying “IF YOU WANT TO RUMBLE, LET’S GO!”
7) Being a law unto itself though Israel can do as it pleases. Forget about why the media isn’t telling you all this. Note how they are making out everything’s hunky dory & that the mass-murdering lump of lard was only worried about Hezbollah becoming a threat to Israel & all the rest of the bollocks.……… YEAH RIGHT! 
8) What the media should be saying is what the hell is Israel doing in Syria anyway?
9) Like I said all along – it ALL begins to make sense as soon as you accept ISIS is an Israeli terrorist organisation.  Their job is TO DO WHAT THEY’VE DONE – destroy Syria, cause a massive refugee problem which is being conveniently laid on everyone else’s lap & of course they want to oust Assad. Get Syria out of the way & all of a sudden Iran will be back on the grid.
10) I just hope Putin never lets it slip his mind – these bastards will keep plotting. The Zionists won’t stop unless someone stops them!





Still waiting


  • So what was the talk about? Any idea?

    • Plenty of sabre-rattling & quite a few threats I would imagine Rosemary. This is gumball stuff now. W all know if Syria falls Iran is next & that could well mean WW III. The Russians in terms of capability & shrewd thinking, are head & shoulders above people like Obama & Cameron. They’re not in the same league. Netanyahu knows Putin hates him & vice-versa because only Russia stands in the way of Israel taking total control over the entire Middle East.

  • This is the only show in town !
    What a cracker – Vlad has all but check mated the lot of the toads.

    His plan is to help Syria drive the rotten scum ISIS lot back into Iraq and Turkey and close tight the borders with military defence aid to Bro Assad. Then the USA and Turncoat Turks will have to explain what the F*** they are doing with all these terror patsies in their back yard.

    Oh! Thank God for the coolest powerhouse in town….they knew the game all along and are long term chess affithianados.

    Truly the Master Gamesmen!

    • Indeed Jonathan. There are a few decent things happening lately. We’ve got to keep the momentum. Personally I don’t know what took Putin so long. I love the way only Israel is.complaining about Russia screwing ISIS!

  • Sam

    Excellent! I’d like to see the Russians hit them hard and fast and wipe them out as a force very quickly, just to accentuate the fact that U.S. And GB have been really doing fuck all to curb ISIS! Along the same lines as when they squashed Sakashvillis Georgia would be good! and Russian weapons falling into enemy hands? Haha that’s a good one – they are actually landing them rather than dropping them from the skies!

    • Of course you’re right Sam but frankly while I can understand people being daft enough to believe the official account of 9/11, from the moment the Zionist controlled media christened ISIS as this new terrorist outfit that just somehow managed to stumble across a ton of state-of-the-art firepower, I remember thinking ‘what, all this at a time when we’re supposed to be fighting terrorism?’ I thought there was no way they’d be able to sell this. And then when it’s patently obvious this supposed Islamic terrorist organisation only kills Arabs & Muslims & only destroys Arab & Muslim nations & most significantly has never once attacked Israel, I don’t know what took the Russians so long. And I’m with you all the way – I hope the Russians pound ISIS into the ground. The last thing this planet needs is scum like that.

  • Laszlo Elias

    Oh yeah..This article said just what everyone of us thought about this issue.. The Zionism is the greatest enemy of all of us (White Europeans) as they trying to destroy the Christian Europe since the 15.th century when the Spanish were kicked out the Jews from Spain..(not without reason of course) But how interesting thing is who are accepted these Jews,that time..The Osman Empire..Soon after that the Osman Empire turned on Europe,and do not tell me that this have nothing with the Jews or Suleyman Sultan’s 3 Jewish advisor,which the ”official history” never mention when it comes to the Turkish Osman invasion on Europe,which was stopped by the Heroic Hungarians that time..
    This time the Zionist Jews have in their own grip the whole US administration and playing their own dirty Chess game against Europe again..Actually they never stopped to do so.. They are behind all the major wars since the French revolution,Napoleon and so on..WWI,WWII was not started by Hitler,it was provoked and Hitler was indeed pushed in to corner to do so..Just listen BENJAMIN FREEDMAN’s speech from 1961 as he was one of them (Zionist Bankers) and told to the US congress How they were lured in to WWI and WWII trough zionist manipulations..

    • Agree with all of what you say Laszio except sadly it is not what everyone thinks about this issue. Though the media’s lies become more obvious by the day there still remains a large portion of the population who are just so dense they won’t have it any other way.

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